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Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise

Price fromUSD 114

Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise is a day cruise to Nusa Lembongan and  asserts in a spectacular moment for oneself to revel in, otherwise to rejoice with family and others. Nusa Lembongan is simply bewitching in her glorious landscape, of the dripping ocean spur caressing and drenching into the rare golden sand dotted with waving coconut trees. And it all gets better as Bali Hai Private Beach Club joins in your self-contentment to de-stress along the hours, tuning the mood along with onshore and offshore sea motion, which comes in and flows back to where it belongs. Either slouching in a cozy sun-lounger or lying peacefully on a hammock sway, you can have the perfect siesta over the season, all by yourself at the comfortable Lembongan.

Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise starts with a convenient air-conditioned hotel transfer relaxes you to travel toward Benoa Harbor for 9.00 AM departure. Stepping onboard is greeted by luscious snacks and indispensable morning beverages, including hot tea and coffee, as well as cool soft drinks. What next is to sail up and let the sixty-four-feet vessel embark onto sprawled sparkling-blue territory. Beside stunningly elegant, Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Nusa Lemobongan also comes equipped with idyllic corners to endure relieving sea breeze. You might opt for troll-fishing as a means to kick-back in an easy solitary enjoyment, entailed reluctantly with a hope to catch a bonus meal for later lunch.

Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island prepares tasty and succulent BBQ on poolside cabanas which awaits your direct landing at Bali Hai Private Beach Club. Healthy salads exude appetizing hues, complemented with delicious sausages and relish seafood, of fish and prawns, fresh from their natural habitat. Moreover, these sizzling tantalizations are exquisitely catered on the island rim which flaunts an overlook over the endless blue ocean. You have nothing else to compare with the combination of piquant repletion and idyllic scenery surrounding, offered by beautiful Lembongan. All that is necessary to do along while is to revel in this heavenly gratification, savoring it bit by bit.

Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island has you unwind in adrenaline thrill within various water sports. Individual snorkeling and parasailing are additionally selectable aside from unlimited access of banana boat rides and pool volleyball. If sweating does not spoil you excessively good, gain much indulgence in discovering novel experiences through seaweed village excursion escorted by a native dweller. Your natural knowledge shall be enthralled as well, similarly otherwise when you decide on having glass-bottomed boat tours. Uncovering the enigmatic marine life, the last activity might tend to invite little craving afterwards. Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island luckily bestows afternoon tea and snacks if thing happens as mentioned. Take a sip or two and glance once more the yonder sea since six oclock returning will leave you to deal with a different, aggravating craving, a wish to sail back and relive the superb moments with Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise Lembongan Cruise.