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Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise is a day cruise to Nusa Lembongan and  asserts in a spectacular moment for oneself to revel in, otherwise to rejoice with family and others. Nusa Lembongan is simply bewitching in her glorious landscape, of the dripping ocean spur caressing and drenching into the rare golden sand dotted with waving coconut trees. And it all gets better as Bali Hai Private Beach Club joins in your self-contentment to de-stress along the hours, tuning the mood along with onshore and offshore sea motion, which comes in and flows back to where it belongs. Either slouching in a cozy sun-lounger or lying peacefully on a hammock sway, you can have the perfect siesta over the season, all by yourself at the comfortable Lembongan.Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise starts with a convenient air-conditioned hotel transfer relaxes you to travel toward Benoa Harbor for 9.00 AM departure. Stepping onboard is greeted by luscious snacks and indispensable morning beverages, including hot tea and coffee, as well as cool soft drinks. What next is to sail up and let the sixty-four-feet vessel embark onto sprawled sparkling-blue territory. Beside stunningly elegant, Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Nusa Lemobongan also comes equipped with idyllic corners to endure relieving sea breeze. You might opt for troll-fishing as a means to kick-back in an easy solitary enjoyment, entailed reluctantly with a hope to catch a bonus meal for later lunch.Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island prepares tasty and succulent BBQ on poolside cabanas which awaits your direct landing at Bali Hai Private Beach Club. Healthy salads exude appetizing hues, complemented with delicious sausages and relish seafood, of fish and prawns, fresh from their natural habitat. Moreover, these sizzling tantalizations are exquisitely catered on the island rim which flaunts an overlook over the endless blue ocean. You have nothing else to compare with the combination of piquant repletion and idyllic scenery surrounding, offered by beautiful Lembongan. All that is necessary to do along while is to revel in this heavenly gratification, savoring it bit by bit.Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island has you unwind in adrenaline thrill within various water sports. Individual snorkeling and parasailing are additionally selectable aside from unlimited access of banana boat rides and pool volleyball. If sweating does not spoil you excessively good, gain much indulgence in discovering novel experiences through seaweed village excursion escorted by a native dweller. Your natural knowledge shall be enthralled as well, similarly otherwise when you decide on having glass-bottomed boat tours. Uncovering the enigmatic marine life, the last activity might tend to invite little craving afterwards. Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island luckily bestows afternoon tea and snacks if thing happens as mentioned. Take a sip or two and glance once more the yonder sea since six oclock returning will leave you to deal with a different, aggravating craving, a wish to sail back and relive the superb moments with Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise Lembongan Cruise.
Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise is a day cruise to Nusa Lembongan on a luxurious Catamaran Bali Hai II envelops inside sways you blissfully to the private island, where an exclusive beach club gives you all access to redeem personally both mind and soul in full relaxation. Spoil yourself to play around, running the gamut over comfortable facilities intended for world-class guests. By all means, you will yield absolute precious rejuvenation, a dreamy jaunt - catered professionally and impeccably by the lauded Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise - that allows you to unwind in a perfect picture of paradise.Toothsome pastries and snacks joining hot morning coffee welcome your coming onboard after brisk departure at 9.15 am. Escorted congenially in an air-conditioner transport, Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise jovial staffs guarantee your intact convenience in any ways. The situation aboard is pretty similar; the crew prep all up, setting the sail in, delivering meals on time, beckoning in best attire as well as pleasant smiles, while you easily swing on the ship rail rim, reveling in wind breezy caress along the way. Additionally, the two-hour scuttle off Bali toward Lembongan Island also meander around delicate islets that dot endearingly here and there in placid sea embrace. You can spot on Mount Agung afar, as is the endless deep blue sea surrounding in which minutes of fish glitter underneath.Another aquatic creature you shall overlook is splat open amid dainty garnish in a luscious grill style. Natural bounty has always occupied Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise menu of the day, of which includes fresh-picked salads swathed in tasty sauce and one oversize plate containing succulent fish grill served under a cozy pool-side cabana. To savor this graciousness, however, means landing at Lembongan Island beforehand. As the luncheon pampers you in repletion, kids or few ebullient adults may shift directly to easy sport games on white-sand beach. Pool volleyball is a classic one, followed interestingly with unlimited access of Banana Boat Rides and cooling off at a lagoon pool. Either way, you can opt for guided snorkeling or island excursion to uncover an esoteric sea-weed village at Lembongan's other end. Both are eye-opening experiences that will leave you breathless in bedazzlement.A more stretching-out decadence varies between peaceful siesta under the tree shades in the tranquil garden and sipping zingy cocktails at the assuaging lounge bar. Parents are also invited to relieve in the privilege of kids's club that shall wonderfully entertain your beloved toddlers during your self-indulgent hours. When the gleaming sunset breaches apparently above the horizon, it is time to call it a day and head back home. You may capture the intense tangerine ray reflected over water beside Lembongan, a favorite land where your heart is probably left behind, clinging on tenaciously to the sweet service bestowed by Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise for now and forever more. Bon Voyage!
