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The Bali Bird Park Tour is a great full day tour which offers some great chances to experience the natural wildlife of Bali and Indonesia. Bali Bird Park Tour features some places of interest that is worth to visit during your holiday in Bali. First of all you will stop at the Bali Birds Park and the Bali Reptile Park which are located in a stone carving village close to Ubud. The Bali Bird Park offers over 1000 birds of 250 species all living in their natural habitat. This wonderful opportunity includes such birds as the Green Peafowl, the Asian Pied Hornbill, the Javan Kingfisher, the infamous Bali Starling (world’s most endangered bird). We will then venture onto the gold and silversmith’s village where painting and wood carving are also part of the culture, here you will be able to look around the traditional markets indulge in shopping of many of the most interesting carvings and works of art that Bali and Ubud have to offer. As well as Balinese arts and crafts there are also wonderful items imported from all over Indonesia meaning the range of cultural expression and incredible styles is very varied. Teak, Hibiscus, mahogany and ebony are al common place around these wonderful little stall and markets.The Bali Bird Park Tour continues to Ubud Painting Museum where you will be able to get an even richer feel for the history of art and creativity that Ubud as harbored for many years with the influence of the Balinese royal family’s presence in the area. There are four separate museums including the Neka museum, the Rudana museum, the Agung Rai Museum of Art and Puri Lukisan Museum. Between these museums you will be able to learn about the history and works of the Balinese artistic community and the international influences that have affected them for hundreds of years.On the Ubud Market you will be able to shop and barter for some more interesting items as well as sample local foods and witness the hustle and bustle of these traditional and highly fascinating areas. As well as this you will be able to witness the traditional Barong dance and the Legong Dance.Bali Bird Park Tour also includes Goa Gajah which is known as the elephant caves for their strange shape. Built in the 11 century by the King of Udayana this incredible cave entrance as well as the rest of the carvings, statues and other important areas are shrines and symbols of the Balinese Hindu Gods including Sri Ganesh the protector and the Brahma Gods. Here you will also see the holy areas and temples around this incredible monument. Last of all you will stop at the Monkey Forest in Ubud where you will see the monkeys living in a conversational area of protected woodland as well as the Balinese temples that surround the area as areas that monkeys dwell naturally have long been considered holy areas by the Balinese.
Visiting this safari and marine park during your vacation in Bali can create a wonderful experience about the animal life and habit. The Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour starts from 08:30 – 09:00am from your hotel within the southern part of Bali such as Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud. Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour is a full day tour in Bali and is great option to spend your day while in Bali.The Bali Safari and Marine Park is located in Gianyar and showcases many Indonesia’s protected wildlife which there natural surroundings and environment, this amazing wildlife including the conservation projects such as the Sumatran Tigers and many other wildlife from both the land and the waters of Indonesia. The wildlife showcased at The Bali Safari and Marine Park features the genuine Balinese culture with temples and traditional style huts and building around the park that produce as excellent well balanced tourist attraction that portrays both traditional Balinese culture and safari style with the amazing animals of Indonesia.The Bali Safari and Marine Park works with the Indonesian Government and is one of the practicing conservation areas with security protecting the perimeter night and day. The Safari trail runs through a variety of different environments all designed to mimic the surrounding of each group of animal which is an excellent way to get an idea of the vast diversity that Indonesia offers in terms of environments and the animals that inhabit them. It is also possible to learn about the fascinating Wallace line that runs up through Indonesia on the vertical access separating Bali and Lombok and the other islands from having flora and fauna that originate from Asia (one the west of the line) and from Australasia (on the east of the line). This huge divide is one of the main reasons for the biodiversity of Indonesia’s life both above and below the water. The animals at the park include wild elephants, orangutans and indigenous birds such as the Bali Myna.The staging of this magnificent park is a sacred ground of Bali with many basalt carving and temples of genuine worship towards this holy forest and the Gods of Balinese Hinduism. There are tourist facilities such as an excellent restaurant and a souvenir and gift shop reminiscent of a traditional market. All of the guides are extremely well trained and have an excellent knowledge and passion toward the animals that they keep. Prices are very reasonable and include free entry into the water park and fun zone as well as other gifts such as welcome drink and a free animal photo. There is an animal show and a set menu lunch as the Uma restaurant within the complex. At The Bali Safari and Marine Park thee package takes care of your whole day and guarantees the whole family a fully satisfying experience of Indonesia and Bali that will remain with you long after you return home.
