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Karangasem East Bali Tour

Price fromUSD 45

Known to many as the real Bali, the east of Bali offers a whole string of beautiful beaches and traditional fishing villages as well as a traditional culture which is largely unchanged and represents Bali as it was when people first became interesting in traveling to Bali. The pace of life is slow, people are friendly and the Balinese way of life is the single most important thing to the people of the east of Bali.

On Karangasem East Bali Tour you will get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach, traditional villages and the mountainous and coconut tree covered areas as well as the memorising paddy fields. You will visit such areas as the Kerta Gosa, the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves, the traditional Bali Age village of Tenganan and then after lunch you will travel all around Karangasem and see the Taman Sukasada Ujung. Included in the price is pick up from your hotel as well as the return journey and your food as well as complimentary beverages.

The Kerta Gosa is located in the heart of Klungkung and is a great sight of Balinese heritage with traditional Balinese painting intended to ward of evil spirits as well as a great historic story relating to the Klungkung King and the east of Bali. The Karangasem East Bali Tour then proceeds to the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves where there is one of the most interesting and prominent temples as well as the thousands of bats that live in and around the area. The temple was constructed in 1006 and is an area of many Balinese ceremonies. On to the Tenganan village which is one of the Bali Age villages where the people live the traditional life as they always have, these villages differ in rituals and interpretations of the Balinese Hinduism and offer different cultures and interesting viewing particularly in their ability to use natural resources and their Ikat weaving.

After lunch in a restaurant I the sophisticated tourist area of Candidasa where you will be able to enjoy very good quality Indonesian food or western fare, you will move on to visit the Puri Karangasem in the town of Amlapura. Here there is the Grand Palace created by Balinese, Chinese and European architects as well as the Hindu statues which remain around this area. The temples and palace in this area are one of the islands greatest colonial sights and well worth a visit when on Karangasem East Bali Tour. The Karangasem East Bali Tourfinishes with the Taman Sukasada Ujung which I a recreations park in the south of Karangasem which was made in 1921 as a tranquil place for official and important colonial guests to relax while staying in the area. This is another beautiful area with roots in the fascinating history of the East Bali area.