Bali Hai Reef Cruise offers luxury day cruise to Nusa Lembongan and starts sailing from the Benoa harbor and sails around the scenic eastern coast of the island of Bali and sails to the island of Nusa Lembongan where there is a private resort in a secluded and beautiful location and plenty of water sports and chilling out activities offered right on the beach. It is also possible to stay in the traditional style luxury beach cottages and enjoy the island of Lembongan to its fullest if you desire. Benoa is easy to reach from any of the southern resort areas of Bali and is not far from Ubud. Located just west of Kuta with access via the by pass road, beginning luxury cruise is extremely easy and stress less. The Bali Hai Reef Cruise is upon a large luxury boat that will steam around the east of the island allowing you to view the nicest areas of the island from the water giving a different perspective for your holiday. The Bali Hai Cruises is one of the biggest cruise company in Bali and has been running a variety services including Bali's number one brewery and many tourist services.The Bali Hai Reef Cruise is also an excellent way to see the island of Lembongan that is usually not visited by most of the tourists who come through Bali so make yourself one of the select few you get to enjoy this island in full luxury with fun and fulfillment for all of the family. Activities on the island include banana boating, beach games, snorkeling and diving as well as opportunities to walk down some of the most scenic and deserted beaches as well as experience the traditional towns and markets of the area. Of course one of the most popular activities on the island at the luxury resort of Bali Hai Reef Cruise is relaxing on the perfect beach, using the pools and drinking tropical cocktails at the beach and poolside bars.  For a marriage of active water sports and luxury relaxation, the Bali Hai Reef Cruise is the best way to go making use of the Bali Hai Cruises's expertise in the area of tourism wants and needs at the beach as well as on board the modern luxury crafts. Onboard there are such facilities as a pool, a nightclub if you are using the evening sun set tours as well as bars and restaurants and plenty of deck room to enjoy the tropical sea air. At the beach you can use glass bottom boats and all kinds of canoes and boats to explore the secluded bays and the beaches of your dream tropical destination
Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise is the romantic evening cruise offered by the Bali Hai Cruises company that is one of the largest tourism companies in the whole of Indonesia. The cruise offers a luxury and unforgettable Bali sunset that can be watched over the east side of the island meaning you get to see the changing colors in the sky and the sun growing larger and larger over the scenic and unchanged east of the island of Bali. The Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise like all of the Bali Hai Cruises sets sail from Benoa harbor which is located just west of Kuta and is easily accessible using the by pass road from any of the tourist resort areas in the south of Bali and is not too far from Ubud and the Gianyar area if you plan to stay there. To make the best of the afternoon light and see as much as possible of the sunset and the changing moods cast over the skies of Bali, The Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise sets sail at 5.45 and is substantially cheaper that the cheaper than the day cruise. The price includes the international buffet dinner as well as a welcome drink which is a tropical cocktail and air conditioned comfortable hotel transfers from any of the areas in Bali. Children under 16 sail at half of the fare and infants under two years of age travel free when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise offers a very high standard food on board and can enjoyed both above and below the deck and it is also possible to book a romantic area where you can enjoy a meal with a loved one in privacy watching the sun sink over the mountains of Bali. The dinner is buffet style and includes a selection of western food as well as Asian food with some excellent Chinese and Japanese food. All of the food is cooked by professional and highly competent chiefs and is served with elegance and grace.The evening’s entertainment includes a variety of shows and performances including some of the cultural dances of Bali as well as western style entertainment with an Indonesian flavor that is very popular and always receives an excellent reaction form the audience. There are separate bars offering different styles and atmospheres as well as a night club area where a DJ will play you into the beginning of the night. The Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise returns to Benoa harbor at 8.45 where air conditioned transport will take you back to your personal hotel and you can continue the night in any way you feel after the unforgettable experience that is The Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise.
