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Bali Tours - Bali Spa Package

Thalasso Bali Spa at Grand Mirage Resort is a great spa located right on the coast of Tanjung Benoa just a little north of Nusa Dua. With views of the clear waters and the coastline of East Bali this is the perfect location for a tranquil and up market spa which uses only fresh ingredients as well as organic locally produced ingredients such as the sea salt and Seaweed. Thalasso Bali Spa has been designed and orientated around the ideas that are natural and in line with the beauty of the tropical island of Bali. There is also the thalassotherapy which is offered here at Thalasso Bali Spa and has its own treatment rooms. Inspiration for the decor comes from the tropical beach environment and includes sandy shades as well as the turquoise and blue tones that match the shades you will find in the views from the windows. There are many different sensations waiting to be experienced at Thalasso Bali Spa all of which are offered with the very best in qualified and skilled professional spa staff who are attentive and graceful in adhering to your requirements within the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.There are a number of different treatments offered at Thalasso Bali Spa all of which originate from the natural healing powers of the ocean. This is known as the thalassotherapy and will strengthen the link between you and the sea. With fresh water and salt water as well as seaweed and heat there are many ways of replenishing skin and essential oils as well as increasing your circulation and offering natural relaxation both physically and mentally. The heat relaxes your muscles and allows your pores to open as well as adding energy to the process, the composition of blood plasma can be found in seaweed and seawater and seaweed also offers oligo elements which enhance the immune system and stimulate your cells into a new lease of life.As well as adding these different fresh pastes and ingredients to your body you can also use the Aquamedic pool which overlooks the ocean and offers rejuvenation as well as luxury. The Aquamedic pool offers a number of different jets which can be adjusted and controlled in order to relax or invigorate the body in warm seawater. This luxurious facilities is overlooking the sea and offers a boutique feeling within the Balinese culture and natural mellow heat f the afternoon with a relaxing aqua gym, Aqua relax and the Aquamedic track which can create waterfall massage and jets that are focused on the legs. There are also a number of different massages and facials as well as air and breathing treatments which all use conventional techniques combined with Thalasso Bali Spa ideas on the importance of involving seaweed and seawater in all of their treatments. With everything from relaxation to stimulating and revitalizing treatments, Thalasso Bali Spa is one of the leading spas concerned with this type of treatment.
The Ayana Spa is located at the world acclaimed international resort complex of The Ayana Resort Bali. The spa resort is situated in Jimbaran Bay which is the most desirable and exclusive beach resort are on the whole island and as with The Ayana Resort, Thalasso Spa offers that unbeatable trademark quality on every level. The Spa itself is a large complex which is based around the Classic traditional Balinese Spa but is a modern take with the latest in ambient mood creating technology to form a true representation of the Mod-Ethnic style. If you are not staying at the Ritz Carlton Bali Resort then you can still indulge in the treatments and pampering that is offered at the forefront of Spa services in Bali.Treatments at The Ayana Spa include the Cinta Abadi the spa package of Thalasso Bali Spa that begins with a petal Foot Wash with a Hot Towel Wrap and foot cleansing including Pumice stone treatments. An aromatherapy Petal massage then follows and the then your choice of baths including he traditional Javanese Lulur Bath. Afterwards your choice of a facial will follow as well some extra services. As with all of the treatments at The Bali Thalasso Spa it is possible to receive chilled champagne and truffles at an extra cost.There are also treatments such as the Marine Wave Deluxe and the Rama and Shita which both include full body wraps, seaweed in the first case and a hot towel wrap in the second case. These massages include Hawaiian water soothing and wave energy massages and treatments as well as Indian style treatments such as the Indian head massage in the second case.There are also full length 3 and a half hour services available at The Ayana Spa Bali for both men and women. These are named the Drupadi (for Women) and the Arjuna (for men), the Drupadi begins with a flower foot bath, then an Aromatic Petal Massage, Raspberry and Papaya full body mask, Lavender and Chamomile full body Bath and some Ritz Carlton lotion to take home with you. For men the foot wash and bath is followed by a natural facial and a deep penetrating Balinese traditional massage. After this a full body scrub precedes a herbal bath, a cream bath and a healthy lunch at the Spa caf?©.All treatments costing upwards of $100 at The Ayana Spa Resort include free luxury transport from any of the resort areas in the south of Bali including Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Sanur. For treatments under this price that transport is available for an extra cost. All prices are inclusive of the 21% government tax and service charges. Due to the popularity of The Ayana Spa Resort Bali and booking arrangements any treatment canceled on day prior to the arrangement will be charged at 50% and 100% of the treatment is charged for same day cancellation.
The Well Being Spa Bali is located in Seminyak, Kerobokan on Jalan Laksmana and is an excellent Bali spa that is often used by the expatriate community located in the area of Kerobokan. Kerobokan is located just north of Kuta and is only a 20 minute drive from here where you will find a more classic traditional area with developments that are aimed at the expatriate market as well as the tourists who stay at the resorts in the south of the area. The complex of The Well Being Spa Bali is impressive and has many treatment rooms of different themes and natures so you can enjoy the treatment of your choice in a room of an appropriate mood. Treatments extend to hair and scalp conditioning as well as the more traditional spa offerings as well as a diverse array of Balinese aromatherapy, Swedish Asian Fusion treatments, Shiatsu flower and seaweed as well as Thai, Javanese Lulur baths and facials of many different natures using honey, fruit and Aloe Vera as well as a comprehensive composite packages.Treatments at The Well Being Spa Bali are arranged into three categories all of which are incredibly good named, Deluxe, Deluxe Plus ad Luxury. The first of which (Deluxe) includes a one hour Aromatherapy massage using gentle massages with essential oils and steam distillation of all extracts that are used from plants in order to relax and rejuvenate the body. The Balinese massage is the traditional concepts using long strokes and pressure point application in order to increase blood flow and release all tension form the body and is on of b most popular treatments which is available as a half hour, one hour or one and a half hours treatment. Biokos Lidah Buaya uses Aloe Vera and is an hour long facial that stimulates cellular metabolism and is an excellent moisturizer and perfect for sun burn or over exposure to the sun. Other Deluxe treatments include the Remedial massage for relieving tension using the Swedish techniques and the Sari Ayu which is a flower facial using rose and lemon among other ingredients.The Well Being Spa Bali package include the Essence of Well Being 3 hour facial using Aloe Vera, seaweed and a variety of flowers and fruits and is a cleansing mask followed by conditioning and a manicure and pedicure. The Exotic Touch of Bali is a gentle body scrub followed Balinese body polish treatments, a body mask and topped off with an hour aromatherapy massage. There are a selection of other Deluxe plus treatments offering excellent well rounded treatments that will fill a quarter of you day with blissful pampering and leave you feeling like a Balinese Goddess.The Luxury treatment is the Splendor of Well Being and is an epic 4 hour treatment with a full body scrub, aromatherapy, the Well Being massage and your own choice of facial, if this was not enough then a hand and foot massage follows as well as hair and scalp conditioning and a manicure and pedicure.