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Borneo Adventure Tours

4 Days Orangutan Tour in Central Kalimantan of Indonesia is an adventure trip to visit the Orangutans in the national park. This tour may start from any major cities in Indonesia and connects with domestic flight to Pangkalan Bun. 4 Days Orangutan Tour ItineraryDay 1 Jakarta - Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - National Park.As with most of the Orangutan tours available in Borneo, The Borneo 4 Days Orangutan Tour begins with a flight from Jakarta as tourists from all over Indonesia as well as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur come to take part in this amazing tour.  This small airport is located very close to the action and you will be transported by a small traditional Klotok boat along side the rainforest-lined coast until you reach the river. From here you will be able to continue up the river where you will pass many monkeys living in the wild relaxing by the riverside. There are also many other creatures to see beside the river and you will continue this peaceful and tranquil journey until you reach the riverside lodge area. You have the option of sleeping on board the traditional craft with a mattress and mosquito net in true Indonesian boatman fashion or you can go onto the land and sleep in the lodge nearby. Day 2 Orangutan National Park - Camp Leakey - Boat or Lodge.On the 2nd day of this 4 Days Orangutan Tour starts with breakfast served onboard and you will then continue this 4 days Orangutan Tour up the river passing more monkey activity as well as other disturbances and then you will land at the Camp Leakey where the older orangutans are treated and reintroduced into the wild. You will witness the feeding time in the afternoon and you get chance to learn bout the different treatments the orangutans area having and the work that is done in the area to protect these wonderful animals. You will then travel even further up the river to the next cam where the even older orangutans are kept while they are being treated and studied. You will then stay the next night either on the boat or at the Rimba lodge.Day 3 Orangutan Park - Pondok Tangguy - Beguruh- Tanjung Harapan - Village - Boat or lodge.Wake up for the third morning of the Borneo 4 Day Orangutan Tour, which will see you traveling further up the river to Pondok Tanguy where there is another center of Orangutans and you can also see the work that is going on for the reforestation campaigns and learn about the importance of this to the Borneo and the entire world but especially the Orangutans and other marvelous creatures that live and depend on these rain forests for survival. After viewing the wildlife of the area and watching the feeding of the animals you will then be able to go sight seeing around the village or use a small canoe to traveling around the area viewing its beauty and taking in the tranquility. Dinner is again on the boat and then you will cruise back down the river viewing the fantastic spectacle of the fireflies and start to make your way back to the coast.Day 4 Orangutan Park - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun Airport.The Borneo 4 Day Orangutan Tour is end with a transfer to Pangkalan Bun Airport for onward light. It is possible to get deals on further tickets if you wish.
The 4 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour is a great opportunity travel to and live among the Orangutans which are being protected and rehabilitated in Cental Kailmantan or Central Borneo of Indonesia. The travellers will do a trekking into the rain forest and will ovenight in a tent. 4 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour ItineraryDay 1 : Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Tanjung Harapan 4 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour begins at the Pangkalan Bun Airport where your guide will meet and greet you before setting off up stream into the mangroves and jungle. After 2 hours of traveling on board a traditional boat through Kumai River, you will stop at Tanjung Harapan Rehabiliation Centre and reach the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge. You will eat on the boat as you view the incredible landscape you pass by and sleep on land at the lodge.Day 2 : Pondok Tanggui - Pesalat Camping On the second day of the 4 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour start a full day trekking throughout the rainforest accompanied by the local expert. It is a time to observe wildlife and its surroundings. After waking bright and early you will head to the Pondok Tanggui Orangutan Rehabilitation at Tanjung Harapan. Here you will be able to see the Orangutan nurseries as well as feeding time and see the juvenile Orangutans as well as a number of other projects that are in place to protect the area that the Orangutans live in as well as the dangers they face in modern life. You will also be able to see the local village of Tanjung Harapan where you will be able to see the traditional long houses as well as the simple and natural culture and way of life of the local people living by the river using it for transport around their land.Lunch will be served during the trekking in the forest. Then heading to Pesalat where to set up a time. Dinner and overnight in the middle of the forest. Day 3 : Full Day Camp Leakey TourAftter breakast, you will head even further up stream to the infamous Camp Leakey where you will be able to see the largest and most established Orangutan rehabilitation center in Indonesia. You will see the different projects in work as well as seeing the feeding time and plenty of other wildlife along the way. After seeing the orangutans feeding in the afternoon at the Orangutan center and learning a little more about this area you will be able to hike back to the river where your boat awaits to take you back to the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge. You will return to the boat where you will eat and sleep and prepare for the next and main day of the tour.Day 4 : Kumai - Pangkalan Bun - DepartureThe last day of the 4 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour is heading back down the river to make your transferal to the airport in Pangkalan Bun, ready for your next destination.