Bali Hai Three Island Cruise, a fast day cruise visiting Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. You are standing on a peak of three-hundred feet high and eyeing down on ravenous sea crashes against solid-stubborn reefs beyond the trudging cliff. The next hour zooms to jungle-clad subdued stream that uncovers hidden mangrove heritage. The ongoing path then winds up to a forsaken seaweed village at Lembongan Island, a heavenly setting of which envious Bali Hai Private Beach Club nearby notches in private, undisturbed relaxation only for sophisticated travelers. Alleviating ocean breeze imbued with whispering ripple spur tantalizes you for a comfortable siesta in an open bale amidst lush tropical garden. Endure no less than blissful natural coaxing to have you remain indulgent while on land, as, once you drift back home, it takes an advance booking first to relish again in the next episode of Bali Hai Three Island Cruise.Bali Hai Three Island Cruise includes air-conditioned hotel transfer easies time scheduling for the 10.30 AM departure at Benoa Harbor. A compact bag comprises few clothes and swim-suit is advised due to water sports availability on the destinations. You would definitely like to put on stylish shades as well since Bali Hai's ocean rafting will split the torrent waves open under blistering sun. Its 750 horsepower ensures gripping ride, entailed with much thrill and bumpy fun, and enables you to encircle the beauty over three sister islands of Bali, Nusa Penida, Ceningan, and Lembongan in less than 24 hours. If a dream on seeing the world in a grain of sand ever occurred to you, this tour shall then reveal all the possibilities to witness the unspoiled face of green earth.Nusa Penida's south coast unfurls breathtaking scenery, a harmonious contrast depicting a towering cliff edge atop with emerald trees which turquoise sky and marine blue sea share in the middle. “Seeing is believing,” a past wise man once said, and Bali Hai Three Island Cruise shows its approval by sparing you a real chance to trek upward and savor this sublime landscape before your very own eyes. A stone's throw away lays Bat Rock otherwise, a bonus scene to observe in bewilderment. Hard to be true, but the absence of human interference has yielded nothing but unthinkable beauty in this island.Ceningan is gleaming in peaceful green from afar. Catering as a quiet escape, your second destination often welcomes distinguished explorers who love to visit the water channel passing through Ceningan's mangrove plantations. The silent undulating river and the omnipresent green here have you jettisoned away from metropolitan hodgepodge. It also offers an intimate moment for you to make peace with yourself, letting go all whiffs of the unpleasant past memories.Delicate seaweed farming village in Lembongan may bestow a similar de-stressing pleasure. Beyond the simple life lives a pure contentment of austere lifestyle. You might learn something different at Lembongan Marine Park, the underwater wildlife that is a quintessence to relentless natural laws. Summing up the day, Bali Hai Private Beach Club in the island helps you stretch out on either hammock or cozy sun lounger. Sleeping in the alfresco bale, alternatively, invites another wishful thinking to drop by. Probably, it is just a dream of revisit to these islands in unparalleled service rendered by Bali Hai Three Island Cruise.
BlueWater Express serves daily boat trips and transfer from Bali to Lombok including Nusa Lembongan and other small island en-route. The boat is designed to handle waters transfer from Bali to Gili Trawangan and Lombok. BlueWater Express has 3 vessels with the capacity of 15 to 30 passengers.Lombok is just 2 hours boat sailing from Padang Bai in the east of Bali by fast boat. Transfer by BlueWater Express boat from Bali to Lombok is another travel experience in Indonesia. Bali is your starting point to explore other travel destination in Indonesia such as Lombok, Sumbawa Island, Komodo National Park and Flores. Travel from Bali to Lombok can be arranged with flight, public ferry from Padang Bai, fast boat from Benoa or Padang Bai Harbour.When time is not your consideration, then try to get more experience of exploring Lombok by fast boat such as BlueWater Express. This fast boat is another alternative for your trip visiting Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Lombok Island. The Bluewater Express offers an easy way to travel by boat from Bali to Gili Islands and Lombok Island. Boat transfer to Nusa Lembongan is also served daily as part of island hoping cruise program .This boat features enclosed cabin seating, and spacious sundecks on roof, and fully international safety equipment. BlueWater Expresss departs from Serangan Harbour, just a few minutes drive from your hotel in Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran.
