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10 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour

The 10 Days Orangutan Adventure and Dayak Culture Tour is the longest adventure tour in Central Borneo of Kalimantan area and is a compete itinerary of the areas sight seeing potential in terms of the wildlife, the reintroduction enclosures and the culture of the local Dayak villages. The trip begins in Jakarta and then heads straight to Borneo's small airport where you will be met by a local rep who will escort you by a traditional Klotok boat down the river that leads to the local villages and the orangutan conservation areas that are progressively deeper into the jungle. You will sleep either in the simple sleeping quarters of the traditional boat or you can choose if you wish to sleep on the land at the various different lodges along the way. When you visit the local villages you will be a welcome guest and offered sleeping quarters in the village. All of the meals except some of the lunches and the meals at the traditional villages are served on the boat by the proficient onboard chief.

Throughout the first few Days of the 10 Days Orangutan Adventure and Dayak Culture Touryou will be stopping of at the different conservational orangutan enclosures. They each focus on a certain age group; the fist is the youngest, then the middle aged, and lastly the eldest. These camps include Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanguy; you will sleep on board and then head to the villages via the speed boat. At the villages you will be able to mingle with the local and you will be incredibly welcome. There will no doubt be a party for your new coming and for tour last night. You will see the cultural performances of the Dayak people and see some of the most traditional unchanged villages. From here you will be able to go with the guides and go for hikes in the jungle viewing the wildlife both in the Day and the night. You will be able to take the small canoes down the rapid runs and explore deeper areas of the rainforest as well as visit the market areas of the small towns and purchase some of the local items and foods.

The 10 Days Orangutan Adventure and Dayak Culture Tour is all inclusive and offers the most rounded and diverse experience of the area. It is an excellent marriage of the local orangutans, the reforestation projects, the local cultures and the beauty of this magnificent area. This is eco tourism at its best as you are not polluting, learning about the problems and your money is beneficial to the local people. It is tours like this that motivate the locals to concentrate on reforestation and the maintenance of the orangutan populations and the reintroduction of the treated orangutans into the wild. As well as this, the 10 Days Orangutan Adventure and Dayak Culture Tour is a refreshing way to travel and a breath of fresh air for a Bali holiday or anyone spending time around Indonesia or Jakarta.

10 Days Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour Itinerary
Day 01 Pangkalan Bun - Orangutan.
Day 02 Park - Camp Leakey - Boat.
Day 03 Park - Pondok Tangguy - Pesalat - Pangkalan Bun.
Day 04 Park - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun - Bayat Dayak Village.
Day 05 Bayat Village - Kahingai Village.
Day 06 Kahingai - Moving Plantation.
Day 07 Moving Plantation - Kahingai Village.
Day 08 Kahingai - Bayat - Bakonsu Village.
Day 09 Bakonsu - Pangkalan Bun.
Day 10 Pangkalan Bun - Next Destination.