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Jamahal Spa is part of the epic and grand Jamahal Resort which is located in the sophisticated and top end area of Jimbaran as is one of the leading resorts in the area. Jimbaran the most beautiful beach resort are in Bali and is not overcrowded and offers incredible views of the Indian Ocean as well as looking north at both the West and East Coast and the Mountains in the distance. Jamahal Spa is on the perfect location to receive some of the most professional and incredible Spa treatments in Bali offering in one of the most serine and mind blowing atmospheres. The Bali Spa is inline with the rest of the resort and offers a modern take on the traditional Balinese spa and is a lucid dreamland where you mind body and soul will melt away before you very eyes. The Jamahal Spa in Bali uses only natural products that are hand prepared from indigenous fresh ingredients or imported from some of the leading Spa products companies in the world. The Bali spa ay Jamahal has embraced the legend of Jamahal which is the gods' quest to find the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. The Bali Spa is extremely popular with couples and honeymooners who are looking for the utmost in spa luxury and are willing to pay a little extra to get this. This is same idea that inhabits the villa and is one of the main focuses of the entire organization.The Jamahal Philosophy is the incorporation of the Balinese and Javanese treatments which are still based around the traditional methods and ideas using the same time tested ingredients and traditional methods but couples with the modern luxuries and techniques that have been discovered the world over giving you a taste of modern Balinese luxury pampering. Techniques such as European stemming and Asian influences as well as the Swedish treatments that are melting pot of all of Asia's best treatments are all offered at The Jamahal Spa in Bali. It is also possible to indulge in Borehs, Shiatsu, hot stone massages as well as Ayurveda treatments that are carefully constructed in order to rebalance and rejuvenate the body and release all tension as well as deep tension and release the spirit from the cage of modern life.As well as the Royal Javanese Lulur bath and the Balinese massages that are Indonesian Spa Gems that are recognized the world over and at The Jamahal Spa are practiced by some of the best masseuses in Bali, you can also get the day spa treatments where you will experience everything that you wish to receive in The Jamahal Spa in Bali at a reduced price are guaranteed a lasting feeling of well being and natural rejuvenation. Also feel the spiritual effectiveness of the Ayurveda treatments that are based around the four elements and offer a connection of the body with the earth, fire sky and water using many different energizing potions leaving you feeling at one with the earth.
Known to many as the real Bali, the east of Bali offers a whole string of beautiful beaches and traditional fishing villages as well as a traditional culture which is largely unchanged and represents Bali as it was when people first became interesting in traveling to Bali. The pace of life is slow, people are friendly and the Balinese way of life is the single most important thing to the people of the east of Bali.On Karangasem East Bali Tour you will get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach, traditional villages and the mountainous and coconut tree covered areas as well as the memorising paddy fields. You will visit such areas as the Kerta Gosa, the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves, the traditional Bali Age village of Tenganan and then after lunch you will travel all around Karangasem and see the Taman Sukasada Ujung. Included in the price is pick up from your hotel as well as the return journey and your food as well as complimentary beverages.The Kerta Gosa is located in the heart of Klungkung and is a great sight of Balinese heritage with traditional Balinese painting intended to ward of evil spirits as well as a great historic story relating to the Klungkung King and the east of Bali. The Karangasem East Bali Tour then proceeds to the Pura Goa Lawah bat caves where there is one of the most interesting and prominent temples as well as the thousands of bats that live in and around the area. The temple was constructed in 1006 and is an area of many Balinese ceremonies. On to the Tenganan village which is one of the Bali Age villages where the people live the traditional life as they always have, these villages differ in rituals and interpretations of the Balinese Hinduism and offer different cultures and interesting viewing particularly in their ability to use natural resources and their Ikat weaving.After lunch in a restaurant I the sophisticated tourist area of Candidasa where you will be able to enjoy very good quality Indonesian food or western fare, you will move on to visit the Puri Karangasem in the town of Amlapura. Here there is the Grand Palace created by Balinese, Chinese and European architects as well as the Hindu statues which remain around this area. The temples and palace in this area are one of the islands greatest colonial sights and well worth a visit when on Karangasem East Bali Tour. The Karangasem East Bali Tourfinishes with the Taman Sukasada Ujung which I a recreations park in the south of Karangasem which was made in 1921 as a tranquil place for official and important colonial guests to relax while staying in the area. This is another beautiful area with roots in the fascinating history of the East Bali area.
Kecak Dance Tour begins later in the afternoon as you will be taken in air conditioned transport to the southern most tip of the island where you will have chance to look around the temple of Uluwatu where you will see all of the traditional carvings and ceremony areas as well as witnessing the cultural happening within. There are also a number of monkey residing naturally in the area as you will find in many Balinese holy areas. Kecak Dance Tour is one of the most rewarding tour in Bali that Bali offers in terms of witnessing an intense and fascinating cultural display unique to the island of Bali and seeing one of the most beautiful areas around the sunset time. Kecak Dance Tour begins later in the afternoon as you will be taken in air conditioned transport to the southern most tip of the island where you will have chance to look around the temple of Uluwatu where you will see all of the traditional carvings and ceremony areas as well as witnessing the cultural happening within. There are also a number of monkey residing naturally in the area as you will find in many Balinese holy areas. On Kecak Dance Tour you will be able to visit the temple, then go into the Kecak Dance area and witness the sacred dance throughout the sunset and into the dark. After this you will then go to Jimbaran Bay on the way back to the hotel where you will sit on the beach and enjoy the incredible seafood BBQ food which is of a very high quality and well worth the experience. This is an excellent way to spend on of the afternoons of your holiday keeping most of the evening free for entertainment. The tour begins at your hotel where you be picked up by the transport and then you will travel out of the tourist areas and then head into the beautiful Bukit area where you will see al of the surrounding beautiful areas. When you reach the temple you will be issued with a sarong for cultural respect when entering the temple and after looking round you will go into the arena for the Kecak Dance.The Kecak Dance is an extremely high energy dance with a 20- 40 man vocal choir. This incredible display of energy is a trance dance to please the spirits and gods. There are a number of stories told in the traditional Balinese performance and you can see the main Hindu and Balinese stories as well as witnessing the fascinating fire display at the very end of the dance.After the incredible performance you will then head back to Jimbaran bay, a beautiful and romantic beach setting where the day’s fresh fish and seafood is barbequed over coconut husks and served with salad, rice potatoes and a variety of sauces. This exquisite cuisine is a real Bali must with some of the largest prawns, lobsters and all sorts of fish and shell fish. All of this is provided with a candle lit table as well as a candle lit horizon provided by the fishing boats bringing in the next evening’s fine seafood. After this you will be delivered home to your hotel in air conditioned transport. You will also have the opportunity to look around and buy carvings and other interesting items from the markets and sellers around the area. These objects can be very interesting and the local love to barter meaning you get the full cultural experience when enjoying Kecak Dance Tour.
