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Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure offers a fun, sensational, unique, and highly memorable experience in the heart of Bali.  Canyon Tubing Adventure uses the Siap Stream in Payangan to provide welcome guests with safe, yet adrenalizing fun. The Payangan area in Bali was one previously inaccessible to tourists due to its steep slopes, dense forests, and because it is hidden away in the very center of Bali. It has the advantages of being an area of remarkable natural beauty, surrounded by wildlife, greenery, and untouched traditional Balinese villages.Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure features the experience of a day out tour with us as Bali adventure tour operator a purely sporting event, but there will be cultural and ecological lessons and sites to be seen too. After white water rafting became so popular and busy in the Telaga River in East Bali, it was time to open up a new niche somewhere more exclusive, and as a result Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure was born. Welcome guests will rush down river gorges in the middle of a vast canyon where the water isunpolluted as it flows straight off the mountains and the testament is that the river water here remains aquamarine and crystal clear. Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure uses highly professional guides that are capable of briefing and debriefing you in different languages so that everyone will understand what is to be encountered during the tubing descent. All safety procedures have been carefully planned and Bali adventure tour makes sure it only uses International standard materials and rafting equipment so welcome guests can rest assured that they will have a professional and safe experience. After being picked up and transported in clean, air-conditioned vehicles from your hotels in Kuta and Seminyak, guests will then reach the first check point where refreshments and breathtaking views are awaiting. After this, special Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure off road transport will shuttle tubing participants to the steep slopes of the canyon for the start of the tubing, at which point, customers will disembark, and proceed down the slopes into the canyon for the start of the real Bali adventure!! At points during the descent where the rapids do not allow for the continuation of tubing, special wooden bridges have been constructed by Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure so guests can safely walk to the next stage of the river. It is worth noting that all Bali Adventure tour including Bali ATV Ride, Bali Buggy Ride and Tubing Tubbing adventure equipment meets EEC standards.
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Bali Jeep Adventure Tour offers a thrilling and memorable adventure through the heart of Bali along tracks that are rarely ever used to their remoteness and inaccessibility. The skilled drivers of Bali Jeep tour will guide you through forests, slopes, gorges, and a lot more on an essential journey of discovery for what the interior of Bali really has to offer. Bali Jeep Adventure Tour runs all year round, and the jeeps can handle all sorts of climatic conditions. The dry season is from May to September when the south east trade winds blow and the sky is almost always blue with very little rain falling during these periods. The wet season, which reaches its peak in January, calls for a more adrenalizing and exciting trip through the heart of Bali. Bali Jeep Adventure Tour offers excellent customer service and also has a very high customer satisfaction rate. The staffs are all professionally trained, and are able to converse in more than one language. This means that you guided trips are comprehensive, and full of useful information that you can understand in your mother tongue. Bali Jeep Adventure Tour caters for all people; so if you are considering coming with your family, or just with your partner; or whether you are considering coming as part of a management training and bonding course, ; or whether it is your annual staff fun day out, then rest assured jeep adventurewill cater for you. You will be guided well away from the beaten track and thereby will not meet any traffic or for that matter any other vehicle other than the robust and world recognized 4WD Land Rovers and 4WD Cherokee Jeeps that are used. Bali Jeep Adventure Tour doesn’t just organize day trips through Bali, but overnight trips in Bali, Mount Bromo in Java, and Ijen Crater I Java are also wonderful adventure tour options that should really be tried out. The vehicles used have open canvas roofs which allow for panoramic views and the skilled driver will stop at any time that welcome guests may wish to use as a photo opportunity. It is guaranteed the there will be plenty of amazing landscape photo opportunities like none you will have ever witness before. The Bali Jeep Adventure Tour include deep jungle penetrations, as well as botanical garden trekking and there ism also time for a memorable meal at the famous Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant with its unspoiled and majestic panoramic views over Bali's rich green interior.