5 Days Dayak Tribe Loksado Tour features a combination of city tour and adventure bambo rafting adventure. The 5 Days Dayak Tribe Trekking and Loksado Bamboo Rafting Tour is an excellent tour that unlike some of the other tours. The 5 Days Dayak Tribe Loksado Tour has been awarded with a moderate grade, meaning it may not be suitable for small children or anyone is particularly unfit or has a health problem. 5 Days Dayak Tribe Loksado Tour ItineraryDay 1 Arrive BanjarmasinYou will fly into Banjarmasin in South Borneo and as soon as you arrive from the airport, our representative will provide transfer to the hotel for overnight. Afternoon free at pleasure. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Banjarmasin.Day 2 Banjarmasin - Pandak Daun - Loksado.Breakfast at hotel. The second day of 5 Days Dayak Tribe Loksado Tour is morning city tour visiting the floating market where the local people usually sell and buy their daily needs. You will be able to purchase some of these goods if you wish at a low price and you will be able to ask your guides about the prices you should expect to pay for each thing. The tour continue to Cempaka Village to see the traditional diamond and mining polishing which is where all of the traditional diamond mining and polishing happens. Afternoon transfer to Pandak Daund Village, then after seeing the water buffalos you will return to the hotel in Loksado Village for overnight stay.Day 3 Mutiara Hatip - Malaris - Haratai.The Dayak Tribe Trekking and Loksado Bamboo Rafting Tour begins with breakfast on the boat and then a full day excursion to in the air conditioned car where you will visit the Eheng Village where you will be able to get a knowledge of the local people and their culture. You will then go on to start trekking in the jungle where you will see the oldest part of the jungle and all of the oldest and largest trees as well as the primates and other animals that live around the area. This day also see the area of the Kersik Luway Black orchid forest waterfall, which is a spectacular sight deep in the jungle. This is a real area of paradise that is a serine and tranquil picture perfect setting. Dinner and overnight at lodge.Day 4 Loksado - Bamboo Rafting - Banjarmasin.Breakfast. Bamboo rafting tour around Mount Kantawan and Amandit River. Dayak Tribe Trekking and Loksado Bamboo Rafting Tour will visit the local cemetery as well as using the bamboo rafts and trekking further around the jungle. Transfer to Banjarmasin for overnight. Lunch will be served en-route. Dinner at at hotel.Day 5 Banjarmasin - Departure.Breakfast. Free at pleasure until the departure time to Banjarmasin Airport for onward flight. End of 5 Days Dayak Tribe Loksado Tour.