Bali West National Park Tour will take you through the north west region of Bali and will guide you around the most enjoyable and interesting areas and take you to some view points that will take your breath away including mountain views and looking down on deserted beaches as well as the temples and historical monuments that are dotted around these lands where traditional villages and are the only civilization.Bali West National Park Tour begins from you very own hotel where a driver will pick you up in air an conditioned vehicle and take you to the first location which is the Subak Museum where by now you will be in the large spacious transport which is also air conditioned and has large windows that maximize the views as you enjoy the tropical morning moving into the tropical woodlands and away from the built up south of the island. The Subak Museum is located in the agricultural heart of the area and is a fascinating insight into the way that the incredible rice paddies were developed and showcases some of the most ancient agricultural equipment and tools used to harvest the area and the development and tribulations of this process. Then Bali West National Park Tour goes onto to Medewi beach which is known by the surfers and a jungle surf camp and has an easy going atmosphere in a very beautiful location. This is an excellent place to eat and is where lunch is served and after a break the Rambut Siwi Temple is the next port of call. This temple is built right on the seaside cliffs and is split into two different areas, one right on the seaside beach and the other overlooks it from the cliffs. This is not only a beautiful marriage of culture and scenic beauty but is also of extreme historical importance as it is the location where secret resistive groups would discuss how to deal with the overthrowing that they have had to deal with in the past.From this point you will enter the national park and the tour will proceed to around the area and will stop at known locations where there are good chances of witnessing different indigenous wildlife. From here you will go to Soka Beach which is a beautiful black sand beach with amazing views and a safe area to swim. There are a few places to get snacks and tourist facilities in this area although it still remains peaceful and is visited by few. From here you will see the sunset before embarking on the scenic journey home through the tropical twilight back to your hotel’s where the Bali West National Park Tour ends.
Bali Zoo Park Tour, local day tour in Bali takes up to an hour drive from your hotel on the southern part of the island and is just 15 minutes from the central part of Ubud. Bali Zoo Park Tour is arranged to give more information to any traveler about the natural animal life. The pick up time from your hotel for this tour starts from 08:30 – 09:00am. Explore other attraction of Bali and join our Bali Zoo Park Tour.Located in Gianyar and is offer the main by pass close to the famous silver and wood carving village of Singapadu, Bali Zoo Park is a very close drive from Ubud and from the main resort areas of the south of Bali is only a 45 minute drive that is easy to find. This areas really is the cultural heart of Bali meaning on your trip you will witness more then exotic creatures but also the Balinese Exotic culture of the traditional villages among the rice paddies and coconut groves and landscapes such as the building mountains and valleys with tropical woodland. Transport to this area is easy to find in any of the southern areas of Bali although it is possible to pre-book and arrange transport from Bali Zoo Park. There area also plenty of places to stay in the area and specific accommodation can be recommended from the Bali Zoo or Kebun Bintang Baliif you like so many others, fall in love with the area and want to stay for a day or two.With over 350 creatures in the Bali Zoo from all over Indonesia and the rest of the world it is possible to see Sumatran Tigers, African Lions, Orangutans, leopards and even a Komodo Dragon to name but a few. With some animals it is possible to experience encounters such as with the baby monkeys that love to be cuddled and receive attention. Experiences like these are not easy to come by and will stay with you for ever especially if you are an animal lover.Bali Zoo Park has excellent wheelchair and disabled facilities and with prior notice special arrangements can be made as well as receiving assistance when required from the staff who are always happy to help. There are excellent dinning facilities as well that serve breakfast through to dinner with a varied menu of snacks and refreshments. There is also a BBQ picnic area that is excellent for private functions and parties. Groups of ten or more can book onto a private tour where you and your party can receive special attention from the keen and enthusiastic guides who are well trained and extremely knowledgeable on all of the animals. This is also utilizable for school trips for international and local schools and rates for the local people are heavily reduced which is really good as it will encourage the children of the island to learn more about animals which is a crucial step for the future of conservation of Indonesia’s wildlife.