Mega Rafting is one of the leading white water rafting in Bali and offers the longest rafting adventure on the incredible Ayung River. The Ayung River is located in the central part of Bali and is an adventure that anyone can take part in and enjoy the combination of cruising through this scenic land and negotiating the exciting and exhilarating rapid runs that are plentiful down this river. You will cruise past river side traditional villages and temples and see some wonderful sights as you pass through valleys and ravines of tropical woodlands above you and open rice paddies. No doubt you will receive some excited calls from local children and people around the river and who will cheer you on as you make the decent through the area.All of the professionals that are employed and on the team at Mega Rafting Bali are fully qualified and highly competent in rafting as well as all of the safety regulations that are fully practiced and observed. There are first aid posts and qualified first aiders as well as set routine measures that are in place for the incident of and accident. Accidents are very rare and are usually very minor as the professionalism of the Mega Rafting Company is excellent. Bali white water rafting adventure begins at your hotel where you will be picked up in the morning and the n transferred to the Ayung River which is an excellent journey that will get your taste from the beauty of north Bali and bring you into the heart of the real traditional Bali that is in no similar to the southern built up areas that you may be used to. From this point you will reach the centre where you will be briefed and undergo a short but more than adequate safety briefing and training for the different techniques used to maneuver the raft and ensure the safety of everyone in your raft. The rafts used atMega Rafting Bali are the state of the art modern inflatable rafts and are very strong and the recommended models for this kind of run. Check ups and maintenance of the rafts are frequent and there are always back up rafts in case the last checks reveal a problem.With safety aside Mega Rafting is all about enjoying the day and ensuring that the experience is unforgettable. The prices of Bali whitewater rafting are extremely reasonable and include all costs so it is not necessary to bring much extra cash for the day unless you want to buy photos and other souvenirs as well as beers at the club house after the run. Food is included in the price and is an excellent traditional style buffet of Balinese food that can be enjoyed while you talk about the exciting run you have just conquered.
Mount Batur Trekking is an adventure mountain trekking in Bali that only takes the morning and reveals the full beauty of the Batur Volcano in its all of its glory during sunrise. The Batur volcano is still active to this day where the last blast was in 1917 although there is not another eruption expected for a very long time. In this eruption there was a great amount of damage some of which is still visible and there are certainly still some old local people who will tell you about the day that the world shock. Most of the villages and temples and other important structures have now been repaired leaving the area with an atmosphere of good will pushing through which really is one of the fascinating aspects of the Balinese culture. Mount Batur Trekking in Bali allows you to witness the most staggering views of Bali that are possible on the island and experiencing this at first light you will be able to stand at the top of the island and watch the day begin as the colors and warmth of this eastern tropical paradise begin to manifest.You will see some of the most holy temples in the island as well as the diversity of the small traditional villages and of course the fabled rice paddies that lead up to the hills. Beginning this in the dark the walk is exciting and mystic and then only when the sun rises over the Lombok strait will you realize the beauty of the areas that you are looking down on.Mount Batur Trekking in Bali begins with an early pick up from your hotel at 2.00am depending on where you are located, if you stay in the Ubud area then this will be up to an hour later. You will reach the base of the peak at around 4.00am where you will able to have a coffee and any refreshments you wish before beginning the trek. After an hour there is an opportunity for another break followed by before arriving at the top of the peak at around 6am just before the rising of the sun. Here you will eat a well deserved and memorable breakfast that has been packed for you while you enjoy the three lakes of Bali beneath you and a panoramic view that stretches as far out as the Rinjani Mountain on the island of Lombok. When you begin the decent on Mount Batur Trekking you will see the scenery you have just walked through in a new light and take in different aspects of the journey, there is also a another opportunity for a break on the way down and when you reach the shore you will be able to enjoy a morning swim before you enjoy lunch at a local restaurant then arrive back to your hotel at around 13.00 if you area staying in the south of Bali.
