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Nusa Dua Spa

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Nusa Dua Spa Bali is part of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel which is one of the leading top end hotel in the Nusa Dua area. The Nusa Dua Spa is open to customers all over the island and there is a free transport service will bring you from your hotel or chosen location to the spa if you wish to visit for any of the treatments available. Nusa Dua is the most exclusive beach resort in Bali and is a beautiful are in which to relax after and before treatment at the very southern most tip of Bali on the east side of the island. The spa is separate from Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and is close to the entrance so it feels like a totally different establishment although the incredible luxury and professionalism is of the same standard that you would expect of such a leading company.

The Nusa Dua Spa Bali is reminiscent of the traditional Balinese style and is a very relaxing environment in which to indulge in these treatments. There are many separate booths that you can use many of them are specifically arranged and designed to be used for certain treatments with specific facilities and decors that have been developed and designed by some of the worlds leading spa designers. Treatments range from therapy to beauty and include many well being treatments. There are also a range of facilities aimed purely at relaxation and enjoyment including a sauna and a lap pool as well as the spa pavilion where there are a range of well being drinks and detox beverages as well as other health drinks and refreshments and snacks. Steam rooms and Jacuzzis are also present and as well as some other activity based services that may be best enjoyed before taking a massage or one of the rejuvenate therapies.

Treatments include a whole array of massages including the signature Nusa Dua Spa Balinese massage which is a deep penetrating massage that relieves tension form deep in the muscles and body. It also uses energy flows in order to stimulate you physically and mentally and is world acclaimed massage style. There are also a variety of other massages to choose from as well as treatments such as manicures and pedicures, many different body wraps and facials that all use only the freshest and hand prepared indigenous ingredients. There is an incredible aloe Bali Spa Vera treatment that is unreal for moisturizing your skin after exposure to the sun ensuring that you do not redden and maintain soft healthy skin throughout the tanning process.

Nusa Dua Spa Bali opens as 6.30 in the morning for all of those who prefer a pampering before breakfast and closes at 9.30pm meaning you can fit in a long treatment after participating in what ever activities you desire be it, surfing diving or simply lying on the beach. You may wish to use the sports area before such as the climbing wall or aerobic studio to create a full health day.