Barong Dance & Kintamani Tour goes along with an elite act of politeness in which elegance meets subtleness. Epitomes of mesmerizing Balinese myths such as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Tampak Siring Temple are coyly concealed beyond abound of craggy mountainous rocks. Either way, enjoying the delights of picturesque golden sunrise at Mount Batur peak takes first a breathless experience, both literally and metaphorically, due to the distant way high up in order to savor the awesome morning revelation. And being up there also sums up a wonderful view all the way down, an immense volcanic crater basin sizing up scenic Batur Lake that will unquestionably steal your heart in an instant. For a more solitary traveling but further grandeur exposure over mythical and natural beauties, Barong Dance & Kintamani Tour is your true calling to unforgettable Bali holiday. Barong Dance & Kintamani Tour guide you around some of the most desirable and beautiful areas located in the northeast of Bali including incredible views of the Mount Batur volcano and the lakes of the area. As well as witnessing this incredible and dominating feature of Bali from this Godly position you will visit a refined selection of some of Bali's most interesting and beautiful temples and historical features including ancient carved ruins. As with most tours the eight hour tour begins at 9am at your personal hotel where air conditioned transport to the first locations that are traditional markets where cheap and beautiful gold and sliver where can be purchased and examined as well as carving of grand size and smaller examples that may make practical gifts or souvenirs.At twelve o'clock it is time to visit the volcano and lakes where you can see a whole panorama of sights from one of the highest points in Bali. There are local rural villages down by the lake as well as an amazing view of Bali's tropical forests and mountain ranges from above. These incredible breathtaking views that are without doubt one of Bali's proudest are enjoyed at a cool mountain fresh climate in the Kintamani area that is perfect for memorable photography. Lunch is then enjoyed at the Kintamani restaurant and after a generous break the tour precedes to Tampak Siring Temple. Tampak Siring Temple or Tirta Empul is one of Bali's most ancient and most holy temples, its position and importance is related to the fresh water source within its grounds and incorporated into the design of the structure. The water is considered holy and extremely important to Balinese Hindus across the whole island. There are a selection of stone idols and cleansing douches that are used for bathing as well as purification.Barong Dance & Kintamani Tour continues to the elephant caves of Goa Gajah. This ancient omission forms the cave entrance that is incredibly significant in Balinese history and art making the area of incredible importance. There is a temple here as well as other interesting attractions. After this exploration of the Kintamani tour then the transfer back to your private hotel is arranged. This guided tour is an excellent balance of relaxed pace and organized competence that results in being able to see all the main attractions of the area without being rushed through them and with freedom to make you own way round each area or to follow the professional tour guides who are enthusiastic and full of interesting facts, legends and spiritual information. The Kintamani Tours offer an excellent insight into this wonderful area and provide a professional and enthusiastic service which is extremely well paced and inclusive of all prices except alcohol consumed and meal up grades at the restaurant. People of all ages will enjoy these views although they can be particularly recommended for couples traveling in this area and any one with an interest in this area.Precious moments for an indispensable exploration ranging from a low ground treasure to mountain-top satisfaction, Barong Dance & Kintamani Tour uncovers all superficial ordinary before your very own eyes. It is a whole new level of trip to enjoy, rather than to believe.