Nirwana Bali Golf Club is an amazing dramatic golf course in Tanah Lot, Bali and is situated in at the cliff tops of Tabanan's shoreline and as designer Greg Norman says 'it will challenge even the world's best golfer'. When Greg Norman found this plot he said it was the landscape that every golfer dreams of turning into a course, surrounded by the lush rice paddies, coconut groves and with a breathtaking cliff top view. Nirwana Bali Golf Club is a truly world class golf course with tree particularly memorable holes to endeavor. The fist of these holes is hole 7 where a middle iron hit is required to sail off the edge of the cliff top, over a piece of sea and onto the well protected and scenic green. Then at hole 13 the long fairway runs parallel to the cliff line requiring intense concentration with views of the Indian Ocean and its power crashing into the cliffs. The very next hole is a dramatic par three again with the power of the Indian Ocean below the tee. This 18 hole master piece is one of the best courses in Indonesia and with the unique obstacles of actual natural and farmed rice paddy terraces, this course has a real novel feel and is an excellent representation of the culture and landscapes of the magical island of Bali. Nirwana Bali Golf Club and Resort is an amazing dramatic golf course situated in at the cliff tops of Tabanan's shoreline and as designer Greg Norman says 'it will challenge even the world's best golfer'. When Greg Norman found this plot he said it was the landscape that every golfer dreams of turning into a course, surrounded by the lush rice paddies, coconut groves and with a breathtaking cliff top view. Le Nirwana Bali Golf Course and Resort is a truly world class golf course with tree particularly memorable holes to endeavor. The fist of these holes is hole 7 where a middle iron hit is required to sail off the edge of the cliff top, over a piece of sea and onto the well protected and scenic green. Then at hole 13 the long fairway runs parallel to the cliff line requiring intense concentration with views of the Indian Ocean and its power crashing into the cliffs. The very next hole is a dramatic par three again with the power of the Indian Ocean below the tee. This 18 hole master piece is one of the best courses in Indonesia and with the unique obstacles of actual natural and farmed rice paddy terraces, this course has a real novel feel and is an excellent representation of the culture and landscapes of the magical island of Bali. Nirwana Bali Golf Course and Resort  overlooks the fabulous and most photographed spot in Bali which is the Tanah Lot water temple standing on its own out crop of rock in the Indian Ocean. There is a fabulous golfing shop that sells Indonesian and international products and some other merchandise such as clothing and summer ware. There are mandatory golf carts for negotiating the course and a complex including a restaurant, club house, bar and pharmacy as well as collection of unparalleled facilities.There is a standard dress code of soft spiked rubber golfing shoes and the proper golfing attire including a collared shirt for men and women's golf attire for the ladies. Rates are dependent on the level of the golfer when booking a course and there is also the option for entering tournaments and private meets that can be discussed based on the specific conditions.Tabanan is easy to reach from Kuta or the main roundabout at Kuta off the By pass and is just directly north for about 30 minutes, it is possible to receive special air conditioned and comfortable luxury transport from you resort and where in the south Bali or Ubud area if you wish to experience this Golfing master piece that is Nirwana Bali Golf Course and Resort . There are also some very good quality traditional palace style resorts in the Tabanan area if you wish to play for more then one day. These resorts are always extremely quiet and are an excellent way to experience the culture and luxury of this kind of Balinese hospitality and grandeur. One such resort is the integrated Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort that offer course side accommodation of the highest level.
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Nusa Dua Spa Bali is part of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel which is one of the leading top end hotel in the Nusa Dua area. The Nusa Dua Spa is open to customers all over the island and there is a free transport service will bring you from your hotel or chosen location to the spa if you wish to visit for any of the treatments available. Nusa Dua is the most exclusive beach resort in Bali and is a beautiful are in which to relax after and before treatment at the very southern most tip of Bali on the east side of the island. The spa is separate from Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and is close to the entrance so it feels like a totally different establishment although the incredible luxury and professionalism is of the same standard that you would expect of such a leading company.The Nusa Dua Spa Bali is reminiscent of the traditional Balinese style and is a very relaxing environment in which to indulge in these treatments. There are many separate booths that you can use many of them are specifically arranged and designed to be used for certain treatments with specific facilities and decors that have been developed and designed by some of the worlds leading spa designers. Treatments range from therapy to beauty and include many well being treatments. There are also a range of facilities aimed purely at relaxation and enjoyment including a sauna and a lap pool as well as the spa pavilion where there are a range of well being drinks and detox beverages as well as other health drinks and refreshments and snacks. Steam rooms and Jacuzzis are also present and as well as some other activity based services that may be best enjoyed before taking a massage or one of the rejuvenate therapies.Treatments include a whole array of massages including the signature Nusa Dua Spa Balinese massage which is a deep penetrating massage that relieves tension form deep in the muscles and body. It also uses energy flows in order to stimulate you physically and mentally and is world acclaimed massage style. There are also a variety of other massages to choose from as well as treatments such as manicures and pedicures, many different body wraps and facials that all use only the freshest and hand prepared indigenous ingredients. There is an incredible aloe Bali Spa Vera treatment that is unreal for moisturizing your skin after exposure to the sun ensuring that you do not redden and maintain soft healthy skin throughout the tanning process.Nusa Dua Spa Bali opens as 6.30 in the morning for all of those who prefer a pampering before breakfast and closes at 9.30pm meaning you can fit in a long treatment after participating in what ever activities you desire be it, surfing diving or simply lying on the beach. You may wish to use the sports area before such as the climbing wall or aerobic studio to create a full health day.
Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride is one of the adventure tour operator in Bali offers the ATV ride tour throughout the hidden path of Bali. The island of Bali has been running all sorts of trips and tours for decades now, and new ideas and fun activities are constantly popping up or closing down. One of the new generation of thrilling adventure tours on offer in Bali that has been growing in popularity ever since its conception is Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. Special tracks and courses have been carefully plotted, set up, maintained, conditioned and facilitated for this adrenal zing and really fun day out. Welcome guests will whiz past paddy fields, splash through giant muddy puddles, climb steep embankments, get airborne over the moguls, tear round bends, tackle some tricky terrain, and skid round corners in the exciting and full-on jungle course for ATVing. This really is a day of ultimate enjoyment and Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride can been modified to suit beginners, advanced riders, children, elders, corporate groups, and much more. The equipment used meets international standards and the staffs are professionally trained, will give a concise and thorough briefing, and a re able to communicate in different foreign languages.Typically ATVs were used by farmers for agricultural reasons since they are a more practical way of getting of long distances of tough terrain and are easier to handle and safer than motocross bikes. An ATV has four wheels and is four wheel drive, and the tires are modified for off-roading and there is a high suspension arc meaning an ATV can get over fairly deep puddles, rivers, and boulders. Usually the engine size varies from 250cc to 350cc which provides plenty of horse power, torque, and acceleration. Once again, welcome guests will find these ATV ergonomic, user friendly, and easy to drive even in difficult road conditions. The adventure tour team will teach the basics of how to handle an ATV prior to embarking on the Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride. The ATVs used for Pertiwi Quad Adventure ATV Ride are made by Yamaha and have five gears which may be either manual or automatic. ATVs are also renowned for being very stable and it is very difficult to upend one unless extreme speeds and reckless driving are combined.Typically ATV Ride will include both pick up and drop off in a nice big air conditioned vehicle from your hotel in Seminyak or Sanur. Insurance cover is included also, as is a fresh face towel, welcome drinks, snacks, shower room with hot and cold running water, plus a scrumptious gourmet lunch in a private restaurant. Beautiful views of panoramic landscapes are guaranteed for every Pertiwi Quad  ATV Ride.
