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Ubud Tour

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Ubud Tour is a tour in Bali packed with all of the culture of Ubud from the markets to traditional performances and the natural scenery and wildlife. This is an excellent tour to take if you are staying in Bali ad wish to see Ubud or learn a little about Balinese culture in a short time; First of all you will witness the Ubud Arts Village which is a goldmine of Gold and silver merchants as well as the incredible painting of the residents of this area. This is not purely a tourist generated thing as the royalty of Bali who live in Ubud have demanded fine art and jewelry for hundreds of years and those who are able to supply this moved to the surrounding villages and this is how the artist community of Ubud first began.

After shopping for carving, painting, gold, sliver and many other interesting items with opportunities to sample some of the local cuisine, Ubud Tour in Bali  then leads you onto the Sacred Monkey Forest where you will be able to walk among these protected animals and not only learn more about the problems that the monkeys of Bali are facing but also see some of the oldest trees in the area, the entrance fee is very low and the extra money goes to the cause of protecting these beautiful animals. Places where Monkeys naturally reside have always been considered holy places in the Balinese culture and there is a large temple in the forest which is another excellent sight, you cannot enter the temple but you have an excellent view of it from the gate. There are also many incredible carving located around the area.

After thisUbud Tour Bali them proceeds to the Ubud Palace where you will not only see how the top caste live and the royal aspects of the culture but you will also witness the beautiful Legong Dance with the mask of Barong and a number of other performances al in the traditional manner with beautiful movements and enchanting music. Everyone who travels to Bali with even the fainted interest in culture should witness this captivating performance before they leave and using Ubud Tour Bali you will be able to see it as well as shop and see the monkeys making the perfect afternoon in Ubud. The entrance fee to these separate areas are not included although you will find they are all very cheap and offer money to the traditional causes and councils of Ubud. Ubud Tour Bali is a worthwhile tour for anyone of any age.