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Bali Beach Golf Course

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The Bali Beach Golf Course is located within the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur which is in the south of Bali on the east coast and is easily accessible from all areas of the south of Bali using the by pass road. The course is very large and located extremely close to the beach with some awesome views of tropical nature and the beautiful turquoise green waters and white sand beaches that surround this area. The entire area of The Bali Beach Golf Course is reminiscent of tropical woodlands and park areas and is one of the only places on the island that has a really impressive air of grandeur in terms of designed and textured grounds that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being one of the top Bali Golf Courses on the island.

The Bali Beach Golf Course in Sanur is an 18 hole challenge that consists of 9 separate holes that are rotated around two times. The first of which is an excellent dog left starting hole. There is a large bunker on the right and if you hit hard you may reach the open swale which is about 30 meters from the raised green which is easily accessible from the right and has a few interesting pin positions with the main one being on the far left. From here you go onto the par three second hole which is which is straight into the head wind in the dry season and plays onto an elevated green. There is water in front of the green which is in the middle of a luscious palm trees and tropical views.

On to hole three which plays dog right with a good tee shot played to the right. The green is bowled and the trick to this par 4 is to open up the approach through the crosswind and onto the bowled green that collects the ball well in this tree lines area. Number 4 is another par 4 that is played to the right with a slightly elevated green slowing back to front. This green is best kept away from as the bunker in front of the green is a good collector of erratic shots.

Hole number 5 is dominated by an impressible water feature with a reasonably narrow fairway and a bunker that is easy to avoid on the right for most shots. Accuracy is the key with is long shot and the green is pined on the left. Hole six is another par 4 that bends to the right and with obstacles on the left such as the lake guarding the green. This is a tricky hole where a par is a good score to walk away with.

The last part of the course consists of two par 4s and a par 5. These are excellent final holes with a perfect finishing hole that will leave you satisfied or raring to go for the second circuit. There are often tournaments held at The Bali Beach Golf Course and the progression of these are documented online.