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Graha White Water Rafting

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Graha White Water Rafting is an adventure tour operator based in Ubud Bali providing number of adventure trekking, quad bike ATV rides, and mountain trekking. Ayung River in Ubud is one of the most enjoyable places to go for Bali white water rafting with an extremely professional approach using international standards and safety regulations as well as instruction styles and social approach. This Bali White Water Rafting is on the classic Ayung River that is fed by the natural springs high in the mountains. The water from the springs is extremely clear meaning you can all of the life and the fish that live and swim in the river and you can wonder what they must think of you as you flying over the edges of rapids. Graha White Water Rafting in Ayung River is an excellent way to enjoy an exciting and exhilarating activity without any prior experience and also it is a great way to experience this beautiful area of the island from a completely novel and unique view point. Watch as the valleys and forests fly by and the cruise through the calm parts where you will see the villages and temples for the local villagers and you will no doubt receive some cheers and smiles from the local people, especially the children.

Bali Graha White Water Rafting in Ayung River include a number of rapid runs and small drops, these make for an exciting run when combined with the hair pin bends and curves as well as the scenic backing for this. However the course has been designed to be accessible by all people or at least the majority of people who come by. You will receive all the necessary briefing and introduction to your equipment with the help of the enthusiastic instructor who will ensure that you know haw to maneuver the boat. There is full health and accident insurance included in the price and all of the staff is trained in first aid and river rescue to the internationally required standard. At Graha White Water Rafting safety is forest and fun is second although it will not seem that way to your perception as you drop down mini waterfalls and bounce over rapids. The equipment used is of the internationally recommended standard and is all regularly maintained and checked. There are always spare rafts in case there are any problems that arise at the last minute and there are posts along the way that are ready to help should there be a problem although this is very rare. Communication between the team is also very good which accounts for the excellent safety record of Graha White Water Rafting.