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Mount Batur Trekking is an adventure mountain trekking in Bali that only takes the morning and reveals the full beauty of the Batur Volcano in its all of its glory during sunrise. The Batur volcano is still active to this day where the last blast was in 1917 although there is not another eruption expected for a very long time. In this eruption there was a great amount of damage some of which is still visible and there are certainly still some old local people who will tell you about the day that the world shock. Most of the villages and temples and other important structures have now been repaired leaving the area with an atmosphere of good will pushing through which really is one of the fascinating aspects of the Balinese culture. Mount Batur Trekking in Bali allows you to witness the most staggering views of Bali that are possible on the island and experiencing this at first light you will be able to stand at the top of the island and watch the day begin as the colors and warmth of this eastern tropical paradise begin to manifest.You will see some of the most holy temples in the island as well as the diversity of the small traditional villages and of course the fabled rice paddies that lead up to the hills. Beginning this in the dark the walk is exciting and mystic and then only when the sun rises over the Lombok strait will you realize the beauty of the areas that you are looking down on.Mount Batur Trekking in Bali begins with an early pick up from your hotel at 2.00am depending on where you are located, if you stay in the Ubud area then this will be up to an hour later. You will reach the base of the peak at around 4.00am where you will able to have a coffee and any refreshments you wish before beginning the trek. After an hour there is an opportunity for another break followed by before arriving at the top of the peak at around 6am just before the rising of the sun. Here you will eat a well deserved and memorable breakfast that has been packed for you while you enjoy the three lakes of Bali beneath you and a panoramic view that stretches as far out as the Rinjani Mountain on the island of Lombok. When you begin the decent on Mount Batur Trekking you will see the scenery you have just walked through in a new light and take in different aspects of the journey, there is also a another opportunity for a break on the way down and when you reach the shore you will be able to enjoy a morning swim before you enjoy lunch at a local restaurant then arrive back to your hotel at around 13.00 if you area staying in the south of Bali.


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Trekking in Bali is one of the most rewarding adventure tours and inexpensive ways to get the most from the island with a whole variety of different kinds of trekking on offer from walking through padi terraces to doing a 4 day trek up the volcanoes. Bali offers beaches, rice paddies, hills, jungles and tropical countryside as well as variety of different peaks and lakes and all kinds of classic Indonesian scenery. The beauty of Bali mountain trekking adventure and Bali jungle trekking tour do not require special equipment other than sturdy footwear and there are opportunities all over the island so it is not difficult to get involved. Many resorts offer Bali trekking as one of their activities. This is either through a specific outdoor sports company or using their own guides to trek around nearby areas and routes. It is common to find trekking offered directly by the resorts in the immediate locale of the Ubud villas where walks involve trekking down the shaded paths with ancient trees towering overhead up to points of excellent vantage for looking out over the south of Bali over the rice paddies and villages where you can see the river valleys and all sorts of natural tropical nature flora and fauna.

Bali Mountain and Jungle Trekking Adventures are popular and challenging adventure for many people who come through Bali. The best way to take on the peak of Mount Agung Batur is to use the local guides who will carry all of the tents and equipment up the peak for you. There are 3 sleeping bases on the way up the peak where you can camp and then wake up first thing in the morning half way up a volcano and continue the challenge. The walk is timed so that you reach the very top of the peak just before sunrise where you can look out over the entire island of Bali as the sun casts the first light of the day over the island of the gods. This is an excellent Mountain Trekking in Bali and is one of the most enjoyable treks in Indonesia. However it is not wise to attempt this climb without a guide for the obvious reasons of safety but also due to the local people who have a monopoly on the guides and this is the only line of business in the area. It has been reported that people have experienced problems with the locals when not using a guide although with a guide everything is always fine.

There are also a number of outdoor activity companies who offer Bali trekking adventure tours as a profession focus of their business. Probably the longest established and most recommendable company is the out door adventure company named Sobek Bali Utama who also offer cycling and white water rafting. All their routes are carefully planed to offer a challenging and satisfying trek on different ability levels whilst witnessing the highlights of the area for a well rounded trip including transport form your resort and a packed lunch.
Travellers are given the options of soft Bali village trekking, Bali jungle trekking and Bali mountain trekking to Mount Bali, Mount Agung and other lowest mountains in Bali