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The Prana Spa are on of a selection of Bali spa villas located in Seminyak which is the northern most area of the Kuta area and is also the most prestigious area where the finest villas, hotels and resort can be found as well as the best restaurants and the most chilled out beach scene. Seminyak is located about 20 minutes from the international Airport and is located in the south west of Bali in the area where the development is at its most sophisticated and also where the development then soon disappears into the traditional rice paddies and villages that are the very essence of the island's beauty. Located close to the beach and the main sophisticated music bars and classy restaurants, The Prana Spa Seminyak, Bali is a completely innovative spa with some amazing modern relaxation therapies and incredible scenic atmospheres as well as having the classic spa beauty with representations of traditional Balinese concepts. The Villas Bali Hotel have recently released the latest and newest villa named 'Chill' that has been awarded with Spa Asia's award for best spa design and when you open the door to it you will see why. The same level of attention to detail is visible when you enter the Prana Spa which is reminiscent of an Indian Palaces with classic Indonesian feature fused into the places creating an ethnic feel that is beyond divine.The Prana Spa Seminyak is probably one of the best spas in Bali and certainly leading in the area of Seminyak. At The Prana Spa you can experience reflexology, massage and a whole variety of other treatment which is guaranteed to loosen you up at any point in you trip. The Bali spa treament are perfect if your time in the huge private pools becomes a little too stressful or if your arm becomes too tired to hold a tropical cocktail. The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa also offer some of the leading accommodation solutions in the area of Seminyak. Seminyak is an ideal place to indulge in this treatment as it is the classiest area within the Kuta district and there are plenty of restaurants and a beautiful beach scene where you can relax after the treatment or go and get some of the best food in Bali. When staying in The Villas Bali you receive this incredible treatment at Prana Spa Seminyak as part of the package.There is a hot pool to enjoy and loosen up before you enjoy other treatment and when you do choose some of the therapeutic or beauty and relation treatments you can rest assured that you will be safe in the hands of some of Bali's most qualified and experienced masseuses who have leant both the modern methods and are well learned in the traditional methods and use of different indigenous ingredients. The hot pool is couples with all sorts of novel and pampering facilities such as swilling water, hot and cold pebbled floors and condensation rooms as well as a cold plunge pool and 14 private baths.
Prime Plaza Sanur Spa is located in the Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur and offers one f the most comprehensive treatment lists of the spas including many treatments from both Bali and around the world and many packages. Sanur is located in the south east of Bali and is one of the main locations for a relaxing break away from the pace of Kuta and some of the other resorts. Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali is easy to reach via the by pass and offers excellent treatment in a traditional Spa atmosphere. Experience the rejuvenation secrets of the east and feel the fusion of different techniques that are used for a well rounded satisfying massage or a the delicate science of a fully intensive and pampering facial. All the scents used are also traditional and the ingredients used for all practices are all fresh and indigenous so you can experience the very best of this world famous technique of massage and some of Asia best kept secrets.Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offers variety of treatments available all of which can be applied in a variety of locations, either in the beautiful Balinese tropical gardens with the sound of the sea that is not too distant, by the pool if you wish not to stray to far from the lounging area and the bar or inside in the traditional spa atmosphere that has been relaxing people for many years.Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offers Balinese massage is a blissful 60 minutes of rejuvenation which is perfect after a long Bali day whether you have been shopping, surfing or chilling out by the pool, everybody should experience the Balinese massage when in Bali so why not try it at the Prime Plaza Sanur Spa. The Balinese massage increases blood flow, reduces stress and muscle tension and leaves your body begging for more.The Swedish massage is a fusion of the Chinese methods, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman techniques and is truly divine for an all round body and head relaxation using a variety of different oils and the some of the most effective ingredients.The Remedial massage will reenergize your body and calm your muscles and well as the joist and is excellent for people you play sports and are seeking a little extra relief.There is also a selection of packages at Prime Plaza Sanur Spa Bali offered where you can benefit from a collection of the different treatments for an extended and fuller hearted effect. There are a whole list of these treatments that are sure to suit everyone and include reflexology and many other focuses such as head or foot massages and many different baths and beauty treatment as well as the honeymoon and couples packages that are ideal for the man and women to share these experiences as well as getting individual treatments in their own privacy. The Prime Plaza Sanur Spa is an excellent place to bask in the pampering of the Balinese and world treatments offered by the hands of the more than capable staff who are both firm and delicate.