The Bali Quad Discovery Tour offers the adventure tours in Bali through 5 different types of unique  Balinese terrain and is a unique and exciting way to view some of the natural and real areas of Bali that are still in their natural form with traditional cultures living among the areas. The Bali Quad Discovery Tour includes seeing river valleys, mountains, rice paddies, temples villages and so much more. The added difference of this tour is that the process of transport and traveling is not only great fun as you take in the sight but also allows you to move quickly around the areas and see the most possible as well as having the advantage of being able to reach areas that most people cannot see. Bali Quad Discovery Tour are based in the Payangan area which is about 15km from Kintamani and next to the fabulous Ayung River Valley which is referred to by many as the single most beautiful are in Bali both physically and culturally as it is important not to spoil these preserved areas that are so far removed from the touristy south, it is important that all groups are no more than six bikes and when entering and passing holy areas and residential dwellings the guide will instruct you to restrict you speed and therefore noise to as minimum.The bikes are quite powerful and yet very easy to control so people of all ages and abilities are able to participate in this activity although it is recommended that you are reasonably fit in order to operate the bike and it is not advised to use the bikes if you are pregnant or recovering from injury. Everyone who participates is given a short but adequate training on the bikes before they set off and it is also possible to run groups of different ages and abilities providing fun and maximum enjoyment for all who take part. The tracks used by the bikes are also used by the farmers and local people and are often crossable by car meaning that you really see a side of Bali that not many people see and to actually be enjoying the method of transport rather then being driven in a car on the road from sightseeing spot to the next is very refreshing and means that you are constantly seeing the sights and spectacles of Bali. This perhaps gimmick sounding method of transport is actually a very effective and satisfying way to embark upon a tour.There is transport offered for a reasonable price by the Bali Quad Discovery Tour company that will pick you up from any area in the south or Ubud area and ensure that you arrive promptly. It is also possible to find your own transport however if you do so be sure to confirm that the driver knows the way to the Bali Quad Discovery Tour as this is out the way and not a common journey for taxis and other transport services.
Bali Safari Jeep Tour provides excellent and top quality adventure Bali Jeep Tours in and around Bali and has been constantly growing in experience, popularity, and expertise. It was originally established by Dr. Robert Koehler and Heiko Schweiering who have been residing in Bali since 1980 and are currently the managers for Jumbo Touristik, which is Austria’s largest tour operator connected with Bali. The VW 181 is an off-roader built by Volkswagen in the 1970’s and is as tough as nails. It will get you through almost any terrain, in style, and with a hint of posterity and heaps of fun. Today there is a variety of tours in Bali on offer with Bali Safari Tours. The various Bali Safari Jeep Tour include tours of West Bali, where welcome guest will discover the stunning Menjangan Island, plus Taman Nasional Bali Barat, (or West Bali National Park). Then there are excellent and more intrepid off road tours of Bali’s rugged interior and Central Bali. Then there are tours of East Bali too. It is amazing how varied the geology and experience of these three sides of Bali really is. Bali Safari Jeep Tour also offers overnigght package from 2 days Bali Round Trio and can also be arranged by Bali Safari where welcome guests will stay overnight and also have the opportunities of mixing with locals, and visiting some authentic Balinese villages. There is also the option with this Bali Tours of running a three day round trip or even a more comprehensive four day round trip. Everything from the moment you book with Bali Safari Tours will run efficiently and smoothly. There is an overall emphasis on enjoyment, fun, and adventure. Bali Safari Jeep Tour only chooses the very best in materials, devices, equipment and staff. The team is very friendly, energetic, fun, and professionally trained. The safety measures taken are second to none and there is also a comprehensive insurance policy that comes with booking adventure tours with Bali Safari Jeep Tour. You will embark on memorable adventures and even drive through lava fields (cool and dry ones obviously) with the skilled drivers and your excellent guides. The staffs speak a multitude of foreign languages and are therefore able to satisfy a broad spectrum of travelers and welcome guests. It really is time to come and experience one of Bali's most fun well organized and different trips. So come along and have fun with your buddies.