Batukaru Tour is a great day tour in terms of visiting the traditional areas of Bali which are located within the traditional Balinese landscapes of rolling rice paddies and tropical woods as well as views for miles stretching north into the hills. Batukaru Tour visits the rice terrace of Jatiluwih which is regarded as one of the most beautiful rice paddy areas in Bali and is often used for photographs to boast Bali’s classic tropical beauty. As well as this you will be able to explore the rural life of the village folk of the western regions of the island of Bali. You will be picked up by the comfortable air conditioned transport from your hotel and then after dinning and enjoying the entire Batukaru Tour you will be dropped safely back to your hotel.The Taman Ayun Temple is located in the Mengwi region of the outskirts of Denpasar and is essentially a large fishpond with a temple of classic Balinese beauty appearing to drift on it. This eleven tiered rooftop creates a great temple area of great importance to the Balinese people as well as having a very significant importance in the History of the revolt against the oppressors of Bali’s past. From her you will take the short trip to the Jatiluwih Rice Terrace which is located in the local countryside and offers an incredible panorama of rice paddies at varying states of progression. After this amazing photo opportunity you will then move on the Watukaru or Batukaru Temple where you will see what is one of the six largest temples on the island located within the peaceful and fertile area of Mt. Batukaru.The Tabanan Hot Water Springs are the very last port of call where you will be able to swim in this brimstone volcanic water which is said to cure many diseases and is often used by the local people as well as by tourists. This is a great place to visit and is one of the most luxurious and most maintained of all of the springs in all of Bali. After this visit you are not so far from the tourist areas of the south and your trip back to your hotel will not be a long one. You will have eaten already at Pacung with beautiful views of the ice paddies and still have the rest of the afternoon and evening to do with as you wish. Batukaru Tour covers all of the main historic and cultural areas of the west of Bali as well as offering the chance to enjoy the scenery which is protected in much of west Bali. With a knowledgeable you will also learn about the fascinating history and importance of the west Bali and the Mengwi people.
Bedugul Tour an excellent tour package offered as one of the Bali tours and is located around the area of Tabanan where there is plenty too see from the Beratan Lake to the Ulun Danu Temple and the Taman Ayun Temple with fruit markets and market selling plenty of interesting items. Around the mountains areas you will find that the temperatures are cooler due to the mountains environment which is a refreshing change of climate and scenery from the beach areas located around the south of the island.Tabanan offers great rice paddy scenery perfect for taking photographs and taking in the traditional culture as well as the temples located around the area as well as some secluded traditional beach environments. The first visit  of Bedugul Tour is to the Beratan Lake which is a beautiful wide lake where you will find misty shores and calm clear waters which make up only part of this beautiful picture perfect scenery as well as the cultural temple of Ulun Danu which floats over the water as a beautiful cultural addition to this perfect backdrop and a very important part of the culture of the area. You will also be able to visit this temple and take pictures of and around it.The next stop on Bedugul Tour is at a bustling traditional fruit market where you will be able to haggle over fruit as well as other interesting items with the locals and try some of the local delicacies. The fruit market is open for most of the day and is a great and vibrant way to experience what is such a large part of the local Balinese people’s lives. From here you will then make the trip to another splendid temple known as the Taman Ayun which is an extremely large temple and one of the most significant temples of the entire island, as one of the main mother temples it must be visited by every Balinese person one a year. You will be able to see the many tiered Balinese rooftops and towers that reach high into the sky and there are many references to the Mengwi people who have a fascinating history in this area as being the main resistance against the invaders of the Bali that the island has ha to deal with in the past. When visiting all of these different areas you will find that the tour guides will fill you in with concise information about the importance and significance of everything you see. This is the advantage of embarking on Bedugul  Tour as well as the hotel drop off and pick up and all of the food and drink included.
Denpasar City Tour is a short four or five hour long tour of the hidden cultural gems that the city of Denpasar offers. This is and excellent opportunity to see some of the fascinating sights around the Denpasar area where you will find museums, large traditional markets and temples all of which make for a great day out. Another good thing about this tour is that Denpasar is located centrally to all of the main resort areas meaning that only the minimal amount of travel time is required as you see a great cross section of the capital of Bali and appreciate the development and international influences which have affected the area. Starting at 07.30 when you will be picked up from your hotel and then transferred to the Denpasar Traditional Market where you will be able to haggle over all sorts of goods and enjoy the energy of the market in full swing. This is an excellent chance to enjoy the main part of the Balinese culture as well as picking up some interesting Balinese items at very low prices. After this, Denpasar City Tour will bring you to the Jaganata Temple which you will find is the largest temple in the Denpasar area and is extremely important for the local people of the city. Here you can also witness the incredible decorations and traditional dances.Denpasar City Tour will then continue to the Bali museum is located right next to the Jaganata Temple and does not require any transport, here you will be able to learn about the history of Bali and Denpasar and as well as offering information about the culture and showing many interesting artifacts. You will also see one of the main theatres located here and there are a number of gift shops. On to the Bajra Sandhi Monument and Denpasar City Tour does not cease to provide incredible cultural sights. This symbol of the Balinese struggle to gain independence from the Dutch represents an extremely important time in Balinese history.After this stop Denpasar City Tour is finished and you will return to your hotel in the air conditioned transport where you will still be able to catch the afternoon and sunset by your pool or on the beach. All of your food will be paid for on Denpasar City Tour and you will also have all admission fees paid for although you are welcome to give an extra contribution if you wish to any of the causes you pass. This short trip is the perfect way to see some of Balinese culture without traveling to far from the south of the island. As well as this you will not waste time finding these areas and with a guide you will be able to learn a lot of interesting facts which simply pass you by when not on a guided tour. Denpasar City Tour is a very reasonably priced way to see these sights.