Puri Santrian Spa is a part of Puri Santrian Beach Resort on the beach of Sanur as the name suggests is a luscious spa that is located right on the beach at Sanur,  boasts the fusion where 'east meets west' in all treatments that are offered, this includes everything from massage, body care, traditional Javanese baths, facial scrubs and all manor of other treatments each as elaborate as the next with the use of some of the finest and most specific ingredients imaginable. Located in Sanur, Puri Santrian Spa is easy to get to from any of south Bali's resort areas and just incase you were thinking of not making the trip, return transport from Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua is free when visiting the Puri Santrian Spa on the beach of Sanur.The spa and massage at Puri Santrian Spa Bali take place in the most apt place possible where the sea is in front of you meeting the white sands with calm and mellow washing waves and as you will receive the professional pampering that combines modern techniques with the traditional techniques of Bali and the rest of Indonesia. The nail care includes manicure and pedicure complete with shaping and maintenance of your nails and cleaning, skin scrubbing and topped off with a melting foot massage. Facial treatments include the use of PHYTOMER which is as exclusive European product used by the leading cosmetic specialists of the world and is adaptable to your personal features and style. Or you can opt for the traditional Indonesian facials that have been adopted the world over but here you can experience it with the fresh indigenous ingredients and the traditional techniques intended.Puri Santrian Spa Bali features body scrubs range form the traditional Javanese royal Lulur bath which employs only the finest ingredients that Java has to offer and is an ancient tradition that has been enjoyed by Javanese brides for centuries. Or you can opt for the fruity service which is a cucumber based treatment designed to bring out toxins and soften your skin. Other treatments include body masks that again make use of Phytomer which can only be found at Puri Santrian Spa on the beach of Sanur. It is also possible to receive and experience the Balinese traditional flower bath with all the traditional aromas and oils.There is also some amazing accommodation included in the area offering luxurious accommodation with all of the expected facilities including air conditioning and international television and are decorated and design with the same level or prowess to match the pampering and royal treatment you will receive in the spa. There are pools with large water features including multiple waterfalls and warm cozy rooms that are not without the Balinese charm and grace. There are a number of different wings and bungalows to choose from each offering different styles from traditional Balinese to modern contemporary accommodation which is perfect for this luxurious area. Guests also are able to make use of the Santrian Club and suite which are ideal for meeting friends and chilling out after the Balinese day has set.
Quicksilver Cruise Bali is a cruise company in Bali offering daily day cruise to Nusa Penida and is  the name given to the huge catamaran that is also known as the jewel of Bali. There are a variety of cruises offered using this fine vessel and of which are of an excellent quality. All of the latest technological computer systems are present including the navigation and emergency apparatus. The day cruise that is offered by Quicksilver Cruise Bali to Nusa Penida is an excellent exploration of the east of Bali which is followed by a journey to Nusa Penida where there is a beach side club house which is of very high luxury with a multitude of different activities and services. Once you have made birth at the private pontoon you can take part in such water sports as snorkeling in the un-spoilt and beautiful reefs and lagoons, take trip on the glass bottomed boat and unlimited banana boat rids as well as parasailing on request and even sample SCUBA diving in this amazing scenery.Quicksilver Cruise Bali gives a chance to visit an areas of a seclude island such as Nusa Penida that not many tourists manage to reach and you can have guided tour around the local traditional villages and go to the markets to look for some usual and fascinating items a well as sampling the local delicacies. There are a variety of beach activities and conventional sports that you can take part in as well as just chilling out and relaxing on the beach or by the pool where there is a bar that serves tropical cocktails and conventional drinks as well as other refreshments. There is also a spa to indulge in and this is a perfect time to take a small walk down to the beach where the resort disappears and you are in a completely secluded and tranquil tropical beach paradise where you can enjoy the tropical holiday dream as it should be.There is variety of other cruises such as the sunset dinner cruise which is a shorter cruise with an excellent seafood meal that can be enjoyed on the deck. This is a perfect way to spend the early evening with you partner and there are plenty of activities and entertainment on board for all of the family to be occupied throughout the journey. You can also embark on the dolphin watching cruise that is available when the dolphins are in season and is an excellent encounter with these amazing creatures that are around the northern shores of the island of Bali. Quicksilver Cruise Bali to Nusa Penida has no problem making this kind of trip due to its speed and power.The rates for all of the cruises that Quicksilver Cruise Bali offers very reasonable and there are always many complimentary services. You will also see sights that are not possible to see any other way and all in just one day.Tour Includes Snorkeling inside the swimming area (equipment are included) Banana boat ride Water slide Underwater observatory Ocean water treatment Shore walk village walking tours with free coconut drink and watch cock fighting, weaving, seaweed farming, and turtle farming Cycling tour Underwater viewing from our semi-submarine Afternoon coffee, tea and light crackers International buffet lunch is served at Quicksilver pontoon Return pick up transfers are included from/to any hotels in Kuta, Sanur, NusaDua area only  
Bali Sail Sensations Cruise to Nusa Lembongan for both day and sunset cruises. Enjoy the luxury catamaran with Sail Sensations Cruise. Where you want to be is to sway on an airy fore-deck surrounded by an overwhelming spectacle over peaceful, bluish horizon that embraces melancholic-gleaming sunset. While the water is clearly placid – as if nothing might sabotage this romantic cruise – you and your beloved are holding hands one more time and ready to sweep off the dancing floor tonight. Floating on this intimate flow at Bali's Benoa etches surreal and unforgettable memories. And it is the secret to women's essential wish ever when it comes to proving out the ultimate, revered yet everlasting four-letter vow – "Love."Ensuring the sweetest escape for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Daylight Sail Sensations is more than just a cruise. Twilight Sensation service that blissfully celebrates romance in style takes you to succumb to an exquisite fine-dining over delectable six courses, boastfully sizzled by an unmistakable master-chef. Whether you are an arbiter of taste or a plain, ordinary guest who indulges in good stuff, a step aboard saves you ambrosial repletion. The luxurious yacht unveils its hidden charms every Saturday evening, metamorphosing into a classic elegant scene for a private dinner invitation, while the harbor lends fading twilight enlivening the twinkling-starry sky. This grand gesture happens only once a week, on Saturday night from 18.30 to 21.00, with the departure off Benoa Harbor, Bali. Either impossibly romantic or inconceivably