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Jamahal Spa

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Jamahal Spa is part of the epic and grand Jamahal Resort which is located in the sophisticated and top end area of Jimbaran as is one of the leading resorts in the area. Jimbaran the most beautiful beach resort are in Bali and is not overcrowded and offers incredible views of the Indian Ocean as well as looking north at both the West and East Coast and the Mountains in the distance. Jamahal Spa is on the perfect location to receive some of the most professional and incredible Spa treatments in Bali offering in one of the most serine and mind blowing atmospheres. The Bali Spa is inline with the rest of the resort and offers a modern take on the traditional Balinese spa and is a lucid dreamland where you mind body and soul will melt away before you very eyes. The Jamahal Spa in Bali uses only natural products that are hand prepared from indigenous fresh ingredients or imported from some of the leading Spa products companies in the world. The Bali spa ay Jamahal has embraced the legend of Jamahal which is the gods' quest to find the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. The Bali Spa is extremely popular with couples and honeymooners who are looking for the utmost in spa luxury and are willing to pay a little extra to get this. This is same idea that inhabits the villa and is one of the main focuses of the entire organization.

The Jamahal Philosophy is the incorporation of the Balinese and Javanese treatments which are still based around the traditional methods and ideas using the same time tested ingredients and traditional methods but couples with the modern luxuries and techniques that have been discovered the world over giving you a taste of modern Balinese luxury pampering. Techniques such as European stemming and Asian influences as well as the Swedish treatments that are melting pot of all of Asia's best treatments are all offered at The Jamahal Spa in Bali. It is also possible to indulge in Borehs, Shiatsu, hot stone massages as well as Ayurveda treatments that are carefully constructed in order to rebalance and rejuvenate the body and release all tension as well as deep tension and release the spirit from the cage of modern life.

As well as the Royal Javanese Lulur bath and the Balinese massages that are Indonesian Spa Gems that are recognized the world over and at The Jamahal Spa are practiced by some of the best masseuses in Bali, you can also get the day spa treatments where you will experience everything that you wish to receive in The Jamahal Spa in Bali at a reduced price are guaranteed a lasting feeling of well being and natural rejuvenation. Also feel the spiritual effectiveness of the Ayurveda treatments that are based around the four elements and offer a connection of the body with the earth, fire sky and water using many different energizing potions leaving you feeling at one with the earth.