The 5 Days Derawan Sangalaki Island Tour offers soft adventure to these 2 small island famous for its underwater world. The 5 Days Derawan Sangalaki Island Tour starts from and ends in Balikpapan as the main gate to East Kalimantan of Indonesia.Derawan IslandThe area of at least 31 small islands located at Sulawesi sea. It is under teritory of the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia. Derawan is located in a biodiversity hotspot feature 872 species of reef fishes, 507 species of coral, and invertebrates, including protected species (5 giants clam species, 2 sea turtles, coconut crab, etc). The Terrains at Derawan are varied-from walls and fringing reef to caverns. Big green turtles (chelonia mydas), whitetip leopard and nurse sharks, schooling barracudas, napoleon wrasses, cuttle fish, spanish mackerel, jacks and batfishes, and ornamental reef fishes hang out in record densities and diversity. Not only it is possible to dive with turtle on every dive at derawan, turtles are also found coming on land every night to procreate; hatchlings are often encountered just below the cottages and restaurant.Sangalaki IslandAdjacent island from Derawan island as home of Mantas that you can find from all directions. Their wing tips breaking the surfaces at regular interval. Snorkelling is the way to interact with this gentle plankton feeders. Sangalaki is surrounded by a shallow langoon and the reefs start a distance out from the Island. SInce there is so much shallow reef here, threre is a vast diversity of marine life, and since the area is a protected marine park, the reefs are quite pristine. Most Sangalaki Diving sites are shallower than 65 feet (20 m). 5 Days Derawan Sangalaki Island Tour itinerary :Day 01: BALIKPAPAN ARRIVAL (LD) Day 02: BALIKPAPAN, BERAU, DERAWAN ISLAND (BLD)Day 03 & 04: DERAWAN ISLAND, SANGALAKI ISLAND (BLD)Day 05: DERAWAN, BERAU, BALIKPAPAN (B)
5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour is an exploration  througout the goergous and the longest Mahakam River in East Kalimantan.  The  Mahakam River Tour starts from  and ends in Balikpapan of East Kalimantan of Indonesia. This 5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Touralso features a visit the orangutan camp.5 Days Mahakam River Tour ItineraryDay 1 Balikpapan - Loajanan - Mahakam River. Overnight on boat.Located in Borneo, the Mahakam River is the best and only effective way to travel into the Jungle to reach the villages and orangutan enclosures. The five days Mahakam River Adventure Tour focuses on the fascinating culture of the Dayak people who live around the river and still use the land in the way they live. There are many ceremonies and traditional dances to be viewed here and you will reach Borneo from either Jakarta or Bali and then your next form of transport will by the traditional style modern boat that will take you along the coast to the mouth of the Mahakam river where you will travel up and see the incredible wildlife or primates and other animals as we as some interesting flora.Day 2  Muara Muntai - Tanjung Isuy - Mancong - Melak. Accommodation and meals on board. Breakfast. On your second day of the 5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tourafter sleeping onboard the boat on the simple mattress set up with a mosquito net and a toilet or in the local lodges that have a bed, you will then proceed to the wooden village of Muara Muntai, here you will pass the lakes and the wonderful tropical scenery with the views of the river. You will then travel further along the river until you reach Tanjung Isuy where you will watch the local ceremonies and be invited to make merriment with the local people into the evening. You will return to the boat for all meals here and for sleeping before you eventually cruise up to Melak where the night is spent.Day 3 Melak - Ehen - Kresik Luway - Mahakam.The third day of the 5 Days Mahakam River  Tour begins with breakfast bright and early on board the boat and then you will switch to an air-conditioned car that will take you to the Eheng villages where you will visit the communal longhouses and go for a jungle trek into the oldest part of the jungle where there are some huge trees and well developed rainforest. You will also see the Kersik Luway Black Orchid forest waterfall before traveling back to the boat and for the evenings sleep.Day 4 Tenggarong - Loajanan - Balikpapan. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Balikpapan. Day four of the five days Mahakam River Tour begins as usual with breakfast onboard and then you will visit the fascinating museum and Royal cemetery at Tenggarong and then travel down the river to Loajanan and Balikpapan before your final day where you will wake in the hotel.Day 5 Balikpapan - DepartureBreakfast. Departure transfer to airport for onward flight.This is an excellent trip that will show you the ancient culture of the Dayak people and the their traditions such as the stretched earlobes and the dancing. You will also be able to see the wildlife and the beauty of the area from and all inclusive cruise, which is an amazingly tranquil way to visit this part of the world. The usual destinations are Bali or Jakarta although other locations and further flights can be added as part of the deal.
