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Bali Tours - Bali Spa Package

Alila Spa is part of the Alila Ubud that is located in Ubud offering the main spa treatments in one of the most idyllic places on the island to receive and enjoy this expert pampering. Treatments include techniques and methods from the ancestral secrets of Asia are practiced including techniques from India, China and Indonesia with the concentration on balancing the mind and spirit. In here you can receive Balinese and Javanese treatments using natural oils and some of the traditional techniques that have become world famous and are highly acclaimed. Facilities here include individual massage beds, personal steam rooms, open – air bathtubs and showers as well as Facial rooms and exclusive salon treatments with a mezzanine relaxation area that can be utilized before and after treatments with refreshments and opportunities to purchase some of the products that are used exclusively by the Alila Spa. Guests staying at the Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis receive treatment as part of the packages and have priority over some of the specific treatments although guests from outside the villas are welcome and extremely well catered for at the Alila Spa.Alila Spa Package and Treatments include a whole array and selection of massage including the traditional Balinese massage which is based on the ancient Balinese ideas about healing therapy and removal of negative energies and replacement of positive energy using long stokes and thump pressure points. The Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis recovery signature massage is half an hour longer than the other on hour long massages and which is based on the Swedish massage and Balinese which includes deep tissue massage as well as the Swedish adoption of techniques from all around Asia and some acupressure blood flow treatment. Reflexology is offered also form the Alila Spa which is focused on the principle that energy should flow freely around the body and often gets trapped in the feet and hands, applying pressure to the hands and feet in specific areas releases your energy back to the free flow around your body, whether or not you believe in this energy the effects of reflexology cannot be denied. Other massages include the Indian head massage and the warm stone massage.There are many body treatments that are available at Alila Spa Package including the decleor detox treatment that uses basil and rose geranium in order to detoxify the body, remove toxins and leave skin smooth and rejuvenated. The Shiridara is based around the experience of extreme calm and with the focus on the third eyes relaxation. This treatment is excellent for stabilizing the mind and nervous systems and is as old as the hills. The seaweed far m wrap completes the body treatments and is a 2 hour treatment that leaves the body hydrated and rejuvenated the perfect gift to your partner or to your own skin.There are also many facial treatments and hands and feet that each has the attention to detail that the above treatments have shown. The Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis is a fully comprehensive spa offering treatment in the most beautiful area of Bali.
Bali is one of the worlds best destinations when it comes to excellent massage therapies at a highly competitive price. You will be able to find massages from as little as 4USD per hour to as much as 70USD per hour depending on the location and repertoire of the salon or spa. Anika Spa falls into the latter category and is renowned as a top-end spa offering a world class service.The Bali spa treatment is very spacious, exceptionally clean and tidy, and luxury and relaxation even emanates from the walls. The therapies go beyond the norm and welcome guests may find such things as ayurvedic therapies, stones massages and chocolate treatment as well as others. Anika Spa really is a sensation for the senses and from the moment a welcome guest walks through the door they will be looked after and treated like Royalty. After all, some of the more elaborate massages and treatment s were traditionally reserved for Balinese and Javanese Royalty, such as the mandi lulur bath in aromatic flower petals.Bali Spa Treatments at Anika Spa will result in welcome guests being rejuvenated, refreshed, energized, pampered and relieved of stress and totally enhanced in terms of well being. This comes not only from the wonderful ambience and setting s at Anika Spa but also from the fact that only the purest and freshest live ingredients s are used when mixing up the signature oils and aromatherapy balms. Also each and every masseur and masseuse undergoes intensive selection and training to make sure they can deliver the top quality massage and therapy that has made this Bali spa a famous name amongst newly wed couples, travelers, and busy professionals.Anika Spa has a large number of clientele and it is advisable to contact the reception desk and make a booking to guarantee a place. Once bookings have been confirmed, welcome guests will be picked up from their hotel doorstep in a smart air-conditioned vehicle and driven to the spa. After treatment ends, guests will be served tea and then driven back to their hotel in Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur, or Denpasar. There are some great packages to savor at the Bali spa. The Sun burnt Skin Treatment lasts ninety minutes and includes a foot bath, body mask, face mask, and reflexology The Volcanic Treatment lasts for two hours and includes foot bath and foot massage, body massage, face massage, volcanic body scrub, volcanic body mask, and a luxury petal bath.