fantastic, Twilight Sensation might just be your most favorite culinary journey in a lifetime that nothing else can compare.Daylight Sail Sensations is also the judicious winner of 2001 Bali PATA Award for the most innovative service. Its Daylight Sail Sensations, a scintillating cruise to Nusa Lembongan Island from Benoa Harbor, samples admirable tropical escape that unfurls quintessential leisure, tangible piquancy, and sublime landscapes. The sail sets out as early as 9 AM, but "The Anchorage" has patiently awaited your arrival since the beginning of the day. A magnificent 4,500-meter private getaway beside the white sandy beach of Sanghyang Bay, "The Anchorage" is a real oasis to gloat, along with run-the-gamut water sports that loiter on the coastal rim. Exuberant guests can hitch on blazing jet-ski or be tightly attached on banana boats before finally scuttling fast to enjoy cool splatter. What next is another Sail Sensations privilege which conveys exquisite activities such snorkeling and scuba diving for curious travelers – especially as Badung Strait that cloisters the destined isle houses impressive marine resources, consisting of bewildering rare fish and intricate garden corals.Yonder observation across the blue ocean from Nusa Lembongan Island will relentlessly captivate your much admiration. The glistening relief of Mount Agung assembled with idyllic hilly panorama far stretching to the eastern Bali propels irreplaceable beauty that undoubtedly defines this Asia's prized isle as the island of god. However, a contender to the breathtaking sight appeals lusciously during lunchtime in The Anchorage. Succulent barbecue grill complemented with variety of wines and beers simply sums up your wholly pleasure. The gourmet BBQ buffet catered in the alfresco bale spoils one's rejuvenation indeed, amidst soft-caressing sea breeze.Two alternatives intended to extend the soaring gratification are Mangrove tour and kicking-back moments at Sanghyang Beach. If you are against the global warming, the tour slips you in to a different kind of world where green is omnipresent. Delving into the modest village asserts modest pictures of society whose life depends on the natural nurture. In any ways, you can always go with the second option for a mind-blowing scenery and tingling white sand under your feet. Prettier than Bali beaches and less pestering hawkers, Sanghyang Beach is definitely not to be missed. Slouch awhile on the sand if you like, the Daylight Sail Sensations yacht shall return at 4 PM to the blessed island, Bali – with intact reminiscences of your romantic escape.
SeaWalker Bali is an experience to be had like no other. If you think you have experienced diving, snorkeling, or even going down in a submarine, you will be amazed to discover new heights and sensations when it comes to SeaWalker. The buzz is that you seem to be walking around and breathing underwater. The fact that no water ever touches your face makes the SeaWalker experience so utterly novel. Instinctively, the cold after rush along the face and back of the neck when scuba diving or snorkeling triggers an autonomic nervous system response to prepare the body for immersion; including adrenaline increase and certain homeostatic changes.These professionals are highly experienced in providing a quality service to customers and insist on the most high tech equipment, the very best staffs, and the ultimate in customer service. There are many frequently asked questions regarding the service provided, and some of the most popular questions include things like whether or not welcome guests need to have a license of special previous training to partake in the SeaWalker experience. The answer is no.SeaWalker Bali Tour fully caters for welcome guests who have never even done any snorkeling or diving before. SeaWalker Bali Tour is fully set up and equipped to brief and train individuals and also has a comprehensive insurance system. Many guests are worried that they are not competent swimmers, but since you are actually walking on the sea bed, SeaWalker has taken all the necessary precautions and measures to make the experience open to and safe for even those who have never as much as dipped a toe in the sea previously.The prices a re very reasonable for the all round experience, and some more services include things like a free and punctual shuttle to SeaWalker Bali from your hotel in Bali; excellent, filling meals and refreshments served by very welcoming staff who are professional caterers; a full briefing and hand out of safety equipment; totally professional guides and instructors who are multilingual; a complimentary use of towels of the large and fluffy kind; plus a personal accident insurance of up to us $ 100000.What to bring for this SeaWalker Bali Swimsuit Sunscreen Money for your drink in the restaurant and for an underwater picture if needed If you want to use your own underwater camera, make sure it is designed to be used down to a depth at least 8 meters A change of clothes Tour Include Pick up and drop off at Hotel (Option 1 only) Mineral water Safety instruction Support by professional Seawalker Bali instructions Use of Seawalker safety equipment Use of towels, locker, changing room and shower facilities US$ 100,000 insurance coverage  
See Bali Adventures Tour is a well organized and established tour operator in Bali that specialized in delivering amazing and unique tours of Bali’s incredible interior in a way like never before. There is so much to see and to do in and around Bali. Almost everything conceivable is possible and now Bali Adventures tour delivers its welcome guests a totally new edge on experiencing Bali’s vast terrain, vegetation, animal life and village life. What makes See Bali Adventures so adrenalizing is that you will be cascading through the most amazing and thrilling terrain on a super charged 250cc semi automatic ATV.See Bali Adventures Tour organizes all its trips as day excursions and operates trip on a year round basis and independent of the weather. Due to high excitement levels, a bit of rain does do deter Bali tour operator from a lot of action, and due to the extreme nature of ATVing, rain only adds interest to the road surface and welcome guests who are up for some sport will be bound to have more fun. For those who are fair weather sailors, or shall we say, ATVers, then it is recommended you book the day trip during the predictably good weather of the dry season that starts in April/May, and runs to September/October.The day trips run by See Bali Adventure Tour can be arranged and tailored to suit your needs, and as so Bali ATV riding regularly and successfully caters for individuals, small groups, large groups, stag parties, families, hen parties, management and staff gatherings, and corporate events. It really is one of the most adrenaline and fun-packed days out currently on offer in Bali.See Bali Adventures Tours insist that there is a minimum of two people per booking, upon which welcome guests will be picked up from their hotels in Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur, or even from Ubud, and taken in style and fully air-conditioned vehicle to the start point of the ATV tour. During this trip welcome guests will also have the great chance to see some original Balinese villages I full swing, and places that regularly just by-passed on a normal day out will get some time devoted to . Tengkudak Village is one such example of original Balinese culture, and it is here where some of the most dramatic paddy fields in Bali exist. The staff will give a highly professional tour and all the equipment selected meets international standards, so Bali Adventures tour is a reliable operator with good safety trained staff and a good safety record too.See Bali adventure tours covers Bali ATV Ride, Bali Eco Mountain Cycling, Bali Buggy Ride, Balinese Activities and Bali Village Tour.
The Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour is an excellent tour with plenty to do and see in a very scenic area away from thee tourists and in the heart of the real Bali where the culture and lifestyle of the locals is traditional and friendly. If you are planning to embark on a tour while you stay in Bali and this is the sort of thing you want to see then tSingaraja Lovina Bali Tour is perfect. Lovina and Singaraja are located in the north and North West of the island of Bali respectively which is without a doubt the most beautiful area of the entire island both physically and culturally. There are many different attractions and things to do in the area such as the imposing presence of the volcano and the incredible mountain ranges that surround the areas and run down to the deserted white and black sand beaches. On Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour you will see such classic Balinese sights as the Tamblingan Lake located at the very top of the central mountains, the Gitgit water fall which is nearby and is a dreamy paradise location and the incredible Lovina beach were there is a very small tourist community situated within pure paradise where dolphins glide around the clear turquoise waters and the pace of life is slow and relaxed. There is also the hot water Banjar springs and incredible routes and roads that connect these areas offering scenic tropical panoramas the whole way around.On this incredible journey you may wish to bring a jumper as when you are high up in the fresh mountain air at times it may become a little chilly for a tropical island which is a relieving and fresh experience when compared to the usual heat of Bali. There is however nothing else you really need to bring along with you as the food is included in a restaurant along the way on the tour and you will e picked up from your hotel by the spacious comfortable air conditioned transport that will take you up to the northern and most incredible area of the island of Bali. This transport will also return you home to the hotel at the end of the day.The price of Singaraja Lovina Bali Tour is reasonable and includes all costs encountered along the way including petrol, lunch, tax and insurance etc as well as admission to all of
Sobek Rafting is the leading Bali white water rafting company and has been running since 1989, making it also he longest established adventure pursuit company in Bali. Sobek boast a 100% safety record from the time of opening to this day and also run a variety of other activities although the focus has always been on the Bali White water rafting. Other activities include cycling tours, hiking and other kinds of activities. As a white water rafting company Sobek Bali cover a larger area of Bali and offer the best routes when compared to other adventure tour operators in Bali and have a selection of different routes that have been carefully and specifically designed in order to give people of all levels, ages and abilities a chance to enjoy this magnificent challenge.At Sobek  Bali White Water Rafting as with all good adventure tour companies safety is always paramount. Sobek ensure this by only using staff and guides who are trained to the Australian standards as well as first aid and river rescue. All participants must undergo a short but adequate briefing to ensue that the skills and techniques are learnt and have a chance to practice this before they enter the rapids. Communications between the team is also excellent with radio units meaning that the overall package as well as safety is very efficient and professional. Due to this it is no surprise that Sobek Bali Rafting is the leading white water company in Bali.The Sobek Bali White Water Rafting tour is a complete package that includes air conditioned transfers from any of the hotels in south of Bali including the regions of Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud and its surroundings areas. Lunch is also included in the price which is a traditional buffet as well as some western style options that can e enjoyed in the clubhouse after the descent is finished.The experience its self is unreal a unique and exciting way to experience on of the most beautiful area in Bali. As you descent through the valleys and open fields you will run through slow flowing sections where you can take in the beauty of the area including the tropical forests, traditional villages and temples and then get ready for the exciting rapid drops and fast sections of the run. When you reach the bottom there are showers and clean towels that await you as well as food and a bar for you to relax in and discuss the days adventure. Then the package ends with return transport to your hotel where you can continue the day as you wish.There are runs for all abilities and daring first timers can take on the more difficult runs as none of the runs are aimed at experienced rafters.
