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Bali Quad Discovery Tour

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The Bali Quad Discovery Tour offers the adventure tours in Bali through 5 different types of unique  Balinese terrain and is a unique and exciting way to view some of the natural and real areas of Bali that are still in their natural form with traditional cultures living among the areas. The Bali Quad Discovery Tour includes seeing river valleys, mountains, rice paddies, temples villages and so much more. The added difference of this tour is that the process of transport and traveling is not only great fun as you take in the sight but also allows you to move quickly around the areas and see the most possible as well as having the advantage of being able to reach areas that most people cannot see.

Bali Quad Discovery Tour are based in the Payangan area which is about 15km from Kintamani and next to the fabulous Ayung River Valley which is referred to by many as the single most beautiful are in Bali both physically and culturally as it is important not to spoil these preserved areas that are so far removed from the touristy south, it is important that all groups are no more than six bikes and when entering and passing holy areas and residential dwellings the guide will instruct you to restrict you speed and therefore noise to as minimum.

The bikes are quite powerful and yet very easy to control so people of all ages and abilities are able to participate in this activity although it is recommended that you are reasonably fit in order to operate the bike and it is not advised to use the bikes if you are pregnant or recovering from injury. Everyone who participates is given a short but adequate training on the bikes before they set off and it is also possible to run groups of different ages and abilities providing fun and maximum enjoyment for all who take part. The tracks used by the bikes are also used by the farmers and local people and are often crossable by car meaning that you really see a side of Bali that not many people see and to actually be enjoying the method of transport rather then being driven in a car on the road from sightseeing spot to the next is very refreshing and means that you are constantly seeing the sights and spectacles of Bali. This perhaps gimmick sounding method of transport is actually a very effective and satisfying way to embark upon a tour.

There is transport offered for a reasonable price by the Bali Quad Discovery Tour company that will pick you up from any area in the south or Ubud area and ensure that you arrive promptly. It is also possible to find your own transport however if you do so be sure to confirm that the driver knows the way to the Bali Quad Discovery Tour as this is out the way and not a common journey for taxis and other transport services.