The 5 Days Orangutan Tour in Borneo, Central Kalimantan offers another adventure tour experience into the wildlife in Central Borneo of Kalimantan. The travelers may begin this Borneo Orangutan adventure tour with a flight from Jakarta via Semarang and connecting to Borneo's small airport, which is where the adventure begins. The contrast between the busy developed city of Jakarta and this tropical paradise is unexplainable and your first transfer from here towards the rain forests and monkeys is via a traditional twelve meter boat is unexplainable. 5 Days Orangutan Tour ItineraryDay 1 Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Orangutan ParkAs you take this relaxing transport down the coast past the unchanged tropical scenery and clear turquoise waters with white sands and beautiful lagoons you will pass some of the wildlife of the area almost instantaneously. The boats team consists of boatmen and a cook as well as an expert guide who is enthusiastic towards the monkeys of the area. You will continue the Orangutan adventure tour until you reach the river where you will start to travel up the river passing the monkeys and traveling deeper into the unchanged rainforest by the only accessible route.The first night is spend river side either on the boat or in the nearby river lodge. You will have a mosquito net and a bed of simple types that really allows you to get the feel for this culture and simple peacefulness.Day 2 Orangutan Park - Camp Leakey - Boat or Lodge.After breakfast, you will then travel further by the day up the river and after your first two and half hours trip you will reach the first project area of Camp Leakey where you will see the orangutans that are awaiting reintroduction to the rainforest. Trekking in this area is then allowed with the guide who will explain about the work done and the area and the problems that they are facing. You will witness feeding time in all of the project areas on the tour including this one. After this you will head to the boat for another overnight stay with the option of the on land lodge.Day 3 Orangutan Park - Pondok Tanggui - Tanjung Harapan - Fireflies - Boat or Lodge.The third day of the 5 Days Orangutan Tour sees you set of deeper into the rainforest until you reach the next camp of Pondok Tanguy where the older Orangutans area kept when being treated. Here you will see a variety of different animals and wildlife before returning to the boat for food and further travel. Only this nighttime leg when you are on the deck you will see the fantastic display of the fireflies around the river. The over night stay again is on the boat or in a lodge.Day 4 The Park - Pondok Tangguy - pesalat - Boat or LodgeDay four of the 5 Days Orangutan Borneo Tour begins with a visit to one of the reforestation areas where you can see the reconstructive work that is being carried out in the area. Dinner and overnight on boat or lodge.Day 5 The Park - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun Airport.After staying at the same lodge you will then start to make the trip back towards the coast and have a morning free to use as you wish before then begin transferred back to Jakarta so you can continue your traveling program. All of the prices for travel, overnight stays, meals and admissions to the areas are inclusive in the price of the 5 Days Orangutan Borneo Tour.
For those who have a little more interest or a little more time on their hands, 5 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour offers a great opportunity to see a little more of the Tanjung Harapan National Park as well as enjoying the classic live aboard traveling method offering a safe and novel way to negotiate this notoriously difficult mangrove and jungle terrain.  The 5 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour also features with the overnight stay in a tent in the middle of the rainforest within the national Park. 5 Days Orangutan Trekking Tour ItineraryDay 1 : Arrive Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Tanjung HarapanYour tour begins at the Pangkalan Bun Airport where you will be greeted by a representative who will be your acting tour guide and will take you along the coast to the nearby river taking you straight out of the developed world into the mangroves and jungles of Borneo. You will travel down the Kumai River which you will travel up for 2 hours before lunch onboard and then at 16.20 you will be able to view the incredible Proboscis monkeys which are almost unique to the island and provide great viewing on the way to camp Leakey in the Tanjung Harapan National Park. Arrive Pondok Tanggui and overnight on boat.Day 2 : Pondok Tanggui - Pesalat After brreakfast the adventure trip of 5 Days Orangutan Trekking with a full day rainforest trekking lead by the local expert and observe the wildlife surroundings. Heading to Pesalat within the national park late in the afternoon. Lunch enroutes during the trekking. Set up a tent in the middle of the rainforest and overnight. Dinner is included. Day 3 : Pesalat - Camp LeakeyEarly morning bird watching and enjoy then natural beauty of the surrounding areas. After breakfast trekk back to the boat and cruise up the river to Sekoyer River side creek through the magnificent panoramas. Lunch will be served enroute. Arrive Camp Leakey and start trekking through the jungle before watching the feeding time. Dinner and overnight on boat.Day 4 : Camp Leakey TourThe 5 Days Orangutan Trekking and Camping Tour begins with breakfast onboard after you wake to the jungle passing by as well as the chance of seeing all types of animals on the way to Camp Leakey. On this trip you will hike to camp Leakey where you will find the main rehabilitation centre of the whole island for the resident Orangutan populations that are struggling to survive in the area. You will see the nurseries as well as the breeding programs as well as monitoring and rehabilitation programs which are taking place. Feeding times is at 14.00 which is a great time and then you will hike bake to the boat for sunset. After eating aboard the boat you will also sleep onboard before making the trip to the Tanjung Harapan Camp. Dinner and overnight on boat. Day 5: Park - Kumai - Pangkalan BunAfter breakfast, boat trip along the Kumai River and drive back to Pangkalan Bun Airport for your next destination.End of 5 Days Orangutan Trekking and Camping Tour with us.