Enjoy delightful morning tea consisting of sweet banana pancake, fruit slices, and hot coffee or tea at Kintamani, a delicate eatery which dwells admirably at Mount Batur’s foothill. Enthralling view over Batur Lake on a side and the volcanic smoke plumes on the other will surely captivate your never-ending fascination. How wonderful nature is, yet the winding cycling course is not yet begun. Sobek Batur Adventure Cycling at Batur Trail commences once you have put on the gears and listened attentively to the safety talk at Padpadan, a sleepy village surrounded by luxuriant greeneries and congenial inhabitants. Then, off you go to unfurl Bali’s endearing serenity enveloped in simple-life countryside.The first necessary stop of Sobek Batur Adventure Cycling of Batur Trail is the Bamboo Forest at Panempahan Village. While the thrusting yellow bamboos stand erect like no wind can ever tear it down, the accompanying guide recounts enthusiastically the bamboo ecology, what each Balinese Bamboo needs to survive during the hardest seasons. Another hundred cycles of the wheels sweep you off to tranquil rice terrace at Manukaya Village. Few elders are seen on bending position, holding a thicket of rice paddies and clustering out the rice – most of which will be sold, while little will be steamed to be the Balinese’s primary food, “nasi.” After discerning the importance of rice to the natives, you may visit and save in a prayer at Jaga Sari, a vintage Hindu Temple. The following track leads you conveniently to a destined spot for scrumptious luncheon beside the finish point at Pengukur Temple, in Pejeng Village. Having so much to behold in a day yet there is much more to understand than what merely meets the eye, Sobek Batur Adventure Cycling at Batur Trail is obviously an eye-opening experience for true travelers.If you indulge in a beguiling voyage in a more isolated enclave, Sobek Batur Adventure Cycling at Batur Trail is most likely apt for your preferences. Featuring one of the world’s heritage sites, Jatiluwih Village, where the rice terraces are astoundingly sublime, cyclers will have a fond at their heart at the very first sight. Balinese plantations at Kesambi Village render a fruitful moment as well, since you are welcomed to sample the natural bounty of coffee, clove, and cacao. These agricultural benefits have sustained the villagers over the years and, consequently, they have had a special bond to the local residents. For them, it is impossible to miss a day without dominant green hues stretching inside-and-out the sleepy village. But to really interpret their passion for the nature, you can always drop off from bike and join in a friendly neighborhood talk as the sunset is gleaming far beyond leafy-green village trees. A novel turn of the wheel, a new page to discover during every visit; While running steadily cutting through stony paths, the shimmering sun glistens on hanging leaves of gigantic Banyan trees. The air, the best part so far, comes to be addictive; nothing can ever compare to its utmost quality of freshness that puts one’s mind at ease in just a count of seconds. Luckily, you will not be falling off asleep immediately on wheels, but you would, no doubts, love how these Bali’s lush, tranquil landscapes set you to unwind in a perfect accordance: feeling as born free as well as living life to its fullest limit – of joy.  Sobek Batur Adventure Cycling at Batur Trail Information Length of cycling trip is approximately 25.0 kilometers or 15.5 miles Cycling time 3 Hours Hard surface and mainly down hills Starting from 1016 meter above sea level and finish at 320 meter above sea level What is included in this tour? Drinking water in bottle and raincoat Cold face towel at cycling finish point A medical insurance for age 7 to 65 year old Transport Morning Tea Lunch is continental buffet including drinking water, dessert and tea/coffee  What’s not included in this tour.Personal expensesTipping for tour guide
Telaga Dewata Rafting is a specialist when it comes to Bali white water rafting, trekking, and cultural tours of East Bali’s wondrous Karangasem province. Having been established for many years Telaga Dewata The Real Adventure, Telaga Dewata Rafting has all the experience, materials, staffs and know –how to ensure a pleasant and fun-packed day out for all its welcome guests is assured time after time. First of all the staff are multilingual and hence able to converse inn many foreign languages. This is essential for a successful briefing whereby all activity participants will be advised o safety, equipment, procedures, routes, lunches, and so on. Other that this staffs at Telaga Dewata Rafting have all been professionally trained to give a top quality and safe service. Telaga Dewata Rafting has an excellent record of accomplishment when it comes to safety, and part of this is thanks to Bali Whitewater Rafting selecting the best quality safety equipment and materials such as ropes and life jackets. Do not forget to ask for their comprehensive insurance system, which is included in the price of the Bali adventure tour.Telaga Dewata Rafting,  The Real Bali Adventure specifically selected the Telaga Waja River as its focal point for Bali whitewater rafting due to quick accessibility to Denpasar and Kuta, whilst also being a reliable site for consistently good water flows at all times of the year. It may be noted however that the rainy season is at its peak during the months of December and January, so this is the time when river rapids will be at their most ferocious, and hence more suited to stronger and braver clientele. During the peak of the dry season in July and August, the river flow is still enough to be enjoyed by all with the waterfalls still being sufficiently deep for action, but in general, the flow is less during these times hence average river conditions are milder. The Telaga Waja River can be accessed by car in one and a half hours, and Telaga Dewata Bali Rafting will be sure to provide a safe and swift shuttle for its welcome guests as all part of the price. The head office for Telaga Dewata Rafting is located in the tranquil tourist tow of Sanur in South Eastern Bali, so if you are already in Bali you can always pop in to check out the services in more detail and meet some of the staff.This Telaga Bali White Water Rafting tour operator look forward to welcoming you and providing you with the excellent services and facilities that they are known for. You will just have to come and se for yourselves.
Be led through Bali's amazing and often overlooked interior by experienced and well-established Telaga Waja Bali Rafting. When it comes to Bali adventure tour, you can be sure that Bali has it all. Once typically seen as purely a honeymooner island where the pace of life was just a fraction of that associated with a high density grinding urban jungle. Bali has indeed had a number of adventure tour operators running, and offering things like four wheel drive jungle tours, trekking tours, and Bali whitewater rafting tours.Telaga Waja Bali Rafting specializes in w, and white water rafting in Telaga Waja Rive in Karangasem Bali and will guide you to new heights as you discover the natural beauty hidden in the Telaga Waja River in Bali. Telaga Waja Bali Rafting will pick you up from your hotel in Kuta or Sanur, and then safety and swiftly drive you along Bali's East Coast Highway, which has been newly resurfaced and widened, until one and a half hours later, you reach the start of the rafting trip in Telaga village. It is worth noting that although Telaga waja specializes in Bali whitewater rafting, welcome guests will also feel like they have had a cultural tour by the end of the day, as rural Balinese villages are explored and passed through, exposing every day life in as natural Bali away from the pseudo-real Bali associated with some other stereotypical places.Telaga Waja Bali Rafting will also ensure that welcome guests get a feel for nature and ecology of Bali's inner valleys, since the Telaga Waja River is surrounded by natural beauty and abundant bird life and various types of trees. The Bali whitewater rafting offered by Telaga Waja  is hair raising and really gets the adrenaline pumping. Especially at time of the year when the river flow is strongest, the descent can get quite radical, although at most times of the year the flow is moderate, which means that all family members can enjoy the experience. There are obstacles and even waterfalls to add life to the rafting, and Telaga Waja Bali Rafting has all the expertise and professionalism needed to authenticate a safe and fun day out. The hotel transfer is fully air conditioned, whilst Bali Telaga  Rafting only chooses rafting equipment from relyable sources hat is all safety approved and meets international requirements. There are also shower facilities and a complete buffet lunch at Lapama to be enjoyed by all.