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The Ayung Dewata Rafting offers Bali white water rafting in Ayung River of Ubud.  The tour begins at your  hotel where you will receive pick up. Once you have reached the Ayung Dewata Rafting base you will introduce to the team  and learn the safety precautions for rafting. After being introduced to the equipment and the techniques used by the team in order to maneuver the craft down the river, you will embark on you amazing journey down the Ayung River. You will have a novel and beautiful view point from which to enjoy the dynamic changes in the scenery as you speed through valleys, glide through padi fields and pass villages of cheering locals and children. You will see the cultural heart of Bali and the temples as well as the tropical beauty that surrounds the river. As if this was not enough you will also be able to conquer the exciting and exhilarating rapid runs and waterfall drops that make this a diverse and well rounded experience. The Ayung Dewata Rafting Adventurer Short Trek scours valley edges and wades at Ayung River's scenic fringe. Being on the big mammal's humps surely saves you from getting wet crossing the water, but leaves you undisturbed to savor breathtaking green surrounding and surging river streams. What is especially reveling here is the free-polluted air, cleansing and unraveling tense mind.  With a closer observation on the Ayung River flow, you can peek where the real scream comes from. The fun of white water rafting managed by the Ayung River Rafting touring is indeed expressive in a way one could never really be sit and still.Determined to make a difference, Ayung River Rafting dispatches one expert and experienced guide on each inflatable kayak to elicit on the ecology happening in the beautiful rain forest territory. Fun and facts are just part of the enjoyment that will cherish you up as you thrive hard in a team to helm the unsteady raft. Lunch is also included here and there is a refreshment bar where you can enjoy beers and other drinks while reflecting upon the run of your life. Many people have commented that the day that they did the Ayung Dewata Rafting was the highlight of their entire holiday and there are many people who rejoin the tour for a second go. From this point you will embark on the beautiful journey back to your personal hotel where you will be able to continue the party at your own desire throughout the night.All the safety precautions are in place at the Ayung Dewata Rafting and the equipment is all in line with international recommendations as is the training of the guides. Safety comes first and fun comes second but it is the fun that you will remember and take away with you. There is also a selection of other tours offered by the Ayung Dewata Rafting.
There are many Bali adventure tour operators running from within Bali these days, but you can be assured that Bali Payung Rafting in Ayung River is one of the best bets when it comes to professionalism and safety. Bali is not traditionally considered to be an adventure holiday island. Bali Payung Rafting in Ayung River is one of white water rafting company, providing the adventure white water rafting in Ubud. It is naturally more well associated with fine golden sand beaches, a very laid back pace of life, an abundance of fine dining and great food wherever you go, an abundance of well being spas and health treatment parlors, and of course it fine and fabulous cultural performances and arts.There really is no end to the list, but as of the late 1980’s, some entrepreneurial teams got together to scope Bali’s potential for adventure and action too, and to their joy discovered many great places to do just this. The now famous Ayung River, is the hub of white water rafting in Bali. So now visitors can really have a very holistic experience here in Bali and have a very diverse holiday indeed. What makes things all more remarkable is that Bali is small enough, with such a high density of places of interest that you can do it all – cultural; ours, trekking, diving, surfing, lounging, clubbing, and of course rafting all in the space of a week!Bali Payung Rafting in Ayung River  has now been using these rapids for over two decades. The river runs through valleys, with looming mountains in the back ground. It is surrounded by thick and lush vegetation, and there is a whole lot of wildlife that can be seen during the day out. Thanks to Bali being considered as free from Malaria, tourists don’t have to worry about that. This now successful company enjoys and takes pride in maintaining a 100 per cent safety record, which to this day has not faltered.All its ropes floats, boats and gear is very professionally maintained and approved by safety standards. Also all the staff are highly trained and can speak fluent English, plus a variety of other popular languages such as Japanese, German, and French, so that all welcome guests can be satisfactorily briefed before endeavors, and also debriefed after their rafting. In fact all the staffs constantly undergo training and professional development to ensure the high standards of Bali Payung Rafting in Ayung River are sustained.
