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Bali Spa Package is available across the entire island of Bali and is especially in any of the areas where there are tourists or in Denpasar where many of the locals enjoy similar treatments on an island where massage and indulgent is part of the culture. Bali Spa Package offers collection of spa treatments such as cream baths to massages and a whole array of ancient technique that include hot stones and reflexology. Most villas and hotels in Bali have there own spas tat are usually of a very high quality although there are in the areas of Denpasar, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud, there are spas that are dedicated to the very utmost in luxury and indulgence and are a world-class experience that is not worth missing out on. The Balinese believe that the body and mind are temples that should be calm, peaceful and relaxed in order to be healthy. This traditional idea has now become acknowledged by modern medicine and has become more fashionable but the Balinese secrets to this kind of treatment have been developed over thousands of years and have produced some unique spa treatments that include ingredients that are only native to Bali and Bali Spa treatments that include spices, fruits and fresh vegetables.

One example of a popular Bali Spa Package treatment across all of Indonesia is the Mandi Lulur, this is a bath that is traditionally undertaken by Javanese brides prior to marriage as it is said to replenish the mind and body in preparation for marriage and womanhood. The Bali spa treatment included the use of products from the sandalwood tree, cumin and a number of other local spices and ingredients to form a paste which is applied to the entire body and before removal and the a hot yogurt is applied to neutralize the skin and then a warm petal bath completes the treatment. This is a very popular treatment and is offered in all spas in Bali.

The traditional Balinese full body massage takes many forms and can include manipulations, hot stones, slow and sensual movements and strong physiotherapy style techniques. It is possible to read the spa's menu which will talk you through what to expect with each style of treatment before selecting the one that best suits your needs. It is also possible to inform the masseuse of any specific pains and areas you wish to be attended to. These massages use oils and natural recipes in order to warm the muscles and soften your skin leaving you feeling fully rejuvenated.

Full body scrubs are also a popular Bali Spa Package offered at most spas, this includes a fully body wash down using natural exfoliating creams that gently release the dirt from your pores and skin. This is very effective and has been developed in response to Bali's dry and dusty climate that when sweaty can leave you feeling in need of this wonderful treatment. The list of variation on these treatments is endless including volcanic minerals and all sorts of ingredients some of which are specific to certain areas of the body including the gentler one for the facial areas.