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Sukarara Village

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Sukarara Village is located in Lombok in the centre of Lombok which is the next island east of Bali and only two islands along from the main island of Java. Lombok has a developing tourism industry that is not yet even close to that of its neighbor of Bali but offers excellent facilities in some areas such as Senggigi but is still largely un-spoilt and traditional with the original beautiful landscapes that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Lombok is not similar to Bali in many ways, the climate is dryer, the culture is different and based around them Muslim religion and the landscape is dryer although equally and if not more beautiful hen the most beautiful spots in Bali. However for the most of Lombok there is very little the way of tourist facilities which is why most people base themselves in Senggigi which has some excellent accommodation including international resorts and incredible restaurants all offered at lower prices then in Bali. The area is incredibly beautiful and there is an amazing coast line running through the area with white sand beaches and gorgeous cliff tops.

From Senggigi and the Mataram area it is only a short drive to reach the centre of this small island where Sukarara can be found. Sukarara Village is a small village which is very beautiful and has some incredible views of the mountains and volcanoes of the north of Lombok and some traditionally laid out buildings. These thatched buildings are usually lined up in and around the markets which are the pulse and heart of the village. The main focus of the village is in the production of fabrics and cloth used for a variety of applications including clothing, curtains and other decorative things. Every area in Indonesia has its own styles of Batik cloth and in Lombok there are some of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing traditional designs and in Sukarara and most of Lombok the quality of production is excellent. Designs here make excellent use of earthy colors couples with traditional eastern patterns that are indigenous to Lombok as well as the famous and en-capturing design of the Lombok man and woman which has become one of the most memorable symbol of the island.

Most of the women of Sukarara Village work in the sewing factories and workshops which is the modern way that the traditional business of the area is now conducted. You can witness the production of these amazing materials from the thread to the market stalls where you can take part in the bartering and haggling which is all part of the culture of Lombok and indeed the whole of Indonesia. Whether you are looking for clothing, materials to take home gifts or just some keepsakes, Sukarara is the place to by cloth as well as many other interesting and very different items that make great gifts and scream Lombok culture. There is also a selection of local foods that are very well made in the are and there are a few places to get some western style dishes as well.