Graha White Water Rafting is an adventure tour operator based in Ubud Bali providing number of adventure trekking, quad bike ATV rides, and mountain trekking. Ayung River in Ubud is one of the most enjoyable places to go for Bali white water rafting with an extremely professional approach using international standards and safety regulations as well as instruction styles and social approach. This Bali White Water Rafting is on the classic Ayung River that is fed by the natural springs high in the mountains. The water from the springs is extremely clear meaning you can all of the life and the fish that live and swim in the river and you can wonder what they must think of you as you flying over the edges of rapids. Graha White Water Rafting in Ayung River is an excellent way to enjoy an exciting and exhilarating activity without any prior experience and also it is a great way to experience this beautiful area of the island from a completely novel and unique view point. Watch as the valleys and forests fly by and the cruise through the calm parts where you will see the villages and temples for the local villagers and you will no doubt receive some cheers and smiles from the local people, especially the children.Bali Graha White Water Rafting in Ayung River include a number of rapid runs and small drops, these make for an exciting run when combined with the hair pin bends and curves as well as the scenic backing for this. However the course has been designed to be accessible by all people or at least the majority of people who come by. You will receive all the necessary briefing and introduction to your equipment with the help of the enthusiastic instructor who will ensure that you know haw to maneuver the boat. There is full health and accident insurance included in the price and all of the staff is trained in first aid and river rescue to the internationally required standard. At Graha White Water Rafting safety is forest and fun is second although it will not seem that way to your perception as you drop down mini waterfalls and bounce over rapids. The equipment used is of the internationally recommended standard and is all regularly maintained and checked. There are always spare rafts in case there are any problems that arise at the last minute and there are posts along the way that are ready to help should there be a problem although this is very rare. Communication between the team is also very good which accounts for the excellent safety record of Graha White Water Rafting.
Mega Rafting is one of the leading white water rafting in Bali and offers the longest rafting adventure on the incredible Ayung River. The Ayung River is located in the central part of Bali and is an adventure that anyone can take part in and enjoy the combination of cruising through this scenic land and negotiating the exciting and exhilarating rapid runs that are plentiful down this river. You will cruise past river side traditional villages and temples and see some wonderful sights as you pass through valleys and ravines of tropical woodlands above you and open rice paddies. No doubt you will receive some excited calls from local children and people around the river and who will cheer you on as you make the decent through the area.All of the professionals that are employed and on the team at Mega Rafting Bali are fully qualified and highly competent in rafting as well as all of the safety regulations that are fully practiced and observed. There are first aid posts and qualified first aiders as well as set routine measures that are in place for the incident of and accident. Accidents are very rare and are usually very minor as the professionalism of the Mega Rafting Company is excellent. Bali white water rafting adventure begins at your hotel where you will be picked up in the morning and the n transferred to the Ayung River which is an excellent journey that will get your taste from the beauty of north Bali and bring you into the heart of the real traditional Bali that is in no similar to the southern built up areas that you may be used to. From this point you will reach the centre where you will be briefed and undergo a short but more than adequate safety briefing and training for the different techniques used to maneuver the raft and ensure the safety of everyone in your raft. The rafts used atMega Rafting Bali are the state of the art modern inflatable rafts and are very strong and the recommended models for this kind of run. Check ups and maintenance of the rafts are frequent and there are always back up rafts in case the last checks reveal a problem.With safety aside Mega Rafting is all about enjoying the day and ensuring that the experience is unforgettable. The prices of Bali whitewater rafting are extremely reasonable and include all costs so it is not necessary to bring much extra cash for the day unless you want to buy photos and other souvenirs as well as beers at the club house after the run. Food is included in the price and is an excellent traditional style buffet of Balinese food that can be enjoyed while you talk about the exciting run you have just conquered.