6 Days Banjarmasin Tour is multi day sightseeing tour in Banjarmasin of South Kalimantan covering the interesting places round the city and Barito River. As the largest island in Indonesia, South Kalimantan has lots of interesting places to visit. This island has the unspoiled nature with its rich nature, the jungle as well as the famous orangutan. This tour is focused on exploring the south part of Kalimantan, in this area, you will be taken to several interesting places like floating market. The 6 Days Banjarmasin Tour will begin in Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan.6 Days Banjarmasin Tour ItineraryDay 01 Arrival in Banjarmasin.After arrival, you have free program. Overnight at hotel in Banjarmasin.Day 02 Banjarmasin Tour.The tour starts on the early morning. The first destination is visiting floating market. in this unique market, you will experience the local people doing the their trading activities on the river by using traditional canoe. Continue the tour to the Grand Mosque and Sasirangan home industry for visiting the local people making Banjarese batik, the visiting Barito Bridge. To get to the next destination, you will be taken to cruise Barito rivers to get to Kembang island for visiting tame monkey reservation. On the way back to the hotel, you will enjoy the afternoon canal tour with a stop at old town riverside. Overnight at hotel.Day 03 Diamond Tour.Visiting Lambung Mangkurat Museum, then Cempaka Village for visiting diamond mining and polishing. Continue to Martapura town to watch jewelry and souvenir store. In this town you will have a wide chance for shopping several souvenir to bring home. After having some shopping, cruising Riam Kanan lake with its mountainous scenery. Return to Banjarmasin. Overnight at hotel.Day 04 Banjarmasin – Water Buffaloes – Lodge.Starts the tour to Danau Panggang village by bus with a stop in Nagara to watch earthernware home industry, continued by a cruise through swamp area to get to Bararawa village to explore water buffaloes swim on water to find shrub and grass. Then, transfer to a lodge on Meratus mountain. Overnight on lodge.Day 05 Lodge – Loksado – Banjarmasin.On the last day of 5 Days Banjarmasin Tour, you will be taken to experience the wild nature as well as visiting traditional village and their way of life. A bus will pick you up to your lodge to get to Loksado, you need to have an hour hiking to see Malaris long house. Continue the tour to visit Haratai waterfall, then visiting villager making bamboo raft in Muara Hatip. While you try the raft by rafting crossing mount Kantawan and tropical forest, the bus will wait downstream side. Transfer to your hotel in Banjarmasin. Overnight at hotel. Day 06 Departure.End of your tour. transfer to airport. End of 5 Days Banjarmasin Tour
The 6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tour is an adventure tour visiting orangutan in Central Kalimantan with a difference as it is based around the orangutan enclosures that are for the treatment and reintroduction of the local orangutans and you will get off the boat for some hiking that will lead you deep into the jungle. This is a very adventurous tour that is an excellent use or six days if you area looking for this kind of thing. The tour begins in Jakarta where you will take a flight to the small airport of Borneo. From the moment you step off the plane The 6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tour begins as you are transferred from the airport in a traditional Klotok boat which is a 12 meter boat with sleeping quarters and a kitchen area. The boat is simple and you will sleep in it each night unless you prefer to sleep on the land in the lodges are provided. Either way the facilities are basic but you have a mosquito net and a toilet but hey, who comes on a tour like this for top end accommodation!The 6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tour begins with a trip down the coast until you reach the river which is the main form of transport up the coast where you will be able to view the wildlife. After your first night's sleep you will be ready for the first day's full trek through the jungle. Your guide will lead you and tell you about the areas you pass through and all of the nature that you encounter. This mainly second grow reforestation land but it is extremely interesting and further highlights the value of the work that being done here. The next day see you getting back on the boat and heading to Camp Leakey where you will see the orangutans who are being treated and monitored and awaiting reintroduction to the wild. You will witness