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Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride

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Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride is one of the adventure tour operator in Bali offers the ATV ride tour throughout the hidden path of Bali. The island of Bali has been running all sorts of trips and tours for decades now, and new ideas and fun activities are constantly popping up or closing down. One of the new generation of thrilling adventure tours on offer in Bali that has been growing in popularity ever since its conception is Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. Special tracks and courses have been carefully plotted, set up, maintained, conditioned and facilitated for this adrenal zing and really fun day out. Welcome guests will whiz past paddy fields, splash through giant muddy puddles, climb steep embankments, get airborne over the moguls, tear round bends, tackle some tricky terrain, and skid round corners in the exciting and full-on jungle course for ATVing. This really is a day of ultimate enjoyment and Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride can been modified to suit beginners, advanced riders, children, elders, corporate groups, and much more. The equipment used meets international standards and the staffs are professionally trained, will give a concise and thorough briefing, and a re able to communicate in different foreign languages.

Typically ATVs were used by farmers for agricultural reasons since they are a more practical way of getting of long distances of tough terrain and are easier to handle and safer than motocross bikes. An ATV has four wheels and is four wheel drive, and the tires are modified for off-roading and there is a high suspension arc meaning an ATV can get over fairly deep puddles, rivers, and boulders. Usually the engine size varies from 250cc to 350cc which provides plenty of horse power, torque, and acceleration. Once again, welcome guests will find these ATV ergonomic, user friendly, and easy to drive even in difficult road conditions. The adventure tour team will teach the basics of how to handle an ATV prior to embarking on the Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. The ATVs used for Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride are made by Yamaha and have five gears which may be either manual or automatic. ATVs are also renowned for being very stable and it is very difficult to upend one unless extreme speeds and reckless driving are combined.

Typically ATV Ride will include both pick up and drop off in a nice big air conditioned vehicle from your hotel in Seminyak or Sanur. Insurance cover is included also, as is a fresh face towel, welcome drinks, snacks, shower room with hot and cold running water, plus a scrumptious gourmet lunch in a private restaurant. Beautiful views of panoramic landscapes are guaranteed for every Pertiwi Quad  ATV Ride.