Sobek Rafting is the leading Bali white water rafting company and has been running since 1989, making it also he longest established adventure pursuit company in Bali. Sobek boast a 100% safety record from the time of opening to this day and also run a variety of other activities although the focus has always been on the Bali White water rafting. Other activities include cycling tours, hiking and other kinds of activities. As a white water rafting company Sobek Bali cover a larger area of Bali and offer the best routes when compared to other adventure tour operators in Bali and have a selection of different routes that have been carefully and specifically designed in order to give people of all levels, ages and abilities a chance to enjoy this magnificent challenge.At Sobek  Bali White Water Rafting as with all good adventure tour companies safety is always paramount. Sobek ensure this by only using staff and guides who are trained to the Australian standards as well as first aid and river rescue. All participants must undergo a short but adequate briefing to ensue that the skills and techniques are learnt and have a chance to practice this before they enter the rapids. Communications between the team is also excellent with radio units meaning that the overall package as well as safety is very efficient and professional. Due to this it is no surprise that Sobek Bali Rafting is the leading white water company in Bali.The Sobek Bali White Water Rafting tour is a complete package that includes air conditioned transfers from any of the hotels in south of Bali including the regions of Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud and its surroundings areas. Lunch is also included in the price which is a traditional buffet as well as some western style options that can e enjoyed in the clubhouse after the descent is finished.The experience its self is unreal a unique and exciting way to experience on of the most beautiful area in Bali. As you descent through the valleys and open fields you will run through slow flowing sections where you can take in the beauty of the area including the tropical forests, traditional villages and temples and then get ready for the exciting rapid drops and fast sections of the run. When you reach the bottom there are showers and clean towels that await you as well as food and a bar for you to relax in and discuss the days adventure. Then the package ends with return transport to your hotel where you can continue the day as you wish.There are runs for all abilities and daring first timers can take on the more difficult runs as none of the runs are aimed at experienced rafters.
Telaga Dewata Rafting is a specialist when it comes to Bali white water rafting, trekking, and cultural tours of East Bali’s wondrous Karangasem province. Having been established for many years Telaga Dewata The Real Adventure, Telaga Dewata Rafting has all the experience, materials, staffs and know –how to ensure a pleasant and fun-packed day out for all its welcome guests is assured time after time. First of all the staff are multilingual and hence able to converse inn many foreign languages. This is essential for a successful briefing whereby all activity participants will be advised o safety, equipment, procedures, routes, lunches, and so on. Other that this staffs at Telaga Dewata Rafting have all been professionally trained to give a top quality and safe service. Telaga Dewata Rafting has an excellent record of accomplishment when it comes to safety, and part of this is thanks to Bali Whitewater Rafting selecting the best quality safety equipment and materials such as ropes and life jackets. Do not forget to ask for their comprehensive insurance system, which is included in the price of the Bali adventure tour.Telaga Dewata Rafting,  The Real Bali Adventure specifically selected the Telaga Waja River as its focal point for Bali whitewater rafting due to quick accessibility to Denpasar and Kuta, whilst also being a reliable site for consistently good water flows at all times of the year. It may be noted however that the rainy season is at its peak during the months of December and January, so this is the time when river rapids will be at their most ferocious, and hence more suited to stronger and braver clientele. During the peak of the dry season in July and August, the river flow is still enough to be enjoyed by all with the waterfalls still being sufficiently deep for action, but in general, the flow is less during these times hence average river conditions are milder. The Telaga Waja River can be accessed by car in one and a half hours, and Telaga Dewata Bali Rafting will be sure to provide a safe and swift shuttle for its welcome guests as all part of the price. The head office for Telaga Dewata Rafting is located in the tranquil tourist tow of Sanur in South Eastern Bali, so if you are already in Bali you can always pop in to check out the services in more detail and meet some of the staff.This Telaga Bali White Water Rafting tour operator look forward to welcoming you and providing you with the excellent services and facilities that they are known for. You will just have to come and se for yourselves.