Bali Botanica Spa is located in Ubud, which is around 45 minutes drive from Denpasar. Ubud is an area of immense culture, diversity and natural beauty and there may be a few things welcome guests might want to see there before returning to their far away hotels.Bali offers a wide variety of massages, prices, and professionalism when it comes to therapeutic well-being treatments. Bali Botanica Spa is a new age spa in Ubud Bali that offers high quality service and sits high up in the list when it comes to Bali's best spas. Bali Botanica Spa is a luxury day Bali Spa that is set back from the main street and hidden by a front garden full of blossom tress. There is a distinct and mystical ambiance and the architecture is influence by colonial deigns and also Javanese Royal design. The surroundings of Bali Botanica Spa Ubud are none other than pleasant paddy fields, rolling hills, flowing streams, and an abundance and saturation of green, green, and more green.Each welcome guests will be placed in their own private treatment room with luxury bath tub, hot and cold running water, power shower, and windows that open out over the nature and landscape of Bali's interior hills and mountains. This really is an excellent place to let the stress away and prepare for a rejuvenating, energizing, and refreshing massage.There is the palace of Tjokorda Gede, plus the infamous Monkey Forest as well as numerous museums, art exhibitions, and the homes of some of Indonesians best sculptors and painters. Going back to Bali Botanica Spa, welcome guests can expect to find the best ever spa experience in the whole of Ubud, excellent customer service, beautiful surroundings, sterile environments, fresh scented flowers everywhere, hot and cold running water, disposable underwear, sarongs, and an abundance of big white fluffy towels as well as liquid soap and shampoo. The fresh hibiscus leaf mask has been drawing clients for some time now, and the ayurvedic massage is certainly not to be missed. The chakra dhara massage really gets to your soul, and the clove and orange oil massage makes you surrender to the soothing and slippery sensation of serenity.
Located at the most strategical east of Kuta, you can easily drop in at our main road of Jalan Ngurah Rai Denpasar. Bali Orchid Spa offers the true Balinese spa hospitality of the most relaxed spa treatment in Bali on a beautiful garden setting. Sort of Bali spa treatment for your beauty are available from simple Balinese massage, body scrub or creambath.Wide options of Bali spa treatment are provided by Bali Orchid Spa including massage releases tension, frees the muscle tissues of toxins and improves the body’s circulation of blood and healing power. Reflexology or Foot Massage relieves stress from specific areas in the feet that are in harmony with other areas of the body and increases the rejuvenating and revitalizing powers of the whole being.
Bali is full of different spas packages and of those that really stand out for excellent customer service, facilities, and world class treatments, Bali Taksu Spa is one of them.  Bali Taksu Spa is located in Ubud and is set in an area of immense natural beauty. There are endless views of greenery, mountains, rolling and steep hills and nothing but the quiet of birdsong, and running water and occasional ambient chill out music. Bali Taksu Spa provides excellent massage and are very experienced and good with their hands. There is both an indoor spa and an outdoor spa. The indoor spa does ayurvedic therapy, body massages, body elixirs, body scrubs, body wraps, hair treatments, facial, waxing, and also provides spa training. The spa building was carefully design to maximize privacy, comfort, and airiness.  Bali Taksu Spa is strategically built on an area where there are believed to be strong and potent energy channels running through the rocks and land, and this enhances the overall effect of the well-being therapeutic massage treatments on offer. In fact Beji is a sacred site recognized by the Balinese. Naturally, all staffs undergo extensive selection and training before commencing as masseuses and masseurs at Beji Ayu Spa. Bali Taksu Spa in Ubud feature wide range of spa treatments and spa package from simple Balinesse Massage to full day spa. Welcome guests will be given a warm oil massage that aims to enhance circulation, relax nerve fibers, and alleviate constipation. First the face and scalp are treated, as a warm rhythmic oil is dripped onto the forehead. The repetitive dripping calls for mental clarity and focuses the mind away from stresses of life. The herbal oils are potent in anti oxidant s and minerals and are great for lymphatic drainage and detoxification. The result of this massage is restored energy levels in the body and a deeply relaxed nervous system.
