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Bali Safari Jeep Tour

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Bali Safari Jeep Tour provides excellent and top quality adventure Bali Jeep Tours in and around Bali and has been constantly growing in experience, popularity, and expertise. It was originally established by Dr. Robert Koehler and Heiko Schweiering who have been residing in Bali since 1980 and are currently the managers for Jumbo Touristik, which is Austria’s largest tour operator connected with Bali.

The VW 181 is an off-roader built by Volkswagen in the 1970’s and is as tough as nails. It will get you through almost any terrain, in style, and with a hint of posterity and heaps of fun. Today there is a variety of tours in Bali on offer with Bali Safari Tours. The various Bali Safari Jeep Tour include tours of West Bali, where welcome guest will discover the stunning Menjangan Island, plus Taman Nasional Bali Barat, (or West Bali National Park). Then there are excellent and more intrepid off road tours of Bali’s rugged interior and Central Bali.

Then there are tours of East Bali too. It is amazing how varied the geology and experience of these three sides of Bali really is. Bali Safari Jeep Tour also offers overnigght package from 2 days Bali Round Trio and can also be arranged by Bali Safari where welcome guests will stay overnight and also have the opportunities of mixing with locals, and visiting some authentic Balinese villages. There is also the option with this Bali Tours of running a three day round trip or even a more comprehensive four day round trip. Everything from the moment you book with Bali Safari Tours will run efficiently and smoothly. There is an overall emphasis on enjoyment, fun, and adventure.

Bali Safari Jeep Tour only chooses the very best in materials, devices, equipment and staff. The team is very friendly, energetic, fun, and professionally trained. The safety measures taken are second to none and there is also a comprehensive insurance policy that comes with booking adventure tours with Bali Safari Jeep Tour. You will embark on memorable adventures and even drive through lava fields (cool and dry ones obviously) with the skilled drivers and your excellent guides. The staffs speak a multitude of foreign languages and are therefore able to satisfy a broad spectrum of travelers and welcome guests. It really is time to come and experience one of Bali's most fun well organized and different trips. So come along and have fun with your buddies.