Be led through Bali's amazing and often overlooked interior by experienced and well-established Telaga Waja Bali Rafting. When it comes to Bali adventure tour, you can be sure that Bali has it all. Once typically seen as purely a honeymooner island where the pace of life was just a fraction of that associated with a high density grinding urban jungle. Bali has indeed had a number of adventure tour operators running, and offering things like four wheel drive jungle tours, trekking tours, and Bali whitewater rafting tours.Telaga Waja Bali Rafting specializes in w, and white water rafting in Telaga Waja Rive in Karangasem Bali and will guide you to new heights as you discover the natural beauty hidden in the Telaga Waja River in Bali. Telaga Waja Bali Rafting will pick you up from your hotel in Kuta or Sanur, and then safety and swiftly drive you along Bali's East Coast Highway, which has been newly resurfaced and widened, until one and a half hours later, you reach the start of the rafting trip in Telaga village. It is worth noting that although Telaga waja specializes in Bali whitewater rafting, welcome guests will also feel like they have had a cultural tour by the end of the day, as rural Balinese villages are explored and passed through, exposing every day life in as natural Bali away from the pseudo-real Bali associated with some other stereotypical places.Telaga Waja Bali Rafting will also ensure that welcome guests get a feel for nature and ecology of Bali's inner valleys, since the Telaga Waja River is surrounded by natural beauty and abundant bird life and various types of trees. The Bali whitewater rafting offered by Telaga Waja  is hair raising and really gets the adrenaline pumping. Especially at time of the year when the river flow is strongest, the descent can get quite radical, although at most times of the year the flow is moderate, which means that all family members can enjoy the experience. There are obstacles and even waterfalls to add life to the rafting, and Telaga Waja Bali Rafting has all the expertise and professionalism needed to authenticate a safe and fun day out. The hotel transfer is fully air conditioned, whilst Bali Telaga  Rafting only chooses rafting equipment from relyable sources hat is all safety approved and meets international requirements. There are also shower facilities and a complete buffet lunch at Lapama to be enjoyed by all.


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Bali White Water Rafting usually takes place in the mountains around the Ubud area, Mount Agung and the other Mountains in Bali although they can be arranged and booked in any tourist area in Bali. There are a number of tour operators and centers that offer White water Rafting in Bali meaning it is extremely easy to walk into a travel specialist and book onto a whitewater rafting tour. The only problem here is like many of the adventure activities available in Bali there is a mixture of reputable companies and companies that offer a substandard service that may be poorly organized and at worst using dangerous equipment with little safety procedure and training. However do not let the presence of these cowboys in the market put you off as there are a number of highly reputable Bali White Water Rafting companies that offer a sterling service and a variety of different runs.

Usually the day tour for Bali White Water Rafting will be start with an early pick up from your hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned minibus or similar form of transport which will take you to the headquarters closest to the run you will be doing. Here you will be taught about the techniques employed in order to raft effectively and the safety procedures in place in order to prevent and minimize the severity of any accident. Accidents are rare in white water rafting particularly in Bali which is one of the reasons that most insurance companies cover white water rafting as it is an activity in which few people make claims. From here you will do the run which will be either easy and applicable for all ages and abilities, or slightly more adventurous if you wish to book onto a more exciting run. Usually at some point you will stop for lunch, this could be at the end of the run or maybe at a convenient spot halfway down on the longer runs. Lunch is always included and usually there is a choice of what you would like. After lunch you will continue don the run or depending on the tour you are on maybe proceed to another second run, either way most runs finish by ending up at a centre where there are hot showers and changing facilities as well as a river side bar area where you can reflect and talk about the days rafting before the air-conditioned transport will transport you back to your hotel.

Bali White Water Rafting is an excellent way to see the island’s most beautiful areas as you whiz through them, see rice padis, tropical forests, traditional riverside villages and valleys in the rain forests from a totally different angle. Providing you book with one of the top companies you are guaranteed an excellent day here and what’s best, there are runs for everyone from gentle to white knuckle rides so why not try one of Bali’s most popular adventure activities on your next holiday to Bali and like many others you maybe back for more.