Jamahal Spa is part of the epic and grand Jamahal Resort which is located in the sophisticated and top end area of Jimbaran as is one of the leading resorts in the area. Jimbaran the most beautiful beach resort are in Bali and is not overcrowded and offers incredible views of the Indian Ocean as well as looking north at both the West and East Coast and the Mountains in the distance. Jamahal Spa is on the perfect location to receive some of the most professional and incredible Spa treatments in Bali offering in one of the most serine and mind blowing atmospheres. The Bali Spa is inline with the rest of the resort and offers a modern take on the traditional Balinese spa and is a lucid dreamland where you mind body and soul will melt away before you very eyes. The Jamahal Spa in Bali uses only natural products that are hand prepared from indigenous fresh ingredients or imported from some of the leading Spa products companies in the world. The Bali spa ay Jamahal has embraced the legend of Jamahal which is the gods' quest to find the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. The Bali Spa is extremely popular with couples and honeymooners who are looking for the utmost in spa luxury and are willing to pay a little extra to get this. This is same idea that inhabits the villa and is one of the main focuses of the entire organization.The Jamahal Philosophy is the incorporation of the Balinese and Javanese treatments which are still based around the traditional methods and ideas using the same time tested ingredients and traditional methods but couples with the modern luxuries and techniques that have been discovered the world over giving you a taste of modern Balinese luxury pampering. Techniques such as European stemming and Asian influences as well as the Swedish treatments that are melting pot of all of Asia's best treatments are all offered at The Jamahal Spa in Bali. It is also possible to indulge in Borehs, Shiatsu, hot stone massages as well as Ayurveda treatments that are carefully constructed in order to rebalance and rejuvenate the body and release all tension as well as deep tension and release the spirit from the cage of modern life.As well as the Royal Javanese Lulur bath and the Balinese massages that are Indonesian Spa Gems that are recognized the world over and at The Jamahal Spa are practiced by some of the best masseuses in Bali, you can also get the day spa treatments where you will experience everything that you wish to receive in The Jamahal Spa in Bali at a reduced price are guaranteed a lasting feeling of well being and natural rejuvenation. Also feel the spiritual effectiveness of the Ayurveda treatments that are based around the four elements and offer a connection of the body with the earth, fire sky and water using many different energizing potions leaving you feeling at one with the earth.
Nusa Dua Spa Bali is part of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel which is one of the leading top end hotel in the Nusa Dua area. The Nusa Dua Spa is open to customers all over the island and there is a free transport service will bring you from your hotel or chosen location to the spa if you wish to visit for any of the treatments available. Nusa Dua is the most exclusive beach resort in Bali and is a beautiful are in which to relax after and before treatment at the very southern most tip of Bali on the east side of the island. The spa is separate from Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and is close to the entrance so it feels like a totally different establishment although the incredible luxury and professionalism is of the same standard that you would expect of such a leading company.The Nusa Dua Spa Bali is reminiscent of the traditional Balinese style and is a very relaxing environment in which to indulge in these treatments. There are many separate booths that you can use many of them are specifically arranged and designed to be used for certain treatments with specific facilities and decors that have been developed and designed by some of the worlds leading spa designers. Treatments range from therapy to beauty and include many well being treatments. There are also a range of facilities aimed purely at relaxation and enjoyment including a sauna and a lap pool as well as the spa pavilion where there are a range of well being drinks and detox beverages as well as other health drinks and refreshments and snacks. Steam rooms and Jacuzzis are also present and as well as some other activity based services that may be best enjoyed before taking a massage or one of the rejuvenate therapies.Treatments include a whole array of massages including the signature Nusa Dua Spa Balinese massage which is a deep penetrating massage that relieves tension form deep in the muscles and body. It also uses energy flows in order to stimulate you physically and mentally and is world acclaimed massage style. There are also a variety of other massages to choose from as well as treatments such as manicures and pedicures, many different body wraps and facials that all use only the freshest and hand prepared indigenous ingredients. There is an incredible aloe Bali Spa Vera treatment that is unreal for moisturizing your skin after exposure to the sun ensuring that you do not redden and maintain soft healthy skin throughout the tanning process.Nusa Dua Spa Bali opens as 6.30 in the morning for all of those who prefer a pampering before breakfast and closes at 9.30pm meaning you can fit in a long treatment after participating in what ever activities you desire be it, surfing diving or simply lying on the beach. You may wish to use the sports area before such as the climbing wall or aerobic studio to create a full health day.
