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Ayung Dewata Rafting

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The Ayung Dewata Rafting offers Bali white water rafting in Ayung River of Ubud.  The tour begins at your  hotel where you will receive pick up. Once you have reached the Ayung Dewata Rafting base you will introduce to the team  and learn the safety precautions for rafting. After being introduced to the equipment and the techniques used by the team in order to maneuver the craft down the river, you will embark on you amazing journey down the Ayung River. You will have a novel and beautiful view point from which to enjoy the dynamic changes in the scenery as you speed through valleys, glide through padi fields and pass villages of cheering locals and children. You will see the cultural heart of Bali and the temples as well as the tropical beauty that surrounds the river. As if this was not enough you will also be able to conquer the exciting and exhilarating rapid runs and waterfall drops that make this a diverse and well rounded experience.

The Ayung Dewata Rafting Adventurer Short Trek scours valley edges and wades at Ayung River's scenic fringe. Being on the big mammal's humps surely saves you from getting wet crossing the water, but leaves you undisturbed to savor breathtaking green surrounding and surging river streams. What is especially reveling here is the free-polluted air, cleansing and unraveling tense mind.  With a closer observation on the Ayung River flow, you can peek where the real scream comes from. The fun of white water rafting managed by the Ayung River Rafting touring is indeed expressive in a way one could never really be sit and still.

Determined to make a difference, Ayung River Rafting dispatches one expert and experienced guide on each inflatable kayak to elicit on the ecology happening in the beautiful rain forest territory. Fun and facts are just part of the enjoyment that will cherish you up as you thrive hard in a team to helm the unsteady raft.

Lunch is also included here and there is a refreshment bar where you can enjoy beers and other drinks while reflecting upon the run of your life. Many people have commented that the day that they did the Ayung Dewata Rafting was the highlight of their entire holiday and there are many people who rejoin the tour for a second go. From this point you will embark on the beautiful journey back to your personal hotel where you will be able to continue the party at your own desire throughout the night.

All the safety precautions are in place at the Ayung Dewata Rafting and the equipment is all in line with international recommendations as is the training of the guides. Safety comes first and fun comes second but it is the fun that you will remember and take away with you. There is also a selection of other tours offered by the Ayung Dewata Rafting.