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Bali Hai Three Island Cruise

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Bali Hai Three Island Cruise, a fast day cruise visiting Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. You are standing on a peak of three-hundred feet high and eyeing down on ravenous sea crashes against solid-stubborn reefs beyond the trudging cliff. The next hour zooms to jungle-clad subdued stream that uncovers hidden mangrove heritage. The ongoing path then winds up to a forsaken seaweed village at Lembongan Island, a heavenly setting of which envious Bali Hai Private Beach Club nearby notches in private, undisturbed relaxation only for sophisticated travelers. Alleviating ocean breeze imbued with whispering ripple spur tantalizes you for a comfortable siesta in an open bale amidst lush tropical garden. Endure no less than blissful natural coaxing to have you remain indulgent while on land, as, once you drift back home, it takes an advance booking first to relish again in the next episode of Bali Hai Three Island Cruise.

Bali Hai Three Island Cruise includes air-conditioned hotel transfer easies time scheduling for the 10.30 AM departure at Benoa Harbor. A compact bag comprises few clothes and swim-suit is advised due to water sports availability on the destinations. You would definitely like to put on stylish shades as well since Bali Hai's ocean rafting will split the torrent waves open under blistering sun. Its 750 horsepower ensures gripping ride, entailed with much thrill and bumpy fun, and enables you to encircle the beauty over three sister islands of Bali, Nusa Penida, Ceningan, and Lembongan in less than 24 hours. If a dream on seeing the world in a grain of sand ever occurred to you, this tour shall then reveal all the possibilities to witness the unspoiled face of green earth.

Nusa Penida's south coast unfurls breathtaking scenery, a harmonious contrast depicting a towering cliff edge atop with emerald trees which turquoise sky and marine blue sea share in the middle. “Seeing is believing,” a past wise man once said, and Bali Hai Three Island Cruise shows its approval by sparing you a real chance to trek upward and savor this sublime landscape before your very own eyes. A stone's throw away lays Bat Rock otherwise, a bonus scene to observe in bewilderment. Hard to be true, but the absence of human interference has yielded nothing but unthinkable beauty in this island.

Ceningan is gleaming in peaceful green from afar. Catering as a quiet escape, your second destination often welcomes distinguished explorers who love to visit the water channel passing through Ceningan's mangrove plantations. The silent undulating river and the omnipresent green here have you jettisoned away from metropolitan hodgepodge. It also offers an intimate moment for you to make peace with yourself, letting go all whiffs of the unpleasant past memories.

Delicate seaweed farming village in Lembongan may bestow a similar de-stressing pleasure. Beyond the simple life lives a pure contentment of austere lifestyle. You might learn something different at Lembongan Marine Park, the underwater wildlife that is a quintessence to relentless natural laws. Summing up the day, Bali Hai Private Beach Club in the island helps you stretch out on either hammock or cozy sun lounger. Sleeping in the alfresco bale, alternatively, invites another wishful thinking to drop by. Probably, it is just a dream of revisit to these islands in unparalleled service rendered by Bali Hai Three Island Cruise.