Known to many as the real Bali, the east of Bali offers a whole string of beautiful beaches and traditional fishing villages as well as a traditional culture which is largely unchanged and represents Bali as it was when people first became interesting in traveling to Bali. The pace of life is slow, people are friendly and the Balinese way of life is the single most important thing to the people of the east of Bali.On Karangasem East Bali Tour you will get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach, traditional villages and the mountainous and coconut tree covered areas as well as the memorising paddy fields. You will visit such areas as the Kerta Gosa, the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves, the traditional Bali Age village of Tenganan and then after lunch you will travel all around Karangasem and see the Taman Sukasada Ujung. Included in the price is pick up from your hotel as well as the return journey and your food as well as complimentary beverages.The Kerta Gosa is located in the heart of Klungkung and is a great sight of Balinese heritage with traditional Balinese painting intended to ward of evil spirits as well as a great historic story relating to the Klungkung King and the east of Bali. The Karangasem East Bali Tour then proceeds to the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves where there is one of the most interesting and prominent temples as well as the thousands of bats that live in and around the area. The temple was constructed in 1006 and is an area of many Balinese ceremonies. On to the Tenganan village which is one of the Bali Age villages where the people live the traditional life as they always have, these villages differ in rituals and interpretations of the Balinese Hinduism and offer different cultures and interesting viewing particularly in their ability to use natural resources and their Ikat weaving.After lunch in a restaurant I the sophisticated tourist area of Candidasa where you will be able to enjoy very good quality Indonesian food or western fare, you will move on to visit the Puri Karangasem in the town of Amlapura. Here there is the Grand Palace created by Balinese, Chinese and European architects as well as the Hindu statues which remain around this area. The temples and palace in this area are one of the islands greatest colonial sights and well worth a visit when on Karangasem East Bali Tour. The Karangasem East Bali Tourfinishes with the Taman Sukasada Ujung which I a recreations park in the south of Karangasem which was made in 1921 as a tranquil place for official and important colonial guests to relax while staying in the area. This is another beautiful area with roots in the fascinating history of the East Bali area.
