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Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise

Price fromUSD 105

Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise is a day cruise to Nusa Lembongan on a luxurious Catamaran Bali Hai II envelops inside sways you blissfully to the private island, where an exclusive beach club gives you all access to redeem personally both mind and soul in full relaxation. Spoil yourself to play around, running the gamut over comfortable facilities intended for world-class guests. By all means, you will yield absolute precious rejuvenation, a dreamy jaunt - catered professionally and impeccably by the lauded Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise - that allows you to unwind in a perfect picture of paradise.

Toothsome pastries and snacks joining hot morning coffee welcome your coming onboard after brisk departure at 9.15 am. Escorted congenially in an air-conditioner transport, Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise jovial staffs guarantee your intact convenience in any ways. The situation aboard is pretty similar; the crew prep all up, setting the sail in, delivering meals on time, beckoning in best attire as well as pleasant smiles, while you easily swing on the ship rail rim, reveling in wind breezy caress along the way. Additionally, the two-hour scuttle off Bali toward Lembongan Island also meander around delicate islets that dot endearingly here and there in placid sea embrace. You can spot on Mount Agung afar, as is the endless deep blue sea surrounding in which minutes of fish glitter underneath.

Another aquatic creature you shall overlook is splat open amid dainty garnish in a luscious grill style. Natural bounty has always occupied Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise menu of the day, of which includes fresh-picked salads swathed in tasty sauce and one oversize plate containing succulent fish grill served under a cozy pool-side cabana. To savor this graciousness, however, means landing at Lembongan Island beforehand. As the luncheon pampers you in repletion, kids or few ebullient adults may shift directly to easy sport games on white-sand beach. Pool volleyball is a classic one, followed interestingly with unlimited access of Banana Boat Rides and cooling off at a lagoon pool. Either way, you can opt for guided snorkeling or island excursion to uncover an esoteric sea-weed village at Lembongan's other end. Both are eye-opening experiences that will leave you breathless in bedazzlement.

A more stretching-out decadence varies between peaceful siesta under the tree shades in the tranquil garden and sipping zingy cocktails at the assuaging lounge bar. Parents are also invited to relieve in the privilege of kids's club that shall wonderfully entertain your beloved toddlers during your self-indulgent hours. When the gleaming sunset breaches apparently above the horizon, it is time to call it a day and head back home. You may capture the intense tangerine ray reflected over water beside Lembongan, a favorite land where your heart is probably left behind, clinging on tenaciously to the sweet service bestowed by Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise for now and forever more. Bon Voyage!