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SeaWalker Bali is an experience to be had like no other. If you think you have experienced diving, snorkeling, or even going down in a submarine, you will be amazed to discover new heights and sensations when it comes to SeaWalker. The buzz is that you seem to be walking around and breathing underwater. The fact that no water ever touches your face makes the SeaWalker experience so utterly novel. Instinctively, the cold after rush along the face and back of the neck when scuba diving or snorkeling triggers an autonomic nervous system response to prepare the body for immersion; including adrenaline increase and certain homeostatic changes.These professionals are highly experienced in providing a quality service to customers and insist on the most high tech equipment, the very best staffs, and the ultimate in customer service. There are many frequently asked questions regarding the service provided, and some of the most popular questions include things like whether or not welcome guests need to have a license of special previous training to partake in the SeaWalker experience. The answer is no.SeaWalker Bali Tour fully caters for welcome guests who have never even done any snorkeling or diving before. SeaWalker Bali Tour is fully set up and equipped to brief and train individuals and also has a comprehensive insurance system. Many guests are worried that they are not competent swimmers, but since you are actually walking on the sea bed, SeaWalker has taken all the necessary precautions and measures to make the experience open to and safe for even those who have never as much as dipped a toe in the sea previously.The prices a re very reasonable for the all round experience, and some more services include things like a free and punctual shuttle to SeaWalker Bali from your hotel in Bali; excellent, filling meals and refreshments served by very welcoming staff who are professional caterers; a full briefing and hand out of safety equipment; totally professional guides and instructors who are multilingual; a complimentary use of towels of the large and fluffy kind; plus a personal accident insurance of up to us $ 100000.What to bring for this SeaWalker Bali Swimsuit Sunscreen Money for your drink in the restaurant and for an underwater picture if needed If you want to use your own underwater camera, make sure it is designed to be used down to a depth at least 8 meters A change of clothes Tour Include Pick up and drop off at Hotel (Option 1 only) Mineral water Safety instruction Support by professional Seawalker Bali instructions Use of Seawalker safety equipment Use of towels, locker, changing room and shower facilities US$ 100,000 insurance coverage  
The Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour is an excellent tour with plenty to do and see in a very scenic area away from thee tourists and in the heart of the real Bali where the culture and lifestyle of the locals is traditional and friendly. If you are planning to embark on a tour while you stay in Bali and this is the sort of thing you want to see then tSingaraja Lovina Bali Tour is perfect. Lovina and Singaraja are located in the north and North West of the island of Bali respectively which is without a doubt the most beautiful area of the entire island both physically and culturally. There are many different attractions and things to do in the area such as the imposing presence of the volcano and the incredible mountain ranges that surround the areas and run down to the deserted white and black sand beaches. On Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour you will see such classic Balinese sights as the Tamblingan Lake located at the very top of the central mountains, the Gitgit water fall which is nearby and is a dreamy paradise location and the incredible Lovina beach were there is a very small tourist community situated within pure paradise where dolphins glide around the clear turquoise waters and the pace of life is slow and relaxed. There is also the hot water Banjar springs and incredible routes and roads that connect these areas offering scenic tropical panoramas the whole way around.On this incredible journey you may wish to bring a jumper as when you are high up in the fresh mountain air at times it may become a little chilly for a tropical island which is a relieving and fresh experience when compared to the usual heat of Bali. There is however nothing else you really need to bring along with you as the food is included in a restaurant along the way on the tour and you will e picked up from your hotel by the spacious comfortable air conditioned transport that will take you up to the northern and most incredible area of the island of Bali. This transport will also return you home to the hotel at the end of the day.The price of Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour is reasonable and includes all costs encountered along the way including petrol, lunch, tax and insurance etc as well as admission to all of
USD 36
Ubud Tour is a tour in Bali packed with all of the culture of Ubud from the markets to traditional performances and the natural scenery and wildlife. This is an excellent tour to take if you are staying in Bali ad wish to see Ubud or learn a little about Balinese culture in a short time; First of all you will witness the Ubud Arts Village which is a goldmine of Gold and silver merchants as well as the incredible painting of the residents of this area. This is not purely a tourist generated thing as the royalty of Bali who live in Ubud have demanded fine art and jewelry for hundreds of years and those who are able to supply this moved to the surrounding villages and this is how the artist community of Ubud first began.After shopping for carving, painting, gold, sliver and many other interesting items with opportunities to sample some of the local cuisine, Ubud Tour in Bali  then leads you onto the Sacred Monkey Forest where you will be able to walk among these protected animals and not only learn more about the problems that the monkeys of Bali are facing but also see some of the oldest trees in the area, the entrance fee is very low and the extra money goes to the cause of protecting these beautiful animals. Places where Monkeys naturally reside have always been considered holy places in the Balinese culture and there is a large temple in the forest which is another excellent sight, you cannot enter the temple but you have an excellent view of it from the gate. There are also many incredible carving located around the area.After thisUbud Tour Bali them proceeds to the Ubud Palace where you will not only see how the top caste live and the royal aspects of the culture but you will also witness the beautiful Legong Dance with the mask of Barong and a number of other performances al in the traditional manner with beautiful movements and enchanting music. Everyone who travels to Bali with even the fainted interest in culture should witness this captivating performance before they leave and using Ubud Tour Bali you will be able to see it as well as shop and see the monkeys making the perfect afternoon in Ubud. The entrance fee to these separate areas are not included although you will find they are all very cheap and offer money to the traditional causes and councils of Ubud. Ubud Tour Bali is a worthwhile tour for anyone of any age.