Kecak Dance Tour begins later in the afternoon as you will be taken in air conditioned transport to the southern most tip of the island where you will have chance to look around the temple of Uluwatu where you will see all of the traditional carvings and ceremony areas as well as witnessing the cultural happening within. There are also a number of monkey residing naturally in the area as you will find in many Balinese holy areas. Kecak Dance Tour is one of the most rewarding tour in Bali that Bali offers in terms of witnessing an intense and fascinating cultural display unique to the island of Bali and seeing one of the most beautiful areas around the sunset time. Kecak Dance Tour begins later in the afternoon as you will be taken in air conditioned transport to the southern most tip of the island where you will have chance to look around the temple of Uluwatu where you will see all of the traditional carvings and ceremony areas as well as witnessing the cultural happening within. There are also a number of monkey residing naturally in the area as you will find in many Balinese holy areas. On Kecak Dance Tour you will be able to visit the temple, then go into the Kecak Dance area and witness the sacred dance throughout the sunset and into the dark. After this you will then go to Jimbaran Bay on the way back to the hotel where you will sit on the beach and enjoy the incredible seafood BBQ food which is of a very high quality and well worth the experience. This is an excellent way to spend on of the afternoons of your holiday keeping most of the evening free for entertainment. The tour begins at your hotel where you be picked up by the transport and then you will travel out of the tourist areas and then head into the beautiful Bukit area where you will see al of the surrounding beautiful areas. When you reach the temple you will be issued with a sarong for cultural respect when entering the temple and after looking round you will go into the arena for the Kecak Dance.The Kecak Dance is an extremely high energy dance with a 20- 40 man vocal choir. This incredible display of energy is a trance dance to please the spirits and gods. There are a number of stories told in the traditional Balinese performance and you can see the main Hindu and Balinese stories as well as witnessing the fascinating fire display at the very end of the dance.After the incredible performance you will then head back to Jimbaran bay, a beautiful and romantic beach setting where the day’s fresh fish and seafood is barbequed over coconut husks and served with salad, rice potatoes and a variety of sauces. This exquisite cuisine is a real Bali must with some of the largest prawns, lobsters and all sorts of fish and shell fish. All of this is provided with a candle lit table as well as a candle lit horizon provided by the fishing boats bringing in the next evening’s fine seafood. After this you will be delivered home to your hotel in air conditioned transport. You will also have the opportunity to look around and buy carvings and other interesting items from the markets and sellers around the area. These objects can be very interesting and the local love to barter meaning you get the full cultural experience when enjoying Kecak Dance Tour.

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Bali tours booking provides comprehensive information on tourism, sightseeing, spa, sea cruises, and whitewater rafting. Tours round the island is easy when everything has been well prepared before arrival or when you are in the hotels in Bali. There are various choice of tours in Bali available online from Bali sightseeing, whitewater rafting, sea cruises, jungle trekking, scuba diving and mountain cycling. Exploring the island on our regular Bali sightseeing and other adventure tour will create a memorable holiday experience.

Recommended sightseeing in Bali are Barong Dance and Kintamani Tour, Bedugul Tanah Lot, Jatiluwih Tour, Singaraja Pupuan Tour, Karangasem Tour. There are two rivers for Bali white water rafting, Ayung River and Telaga Waja River. Sea cruises are a great experience to see the beauty of other small islands such as Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Other adventure tours in Bali are mountain trekking to Mount Batukaru, Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Power up your excitement with one of our recommended mountain or village cycling either from Kintamani through rice paddies or around Ubud Village. Bali diving tours are another options for adventure travelers looking to witness the beauty of under water world around Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Tulamben, Menjangan and other diving spots around the island.

Exploring the island and getting closer to the local people can be done through tours in Bali and adventure tour. When holiday in Bali, spend one or two days joining one of our Bali Sightseing. This will give more knowledge about the island and its local people. Bali accommodates the majority of Indonesia’s Hindu community and is famous for its developed styles in architecture, artwork and carvings. This is one of the major attractions that have lead to the growth in the tourist presence in places such as Ubud where the culture remains strong and the painting community has been focused and inspired for years. There is know doubt that the friendliness of the local Balinese people and their peaceful welcoming outlook has played a large part in the development of this island as it in Bali it is fine to walk the beaches in swimwear and display a kiss in public.

Places of interest within Bali include the water temple and incredible waves of Uluwatu, the eastern fishing villages of the east that lead all the way up to the volcanoes that can be scales in 3 days, the incredible diving and surfing on the island of Nusa Lembongan and short trips over to Lombok and the Gili islands where you can find you own piece of small island paradise. Or head into the central mountains and visit the great lakes and view the monkeys that are here in the wild or contribute to the conservational monkey forest which is one of the attractions in the hillside valley town of Ubud. Exploring the beauty of Bali’s country side and learn the uniqueness of its local culture can complete your vacation in Bali by joining of our recommended Bali Tours, Bali white water rafting, Bali sea cruises, Bali trekking or Bali mountain cycling. Vacation in Bali is not just a dream but it is a true on your life. When planning a vacation in Bali, just prepare one or two days to explore the island. Select your desire tour in Bali and adventure tours then go for fun. It is a great time to have the greatest Bali holiday experience and the never lasting memory of vacation in Bali, the island of thousand temples