Clipper Discovery Bali Tour is an adventure and nature tour specialist and is tour operator in Bali that has been running tours in Bali for many years successfully and has the aim of taking welcome guests on memorable fun, and breathtaking Bali tours off the beaten track in Bali. Bali is so full of activities and things to see and is truly a wonderful place to be. Recently, a new niche in tourism has been opened up and Clipper Discovery Bali Tours believes that once tourists have done all the beaches, temples, restaurants, boat trips, and night clubs. There is one thing that they often go home without trying; and in the opinion of the Clipper Discovery Bali manager, this means they have nearly gone home empty handed. This is because the vastest part of Bali and also the leas frequented is its amazing interior. It is here where one can escape the heavy flow of traffic and pollution, and find true peace and get in touch with the spirit of the original Bali. The tours offered by Clipper Discovery Bali Tours are available in German, English, or Indonesian to make sure they customers get a full briefing and as much interesting information about Bali’s history, geography, and culture as possible. The Bali jeep adventure tours will take you to the summits of Bali’s rugged and volcanic mountains. It will explore parts of Bali rarely seen by tourists in style and comfort, and can also organize more intrepid activities with the likes of scuba diving, mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking, and off road four wheel drive rallying. Clipper Discovery Bali Tours can organize an open-canvas 4X4 Bali jeep adventure tour through Bali’s animal safari, or even take you to the shaded and delightful cocoa trees hiding in the midst of Bali’s tropical rainforest. You can be guided through beautiful rice terraces such as Jatiluwih, and nestled on the peaceful mountain slopes of Mount Batukaru, a green paradise is waiting for you. The Bali jeep adventure tours will take you to the heights of volcanic mountain Gunung Batur at 1717 meters above sea level, where some of the best scenic photo opportunities in Bali exist. West Bali’s National Park is also on the menu and after this guest can also arrange a fabulous trip to Menjangan Island, just three kilometers off the mainland in North West Bali, where world class diving and snorkeling is to be found. If you are feeling very intrepid, then Clipper Discovery Bali Tours can organize a trek to the highest summit of Bali, where you will be picked up before midnight from your hotel, then transferred in a comfortable, spacious, and fully air-conditioned minibus to the starting point of your climb. After this a night climb will ensue and welcome guests will reach the peak of Mount Gunung Agung some 3148 meters later!
Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride is one of the adventure tour operator in Bali offers the ATV ride tour throughout the hidden path of Bali. The island of Bali has been running all sorts of trips and tours for decades now, and new ideas and fun activities are constantly popping up or closing down. One of the new generation of thrilling adventure tours on offer in Bali that has been growing in popularity ever since its conception is Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. Special tracks and courses have been carefully plotted, set up, maintained, conditioned and facilitated for this adrenal zing and really fun day out. Welcome guests will whiz past paddy fields, splash through giant muddy puddles, climb steep embankments, get airborne over the moguls, tear round bends, tackle some tricky terrain, and skid round corners in the exciting and full-on jungle course for ATVing. This really is a day of ultimate enjoyment and Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride can been modified to suit beginners, advanced riders, children, elders, corporate groups, and much more. The equipment used meets international standards and the staffs are professionally trained, will give a concise and thorough briefing, and a re able to communicate in different foreign languages.Typically ATVs were used by farmers for agricultural reasons since they are a more practical way of getting of long distances of tough terrain and are easier to handle and safer than motocross bikes. An ATV has four wheels and is four wheel drive, and the tires are modified for off-roading and there is a high suspension arc meaning an ATV can get over fairly deep puddles, rivers, and boulders. Usually the engine size varies from 250cc to 350cc which provides plenty of horse power, torque, and acceleration. Once again, welcome guests will find these ATV ergonomic, user friendly, and easy to drive even in difficult road conditions. The adventure tour team will teach the basics of how to handle an ATV prior to embarking on the Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. The ATVs used for Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride are made by Yamaha and have five gears which may be either manual or automatic. ATVs are also renowned for being very stable and it is very difficult to upend one unless extreme speeds and reckless driving are combined.Typically ATV Ride will include both pick up and drop off in a nice big air conditioned vehicle from your hotel in Seminyak or Sanur. Insurance cover is included also, as is a fresh face towel, welcome drinks, snacks, shower room with hot and cold running water, plus a scrumptious gourmet lunch in a private restaurant. Beautiful views of panoramic landscapes are guaranteed for every Pertiwi Quad  ATV Ride.