feeding time and learn about the problems encountered by the projects and the kind of treatment that being done to maintain the populations of these wonderful animals.Day three of 6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tours back in the forest where you will again go searching for wildlife in the older areas of the rainforest as well as visiting the project area that is focused on the older orangutans of Borneo. The next day is spent revisiting the first camp to see the orangutans again and then trekking around the area or visiting the local villages. This evening you will be able to go on a night hike and see some of the nocturnal life before turning in after the free afternoon program. You will have breakfast the next morning and then head to the airport via the Klotok boat and take the return flight to Jakarta. All costs are inclusive in The 6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tour pricing and you will only need to bring extra money to spend in the markets and parks.6 Days Borneo Orangutan Tour ItineraryDay 1 Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Park. Overnight on board.Day 2 Breakfast. Park - Camp Leakey. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 3 Breakfast. Jungle - Pondok Tanguay - Pesalat. Lunch, dinner and overnight in the jungle.Day 4 Breakfast. Park - Camp Leakey - Boat. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 5 Breakfast. Park - Pondok Tanguy - Tanjung Harapan - Pangkalan Bun. Lunch, dinner and overnight.Day 6 Breakfast. Pangkalan Bun - Departure to airport.
The 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour is a serine and relaxing way to travel and take in the beautiful areas around the river as well as the fascinating culture of the Dayak people. The 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour begins in Balikpapan where you will make your transfer to the Mahakam River. Once you reach the boat you will make the trip into the jungle area or Borneo via the coastline and the trip begins. You will spend each night on the boat as there are sufficient sleeping quarters or if you wish you are able to sleep at the lodges that are en route.You will have a bed and a mosquito net as well as toilet facilities and a shower. The focus of the 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour is on the culture of Dayak people who live in the local villages and the Banjar tribes. You will be able to switch to canoes for an even more relaxing experience and glide through the jungle in absolute silence other than the sounds of the animals that live here. You will also see the reforestation projects that are in action and making great benefits to the land and the flora and fauna of the area. You will witness the performances and the traditional dances that the tribes and villagers perform as well as seeing the life of the area as you pass the monkeys and the fishermen when traveling down the river. The 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour also includes trekking where you can take off the boat and then walk through the jungle guided by the guide and see the deeper jungle. When you are visiting the villages you will be a welcome guest and be provided with accommodation in a longhouse. You will also be able to eat your meals here, which are a choice of either traditional food or international food.You will see the long stretched ear lobes of the long people of the tribes as well as the traditional tattoos. There are also museums in which you can learn about the history and your guide will help to explain the significance of many of these things. You will also see the royal areas and some of the oldest evidence of the Hindu kingdom in Indonesia. As well as all of this as long as time permits you will be able to see the orangutan enclosures that are located close by to the villages and are accessible via the river. You will take the river back to the shore at the end of the 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour and then you will go down the coast to the airport where you will be transferred to either Bali or Jakarta. All costs are included and it is possible to bring further money for souvenirs and extra food or drinks as well as for when you visit the traditional local markets.6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour ItineraryDay 01: ARRIVAL IN BALIKPAPAN – LOA JANAN – MAHAKAM RIVER (L,D)Day 02: MUARA MUNTAI – MANCONG – TANJUNG ISUY(B,L,D)Day 03: TANJUNG ISUY – LOA DERAS VILLAGE – MELAK(B,L,D)Day 04: MELAK – EHENG – KERSIK LUWEY (B,L,D)Day 05: LEKAQ KIDAU – TENGGARONG – BALIKPAPAN (B,L,D)Day 06: DEPARTURE (B)