The Prana Spa are on of a selection of Bali spa villas located in Seminyak which is the northern most area of the Kuta area and is also the most prestigious area where the finest villas, hotels and resort can be found as well as the best restaurants and the most chilled out beach scene. Seminyak is located about 20 minutes from the international Airport and is located in the south west of Bali in the area where the development is at its most sophisticated and also where the development then soon disappears into the traditional rice paddies and villages that are the very essence of the island's beauty. Located close to the beach and the main sophisticated music bars and classy restaurants, The Prana Spa Seminyak, Bali is a completely innovative spa with some amazing modern relaxation therapies and incredible scenic atmospheres as well as having the classic spa beauty with representations of traditional Balinese concepts. The Villas Bali Hotel have recently released the latest and newest villa named 'Chill' that has been awarded with Spa Asia's award for best spa design and when you open the door to it you will see why. The same level of attention to detail is visible when you enter the Prana Spa which is reminiscent of an Indian Palaces with classic Indonesian feature fused into the places creating an ethnic feel that is beyond divine.The Prana Spa Seminyak is probably one of the best spas in Bali and certainly leading in the area of Seminyak. At The Prana Spa you can experience reflexology, massage and a whole variety of other treatment which is guaranteed to loosen you up at any point in you trip. The Bali spa treament are perfect if your time in the huge private pools becomes a little too stressful or if your arm becomes too tired to hold a tropical cocktail. The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa also offer some of the leading accommodation solutions in the area of Seminyak. Seminyak is an ideal place to indulge in this treatment as it is the classiest area within the Kuta district and there are plenty of restaurants and a beautiful beach scene where you can relax after the treatment or go and get some of the best food in Bali. When staying in The Villas Bali you receive this incredible treatment at Prana Spa Seminyak as part of the package.There is a hot pool to enjoy and loosen up before you enjoy other treatment and when you do choose some of the therapeutic or beauty and relation treatments you can rest assured that you will be safe in the hands of some of Bali's most qualified and experienced masseuses who have leant both the modern methods and are well learned in the traditional methods and use of different indigenous ingredients. The hot pool is couples with all sorts of novel and pampering facilities such as swilling water, hot and cold pebbled floors and condensation rooms as well as a cold plunge pool and 14 private baths.
Prime Plaza Sanur Spa is located in the Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur and offers one f the most comprehensive treatment lists of the spas including many treatments from both Bali and around the world and many packages. Sanur is located in the south east of Bali and is one of the main locations for a relaxing break away from the pace of Kuta and some of the other resorts. Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali is easy to reach via the by pass and offers excellent treatment in a traditional Spa atmosphere. Experience the rejuvenation secrets of the east and feel the fusion of different techniques that are used for a well rounded satisfying massage or a the delicate science of a fully intensive and pampering facial. All the scents used are also traditional and the ingredients used for all practices are all fresh and indigenous so you can experience the very best of this world famous technique of massage and some of Asia best kept secrets.Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offers variety of treatments available all of which can be applied in a variety of locations, either in the beautiful Balinese tropical gardens with the sound of the sea that is not too distant, by the pool if you wish not to stray to far from the lounging area and the bar or inside in the traditional spa atmosphere that has been relaxing people for many years.Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offers Balinese massage is a blissful 60 minutes of rejuvenation which is perfect after a long Bali day whether you have been shopping, surfing or chilling out by the pool, everybody should experience the Balinese massage when in Bali so why not try it at the Prime Plaza Sanur Spa. The Balinese massage increases blood flow, reduces stress and muscle tension and leaves your body begging for more.The Swedish massage is a fusion of the Chinese methods, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman techniques and is truly divine for an all round body and head relaxation using a variety of different oils and the some of the most effective ingredients.The Remedial massage will reenergize your body and calm your muscles and well as the joist and is excellent for people you play sports and are seeking a little extra relief.There is also a selection of packages at Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offered where you can benefit from a collection of the different treatments for an extended and fuller hearted effect. There are a whole list of these treatments that are sure to suit everyone and include reflexology and many other focuses such as head or foot massages and many different baths and beauty treatment as well as the honeymoon and couples packages that are ideal for the man and women to share these experiences as well as getting individual treatments in their own privacy. The Prime Plaza Sanur Spa is an excellent place to bask in the pampering of the Balinese and world treatments offered by the hands of the more than capable staff who are both firm and delicate.