See Bali Adventures Tour is a well organized and established tour operator in Bali that specialized in delivering amazing and unique tours of Bali’s incredible interior in a way like never before. There is so much to see and to do in and around Bali. Almost everything conceivable is possible and now Bali Adventures tour delivers its welcome guests a totally new edge on experiencing Bali’s vast terrain, vegetation, animal life and village life. What makes See Bali Adventures so adrenalizing is that you will be cascading through the most amazing and thrilling terrain on a super charged 250cc semi automatic ATV.See Bali Adventures Tour organizes all its trips as day excursions and operates trip on a year round basis and independent of the weather. Due to high excitement levels, a bit of rain does do deter Bali tour operator from a lot of action, and due to the extreme nature of ATVing, rain only adds interest to the road surface and welcome guests who are up for some sport will be bound to have more fun. For those who are fair weather sailors, or shall we say, ATVers, then it is recommended you book the day trip during the predictably good weather of the dry season that starts in April/May, and runs to September/October.The day trips run by See Bali Adventure Tour can be arranged and tailored to suit your needs, and as so Bali ATV riding regularly and successfully caters for individuals, small groups, large groups, stag parties, families, hen parties, management and staff gatherings, and corporate events. It really is one of the most adrenaline and fun-packed days out currently on offer in Bali.See Bali Adventures Tours insist that there is a minimum of two people per booking, upon which welcome guests will be picked up from their hotels in Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur, or even from Ubud, and taken in style and fully air-conditioned vehicle to the start point of the ATV tour. During this trip welcome guests will also have the great chance to see some original Balinese villages I full swing, and places that regularly just by-passed on a normal day out will get some time devoted to . Tengkudak Village is one such example of original Balinese culture, and it is here where some of the most dramatic paddy fields in Bali exist. The staff will give a highly professional tour and all the equipment selected meets international standards, so Bali Adventures tour is a reliable operator with good safety trained staff and a good safety record too.See Bali adventure tours covers Bali ATV Ride, Bali Eco Mountain Cycling, Bali Buggy Ride, Balinese Activities and Bali Village Tour.

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The adventure Bali tours are popular and include a whole array of different activities, whether your trip is going to be focused on diving, surfing, jeep tours, VW safari, kayaking or boating or cycling there are so many exciting ways to experience Bali. With the adventure tours in Bali there are a number of companies that offer tours focused around a single activity however it is possible at a few places to actually book onto a course that encompasses a number of activities and even includes novelties such as adventure grounds and motocross tracks. The most popular adventure tours in Bali are the guided trips up the Volcano, the cycling and hiking tours that are located all round Bali in beautiful areas offering spectacular views and often more mild and fresher climates and also the water sport trips.

No if you are an experienced surfer you may wish to embark on a surf trip, for the ultimate experience get yourself on a boat trip with a decent boat and a skipper and operator who know the conditions of the local reefs and spots in Bali, Lembongan, Lombok, Gland and the Gili Islands. For diving again Boat trips are the ultimate way to experience the underwater world as the main locations are not all in Bali but on the Gili islands, Nusa Lembongan and Penida and around Lombok and the other surrounding islands.

The cycle trips can either be arranged through your hotel or resort or pre-booked with a more specialist centre which is definitely recommendable in terms of safety, services and ride quality and professionalism. Most of the best companies are based in Ubud but they all offer transfer to the location form your hotel anywhere in the south of Bali. The tours usually include a good quality packed lunch and access to the club house which usually has hot water showers and clean towels and are generally well maintained. Also there is usually a bar where you can relax and have a couple of beverages and chat about the high points of the ride and maybe even decide where to go next.

Other adventure tours in Bali include the white water rafting courses which you can read about in the White water rafting article although a common combination tour can be white water rafting, hiking and cycling in Ubud or around the mount Agung area as one leg from base to bas changing your method of transport, these tours are not only adventurous but challenging and extremely satisfying. But maybe the most challenging and rewarding of all the tours is the Volcano tours, take a guide to the top and camp on the way up arriving in time to witness the sunrise over the east of the island and light up the whole of Bali that now stands beneath you, surrounded by natural landscape and rice padis, the built up areas of Denpasar and Kuta so far away. If you do take this tour then be sure to take a guide as it is unsafe not to.