The Uluwatu Tour is a half day local sightseeing in Bali and cover the most popular Uluwatu Temple. The tour may starts in the morning or in the afternoon from your hotel in the southern part of Bali. Enjoy your holiday in Bali and join the Uluwatu Tour with us at best tour price. Uluwatu is the swell’s first stop after the storms of the Antarctic which generates the swell that Bali is famous for so it is not surprising that this superstitious culture has chosen Uluwatu as the place for this temple where the waves are bigger than anywhere else on the island. This is why many surfers flock to the area and now when you look down the reefs below the incredible white cliffs, you will see some of the best surfers in the world on very impressive waves which make a spectacle for people even with no interest in surfing and the power of large waves.The Uluwatu Tour includes a visit to the water temple where monkeys roam that area and there are many things to see and take in including the incredible panorama of the Indian Ocean and the many different important areas and shrines that can be explained by your guide who is incredibly knowledgeable on the temple and its significance to the local people.After this the Uluwatu Tour begins back to the Kuta area but not without stopping of at the infamous Jimbaran beach at sunset to feast on the incredible seafood dinner on the beach. This fresh seafood is served on the beach by candle light as the sun sets and is an incredible experience. As the sun sets the fishing boats that are out for the next days catch provide a candle lit horizon for the last part of you feed on one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. From here you will continue the short journey back to your hotel and can continue your night as you wish having already enjoyed the Uluwatu Tour Package. The Uluwatu Tour includes all prices including the seafood barbeque and entrance to the temple and dance. 
Waka Land Cruise, the adventure tour exploring the hidden treasure of Bali and is another way to enjoy the beauty of Bali, its fabulous panoramic views, and its local culture. There is subsiding calmness once you sip a cup of hot tea in a silent morning break overlooking the mountain slope of Batukaru. Stretching as far as sparkling emerald rice terraces, the foothill area appears totally virgin untouched, unspoiled for a growling Land Rover to rummage its off-beaten-track later. But nothing should digress your selfish fun plan. Let us hit the gas and spend all time to discover what is yet uncovered.Waka Land Cruise, Adventure Tour in Bali smartly amazes discerning tourists who love to observe new things in life. A juxtaposition of thrill and mystery complements this scintillating journey to Batukaru natural interior, a sheltered enclave of paradisiacal beauty. Especially as you penetrate deep into ancient quarries along with splinter avid travelers, in which the inside holds an undisturbed peace for contemplative piece of mind you hardly bestow whilst living in fussy big cities. Its pitch dark surrounding also embraces chilly wind gush, though for every step taken your curiosity grows quietly, questioning what molecular minerals might have transformed to be after eons of years buried under stalactites. Perhaps, “beyond words” is the perfect summary to describe it all.The next venture  of Waka Land Cruise spurs reveling moments under the sun. Batukaru natural hot spring grasps ultimate pamper that will reinvigorate your senses completely. With just a quick plunge-in, you can feel the hot bath unraveling tense muscles, discreetly seeping in an impeccable self-decadence to your insatiable pleasure. Nevertheless, the best has not yet to come. Waka Land Cruise also envelops piquant persuasion in a fabulous luncheon set at a fancy Bamboo Restaurant nearby the finishing point. The accent architecture conveys the right combination between exotic touch and artistic comfort. For you and private buddies, a toast of either red or white wine will fix pleased grins easily. You might as well eye the breathtaking serene meadow on the outdoor. Beauty that never dies, the landscape enchantment is real and hypnotizing – it is a different face of Bali you have never captured anywhere else. In other words, it is probably what you have been asking for so far, a sliver of heaven on the modest ground of the earth.There are few things you need to remind before sliding into the sublime Batukaru. Simple preparation consists of shades, camera, trendy cap, and cozy jumper tossed into a practical backpack. Other details of Waka Land Cruise are conveniently taken care of, letting you kick back and enjoy the ride.Waka Land Cruise starts from your hotel around 07:300 and will return approximately at 16:30.First thing in the morning, an air-conditioned pick-up transfer sweeps you off the current hotel to the awaiting start point. Fragrant tea or dark coffee served during the morning break shall relieve any queasiness minutes prior embarking. Moreover, the amiable staffs have meticulously set all the necessary pamper at the destined finishing line, where both wine and beer are gathering to make a toast to your zealous achievement. Soft drink and mountain coffee replenish otherwise if you are into teetotal lifestyle. But to top it all off, a pair of translucent-gold cognac will instill inevitable euphoria for you and a beloved partner at this hidden gem of the world, Batukaru, Bali.