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Thalasso Bali Spa

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Thalasso Bali Spa at Grand Mirage Resort is a great spa located right on the coast of Tanjung Benoa just a little north of Nusa Dua. With views of the clear waters and the coastline of East Bali this is the perfect location for a tranquil and up market spa which uses only fresh ingredients as well as organic locally produced ingredients such as the sea salt and Seaweed. Thalasso Bali Spa has been designed and orientated around the ideas that are natural and in line with the beauty of the tropical island of Bali. There is also the thalassotherapy which is offered here at Thalasso Bali Spa and has its own treatment rooms. Inspiration for the decor comes from the tropical beach environment and includes sandy shades as well as the turquoise and blue tones that match the shades you will find in the views from the windows. There are many different sensations waiting to be experienced at Thalasso Bali Spa all of which are offered with the very best in qualified and skilled professional spa staff who are attentive and graceful in adhering to your requirements within the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

There are a number of different treatments offered at Thalasso Bali Spa all of which originate from the natural healing powers of the ocean. This is known as the thalassotherapy and will strengthen the link between you and the sea. With fresh water and salt water as well as seaweed and heat there are many ways of replenishing skin and essential oils as well as increasing your circulation and offering natural relaxation both physically and mentally. The heat relaxes your muscles and allows your pores to open as well as adding energy to the process, the composition of blood plasma can be found in seaweed and seawater and seaweed also offers oligo elements which enhance the immune system and stimulate your cells into a new lease of life.

As well as adding these different fresh pastes and ingredients to your body you can also use the Aquamedic pool which overlooks the ocean and offers rejuvenation as well as luxury. The Aquamedic pool offers a number of different jets which can be adjusted and controlled in order to relax or invigorate the body in warm seawater. This luxurious facilities is overlooking the sea and offers a boutique feeling within the Balinese culture and natural mellow heat f the afternoon with a relaxing aqua gym, Aqua relax and the Aquamedic track which can create waterfall massage and jets that are focused on the legs. There are also a number of different massages and facials as well as air and breathing treatments which all use conventional techniques combined with Thalasso Bali Spa ideas on the importance of involving seaweed and seawater in all of their treatments. With everything from relaxation to stimulating and revitalizing treatments, Thalasso Bali Spa is one of the leading spas concerned with this type of treatment.