The Bounty Cruise Bali, day cruise to Nusa Lembongan are one of the most established cruise lines in and around Bali. Based at Benoa harbor the 400 passenger luxury catamaran has a cruising speed of up to 30 knots while you relax and enjoy the views as well as making use of the amazing facilities provided both on board and of board at various facilities and stop offs including the fabulous secluded resort located in Nusa Lembongan. The Bounty Cruise Bali catamaran to Nusa Lembongan sails everyday from Bali and is easy to book onto for the variety of trips and events that are offered. Benoa harbor is located very close to Kuta just of the by pass and is reachable very easily from any of the resort areas of a south and is perfect to put a different dimension on your Bali holiday for all the family.The Catamaran of Bounty Cruise Bali is equipped with the very latest in computerized stabilizers and International safety standards with all of the emergency facilities and communication devices. There is also the Day cruise to Nusa Lembongan where you can take part in all of the water sports and activities as well as chilling out at the incredible secluded resort and club house on the beach throughout the day. You can go snorkeling or diving in the incredible clear waters or go banana boating and diving. It is also possible to stay over in the beautiful luxury traditional style beach cottages that make the most of this incredible part of Bali that not many people get to see. Onboard entertainment is most notable on the sunset cruise which is a perfect way to watch the sunset over the island of Bali from the water as the views of the beautiful eastern coast change along with the colors of the sky.Other services offered by Bounty Cruiss are the Performer boat which is one of the best Dive boats in Indonesia and has all of the safety equipment including navigation, emergency facilities and communication that the catamaran has. This boat will blast you off with your person selection of people and will get you right to the dive spots you are looking for and ensure that you see the very best the Bali and its surrounding islands have to offer in the day. Also if you are more of an old fashioned seaman or are the more romantic type then why not opt for the sailing boat The Saesation offered at Bounty Cruise. From here you can experience the traveling around these waters by wind and seeing the Lembongan island as well as lending a hand to the deck if you wish. There is a motor on board incase of loss of wind and many luxury and all of the expected facilities in terms of safety etc.
Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship Cruise offer day cruise to Nusa Lembongan from Benoa Harbour and is a modern and luxurious 26m catamaran with a capacity of 150 comfortably seated passenger and is capable of very fast speeds. Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship is the only boat with a Jacuzzi on board and a water slide which a drop off into the sea. This is the boat to choose if you are looking for fun on a cruise around the waters and islands of Bali. Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship Cruise like most of the cruise boats operates from Benoa Harbor which is located between Kuta and Sanur and is very easy to reach from any of the resort areas of the south of Bali. Travel to the harbor is offered by Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship in air-conditioned comfort bringing you right to the correct location within the harbor. A sea cruise is an excellent way to spend a day or part of a day in Bali as the waters are warm and beautiful as are the coasts and an experience like this one can really break your holiday up.Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship Cruise from Benoa Harbor to the island of Nusa Lembongan in 40 minutes depending on the swell and other factors, making the crossing there is plenty of comfortable seating on the deck and around the Jacuzzi area as well as at the luxury bars. There is also live entertainment from local musicians. There are also sorts of facilities and services offered including air conditioning in all of the enclosed areas and free soft drinks as well as plenty to do when you reach the island. Upon reaching the island of Nusa Lembongan the fun really starts, there is so much to get involved in including snorkeling, sea kayaking and using the water slide and activities such as the fat thrill of banana boating in around the lagoons. Go for a trip in the glass bottomed boats and sea what is alive just under the surface of the water and then hit the beach and find the beach club where you can use the bar, the pool and plenty of the other facilities.Island Explorer Bali Fun Ship Cruise also offered its service for transfer reasons allowing you to be able to use the fast boat service in order to get across to the Island of Nusa Lembongan and come back when you please. The BBQ dinner is also offered as part of the package deal where you will find the seafood and land food are both brilliant and cooked by the pool and bar so you can relax and enjoy the day with the facilities as well as dinning and the tropical beauty of the island. There are other areas of interest on the island and these include the traditional villages and markets as well as the seaweed farms which are located in some of the lagoons and create a patchwork effect in the sea which is not only beautiful but unique to the island of Lembongan.