Puri Santrian Spa is a part of Puri Santrian Beach Resort on the beach of Sanur as the name suggests is a luscious spa that is located right on the beach at Sanur,  boasts the fusion where 'east meets west' in all treatments that are offered, this includes everything from massage, body care, traditional Javanese baths, facial scrubs and all manor of other treatments each as elaborate as the next with the use of some of the finest and most specific ingredients imaginable. Located in Sanur, Puri Santrian Spa is easy to get to from any of south Bali's resort areas and just incase you were thinking of not making the trip, return transport from Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua is free when visiting the Puri Santrian Spa on the beach of Sanur.The spa and massage at Puri Santrian Spa Bali take place in the most apt place possible where the sea is in front of you meeting the white sands with calm and mellow washing waves and as you will receive the professional pampering that combines modern techniques with the traditional techniques of Bali and the rest of Indonesia. The nail care includes manicure and pedicure complete with shaping and maintenance of your nails and cleaning, skin scrubbing and topped off with a melting foot massage. Facial treatments include the use of PHYTOMER which is as exclusive European product used by the leading cosmetic specialists of the world and is adaptable to your personal features and style. Or you can opt for the traditional Indonesian facials that have been adopted the world over but here you can experience it with the fresh indigenous ingredients and the traditional techniques intended.Puri Santrian Spa Bali features body scrubs range form the traditional Javanese royal Lulur bath which employs only the finest ingredients that Java has to offer and is an ancient tradition that has been enjoyed by Javanese brides for centuries. Or you can opt for the fruity service which is a cucumber based treatment designed to bring out toxins and soften your skin. Other treatments include body masks that again make use of Phytomer which can only be found at Puri Santrian Spa on the beach of Sanur. It is also possible to receive and experience the Balinese traditional flower bath with all the traditional aromas and oils.There is also some amazing accommodation included in the area offering luxurious accommodation with all of the expected facilities including air conditioning and international television and are decorated and design with the same level or prowess to match the pampering and royal treatment you will receive in the spa. There are pools with large water features including multiple waterfalls and warm cozy rooms that are not without the Balinese charm and grace. There are a number of different wings and bungalows to choose from each offering different styles from traditional Balinese to modern contemporary accommodation which is perfect for this luxurious area. Guests also are able to make use of the Santrian Club and suite which are ideal for meeting friends and chilling out after the Balinese day has set.

Bali Spa Package is available across the entire island of Bali and is especially in any of the areas where there are tourists or in Denpasar where many of the locals enjoy similar treatments on an island where massage and indulgent is part of the culture. Bali Spa Package offers collection of spa treatments such as cream baths to massages and a whole array of ancient technique that include hot stones and reflexology. Most villas and hotels in Bali have there own spas tat are usually of a very high quality although there are in the areas of Denpasar, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud, there are spas that are dedicated to the very utmost in luxury and indulgence and are a world-class experience that is not worth missing out on. The Balinese believe that the body and mind are temples that should be calm, peaceful and relaxed in order to be healthy. This traditional idea has now become acknowledged by modern medicine and has become more fashionable but the Balinese secrets to this kind of treatment have been developed over thousands of years and have produced some unique spa treatments that include ingredients that are only native to Bali and Bali Spa treatments that include spices, fruits and fresh vegetables.

One example of a popular Bali Spa Package treatment across all of Indonesia is the Mandi Lulur, this is a bath that is traditionally undertaken by Javanese brides prior to marriage as it is said to replenish the mind and body in preparation for marriage and womanhood. The Bali spa treatment included the use of products from the sandalwood tree, cumin and a number of other local spices and ingredients to form a paste which is applied to the entire body and before removal and the a hot yogurt is applied to neutralize the skin and then a warm petal bath completes the treatment. This is a very popular treatment and is offered in all spas in Bali.

The traditional Balinese full body massage takes many forms and can include manipulations, hot stones, slow and sensual movements and strong physiotherapy style techniques. It is possible to read the spa's menu which will talk you through what to expect with each style of treatment before selecting the one that best suits your needs. It is also possible to inform the masseuse of any specific pains and areas you wish to be attended to. These massages use oils and natural recipes in order to warm the muscles and soften your skin leaving you feeling fully rejuvenated.

Full body scrubs are also a popular Bali Spa Package offered at most spas, this includes a fully body wash down using natural exfoliating creams that gently release the dirt from your pores and skin. This is very effective and has been developed in response to Bali's dry and dusty climate that when sweaty can leave you feeling in need of this wonderful treatment. The list of variation on these treatments is endless including volcanic minerals and all sorts of ingredients some of which are specific to certain areas of the body including the gentler one for the facial areas.