Island Explorer Relax Cruise is a day Bali cruise from Benoa Harbour to Nusa Lembongan and is an around-the-world, sixty-feet sailing yacht that specializes in a full-day cruise cosset might induce an appeasing peace of mind – at the same time the other nineteen guests, either your invitees or novel acquaintances yet to make, are splashing fun and out loud on kayaking or banana-boat riding.Conserve the tranquility while being out there facing the endless sea; take troll fishing, watch the discreet marine life beneath the boat's wide glass-bottom, or else join snorkeling into the deep blue sea to encounter iridescent garden corals. Even loitering on the open deck may simply relax your tension, especially when you slouch lazily basking under the afternoon golden sun.Sailing on Island Explorer Relax Cruise to Nusa Lembongan begins with quenching morning drinks and 9 A.M. departure off Bali's Benoa Harbour. The detour meanders through Serangan Island, a.k.a. Turtle Island, where a unique canal is in the process, and Penida as well as Ceningan Island for a snorkeling stopover in the crystal-clear water. A mangrove tour delving into the forest is the next best thing, scouring budding seaweed farms and meeting with the modest local villagers. Soon afterwards, luxurious lunch – barbecue buffet complemented by crisp salads – waits in Lembongan Island, the exclusive, affluent playground.Your choice is your fun to have. Whether sheltering in Coconuts Beach Resort's gazebo or splattering in water sports does you any good, the afternoon schedule complies with your personal preference. The prior leisure includes air-conditioned hotel transfer to the resort and a dipping in the elegant infinity pool. This way you can doze off awhile before returning to the island of gods, Bali. Conversely, if no lethargy has yet invaded, seize the day by kayaking or snorkeling beside Lembongan Island coast. Banana boat and fishing are also optional, followed with other activities such as another tour to the seaweed village. An afternoon high tea sums up your pleasurable afternoon; consequently, Island Explorer Relax Cruise has to finally go home.Off the Lembongan Island Harbour, the Island Explorer Relax Cruise wanders around dazzling peninsulas, islands, and coves scattering at the edge of the ocean. It is scheduled that at 5 P.M. the journey ends in Bali – though the truth is, you wish that it is just another detour happening, which strolls into other extraordinary heavens that are close distant to the paradisiacal Bali.
Quicksilver Cruise Bali is a cruise company in Bali offering daily day cruise to Nusa Penida and is  the name given to the huge catamaran that is also known as the jewel of Bali. There are a variety of cruises offered using this fine vessel and of which are of an excellent quality. All of the latest technological computer systems are present including the navigation and emergency apparatus. The day cruise that is offered by Quicksilver Cruise Bali to Nusa Penida is an excellent exploration of the east of Bali which is followed by a journey to Nusa Penida where there is a beach side club house which is of very high luxury with a multitude of different activities and services. Once you have made birth at the private pontoon you can take part in such water sports as snorkeling in the un-spoilt and beautiful reefs and lagoons, take trip on the glass bottomed boat and unlimited banana boat rids as well as parasailing on request and even sample SCUBA diving in this amazing scenery.Quicksilver Cruise Bali gives a chance to visit an areas of a seclude island such as Nusa Penida that not many tourists manage to reach and you can have guided tour around the local traditional villages and go to the markets to look for some usual and fascinating items a well as sampling the local delicacies. There are a variety of beach activities and conventional sports that you can take part in as well as just chilling out and relaxing on the beach or by the pool where there is a bar that serves tropical cocktails and conventional drinks as well as other refreshments. There is also a spa to indulge in and this is a perfect time to take a small walk down to the beach where the resort disappears and you are in a completely secluded and tranquil tropical beach paradise where you can enjoy the tropical holiday dream as it should be.There is variety of other cruises such as the sunset dinner cruise which is a shorter cruise with an excellent seafood meal that can be enjoyed on the deck. This is a perfect way to spend the early evening with you partner and there are plenty of activities and entertainment on board for all of the family to be occupied throughout the journey. You can also embark on the dolphin watching cruise that is available when the dolphins are in season and is an excellent encounter with these amazing creatures that are around the northern shores of the island of Bali. Quicksilver Cruise Bali to Nusa Penida has no problem making this kind of trip due to its speed and power.The rates for all of the cruises that Quicksilver Cruise Bali offers very reasonable and there are always many complimentary services. You will also see sights that are not possible to see any other way and all in just one day.Tour Includes Snorkeling inside the swimming area (equipment are included) Banana boat ride Water slide Underwater observatory Ocean water treatment Shore walk village walking tours with free coconut drink and watch cock fighting, weaving, seaweed farming, and turtle farming Cycling tour Underwater viewing from our semi-submarine Afternoon coffee, tea and light crackers International buffet lunch is served at Quicksilver pontoon Return pick up transfers are included from/to any hotels in Kuta, Sanur, NusaDua area only  
Bali Sail Sensations Cruise to Nusa Lembongan for both day and sunset cruises. Enjoy the luxury catamaran with Sail Sensations Cruise. Where you want to be is to sway on an airy fore-deck surrounded by an overwhelming spectacle over peaceful, bluish horizon that embraces melancholic-gleaming sunset. While the water is clearly placid – as if nothing might sabotage this romantic cruise – you and your beloved are holding hands one more time and ready to sweep off the dancing floor tonight. Floating on this intimate flow at Bali's Benoa etches surreal and unforgettable memories. And it is the secret to women's essential wish ever when it comes to proving out the ultimate, revered yet everlasting four-letter vow – "Love."Ensuring the sweetest escape for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Daylight Sail Sensations is more than just a cruise. Twilight Sensation service that blissfully celebrates romance in style takes you to succumb to an exquisite fine-dining over delectable six courses, boastfully sizzled by an unmistakable master-chef. Whether you are an arbiter of taste or a plain, ordinary guest who indulges in good stuff, a step aboard saves you ambrosial repletion. The luxurious yacht unveils its hidden charms every Saturday evening, metamorphosing into a classic elegant scene for a private dinner invitation, while the harbor lends fading twilight enlivening the twinkling-starry sky. This grand gesture happens only once a week, on Saturday night from 18.30 to 21.00, with the departure off Benoa Harbor, Bali. Either impossibly romantic or inconceivably fantastic, Twilight Sensation might just be your most favorite culinary journey in a lifetime that nothing else can compare.Daylight Sail Sensations is also the judicious winner of 2001 Bali PATA Award for the most innovative service. Its Daylight Sail Sensations, a scintillating cruise to Nusa Lembongan Island from Benoa Harbor, samples admirable tropical escape that unfurls quintessential leisure, tangible piquancy, and sublime landscapes. The sail sets out as early as 9 AM, but "The Anchorage" has patiently awaited your arrival since the beginning of the day. A magnificent 4,500-meter private getaway beside the white sandy beach of Sanghyang Bay, "The Anchorage" is a real oasis to gloat, along with run-the-gamut water sports that loiter on the coastal rim. Exuberant guests can hitch on blazing jet-ski or be tightly attached on banana boats before finally scuttling fast to enjoy cool splatter. What next is another Sail Sensations privilege which conveys exquisite activities such snorkeling and scuba diving for curious travelers – especially as Badung Strait that cloisters the destined isle houses impressive marine resources, consisting of bewildering rare fish and intricate garden corals.Yonder observation across the blue ocean from Nusa Lembongan Island will relentlessly captivate your much admiration. The glistening relief of Mount Agung assembled with idyllic hilly panorama far stretching to the eastern Bali propels irreplaceable beauty that undoubtedly defines this Asia's prized isle as the island of god. However, a contender to the breathtaking sight appeals lusciously during lunchtime in The Anchorage. Succulent barbecue grill complemented with variety of wines and beers simply sums up your wholly pleasure. The gourmet BBQ buffet catered in the alfresco bale spoils one's rejuvenation indeed, amidst soft-caressing sea breeze.Two alternatives intended to extend the soaring gratification are Mangrove tour and kicking-back moments at Sanghyang Beach. If you are against the global warming, the tour slips you in to a different kind of world where green is omnipresent. Delving into the modest village asserts modest pictures of society whose life depends on the natural nurture. In any ways, you can always go with the second option for a mind-blowing scenery and tingling white sand under your feet. Prettier than Bali beaches and less pestering hawkers, Sanghyang Beach is definitely not to be missed. Slouch awhile on the sand if you like, the Daylight Sail Sensations yacht shall return at 4 PM to the blessed island, Bali – with intact reminiscences of your romantic escape.
USD 136
The WakaSailing is a luxury sailing catamaran providing daily day cruise to Nusa Lembonga, Bali and is no expectation to this and offer some excellent cruises around the east coast of Bali far north enough to have excellent views of the volcano and the northern mountains as well as finding the offshore island of Lembongan and its cultural and physical treasures. This is an area that most tourists who come to Bali do not get to experience especially around the even less visited island of Nusa Penida. There are other companies that offer motorized cruises but few that offers the kind of luxury catamaran sailing boats that The WakaSailing to Nusa Lembongan does. With only the wind in the sails and the lapping of the waves against the hull you will se the least developed and naturally beautiful areas of Bali pass the side of the boat and then head out into the Lombok Strait where you will land on Nusa Lembongan where the Waka Company has an incredible beach resort secluded away on a deserted beach paradise. The WakaSailing are packed with plenty of refreshments and luxuries such as breakfast fruit juices, soft drinks, freshly baked pastries and hot drinks. It is not at all uncommon to see dolphins and other large sea animals and you will always see plenty of marine life when you pass over the reefs such as coral and colorful fish. The boat often trawls for fish along the way so that you can enjoy a freshly caught Blue or Green Mahi Mahi, or a Gun Metal Tuna which make ideal food for the whole crew of the boat when cooked on a coconut husk barbeque at the beach resort on Nusa Lembongan. The WakaSailing are 8 hour day cruise to Nusa Lembongan as well as the option of a star light cruise that includes a seafood feast and the watching of the sun set over the island of Bali. This is an incredibly romantic option and is far shorter than the day trip to Nusa Lembongan which ends with sunset cocktails that are complimentary as are all soft drinks and hot drinks. Activities at the beach resort on Nusa Dua include water sports such as snorkeling and parasailing or viewing the coral and reef life from the glass bottomed boats, there is also the opportunity of many other dry activities including the tours of the seaweed farms that create beautiful and unusual patchwork coastlines as well as many other tours and activities such as the traditional villages, the underground houses and the amazing beachside swimming pools. There is a Indonesian Gourmet buffet that is delicious and complimentary as well as the popular option of just relaxing on the beach and making use of the sophisticated bar that serves tropical and classic cocktails as well as other refreshments.


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Bali Sea Cruises to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Sunset Dinner Cruise are available with a variety of different focuses and concepts. The main companies who organize cruises in Bali or located in Nusa Dua, Sanur mainly Benoa Harbor. Trips include day trips around Bali, trips that involve sailing and staying at a private location in Nusa Lembongan or evening romantic sunset trips that return to the same bay offering a wonderful sunset lunch for a small secluded number of onboard guests. Vessels differ between large luxury cruiser with amazing services and facilities including restaurants bars, entertainment on board and amazing rooms and on deck view points down to intimate little luxury crafts that may take a private party or a few guests on a personalized tour. There are also a view Bali Sea Cruises operators who have wind powered crafts for those who have a more traditional and romantic idea of crossing the water, of course these crafts invariably have outboard motors in order to travel when the wind is light or in case f a drop in wind. The large unmistakable companies are all well equipped with all the modern safety and navigation equipment and are fully insured offering a service that meets all regulations worthy of international sea faring. There are however a number of substandard practices that should be avoided and are obvious to spot. Don’t hand any money over until you have seen what you are paying for.

The standard Lembongan Bali Sea Cruises usually involves a day aboard the cruise boat which may stop at an ideal location for snorkeling and diving before retiring to a private resort on Lembongan where luxury accommodation and spa facilities await. There are usually a wide variety of activities that can be participating in such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other waterborne activities as well as trips along the secluded coastline or into the traditional local villages where you can shop on the eastern market stalls or climb into the mountains where amazing views of Bali and the patchwork effect of the seaweed farms are viewable. Also if you are that way inclined, Lembongan is home to some world class surfing although this is best left to the experts on this island. After this day further exploration usually winds up with a tri back to the port of departure followed by transfer to your hotel.

The romantic Bali sunset cruises are usually available only to a small number of guests per journey who are positioned each with a spectacular view and secluded from the other guests for a private atmosphere. There is a sliver service three course dinner with a delicate menu of culinary delights of the highest order almost invariably featuring fresh seafood and other delicacies. Bali Sea Cruises is around a specifically undeveloped and beautiful are of the east of the island where the sun sets over the island giving a taste of timeless Bali before returning to port. Again transfer to your hotel is usually included.