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Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours

Agent: PT. Sobek Bali Utama
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Agent: PT. Sobek Bali Utama
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Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours is a thorough bred tour facilitator and tour operator functioning from the dream holiday tourist island of Bali Indonesia. Imagine the prospect of having the whole of Bali to your disposition – and that doesn’t just mean beaches, malls, restaurants and surrounding islands. Now thanks to Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours welcome visitors have new access to Bali’s previously unexplored and rugged interiors, where a totally different aspect of the island of Temples can be appreciated.

Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours was successfully establish back in 1989, when tourism already had a firm hold in Bali, but as of that time, the initiative hadn’t yet been taken to open up Bali’s rafting and trekking potential. It was in 1989, therefore, that one of Bali’s first ever Adventure Tour and Rafting Companies was established.
Counting the years, this means that Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours has been running for nearly a quarter of a decade, and remarkably the adventure company still maintains a 100 per cent safety record to this day. With Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours welcome guests can be assured not just of top safety, but also of a highly motivated and experienced professional team that will guide you through exciting rapids and through carefully design adventure trails perfectly suited for the young and old. Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours is a company that doesn’t believe in half measures, and therefore it invests seriously into only the very best safety equipment, training standards, and industrial quality adventure equipment and rafting equipment.

These days Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours seeks to make its high standards endurable, and most of all perpetual. For this reason all team members, of which there are over 250, just to give you an idea of the scale of this successful company, strive to stay at the top of the list for Adventure Tour Operators and make their good working operation sustainable above all. Some basic facts that are a testament to the success of Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours not only include their 100% safety record, but also their excellent and multilingual staffs and guides, the fact that they employ US 100’000 personal insurance cover, and also that they insist upon using new quality and leading edge safety and tour equipment.

The facilities used by Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours are perfectly clean, very well maintained and totally environmentally friendly. The shuttle’s and pick ups are always punctual and efficient and there is also a strong and friendly and well organized customer service policy. The process and product management is carefully tended to and the picnics provided always satisfy the customers since filling and fresh ingredients are always used to make the lushes sandwiches, most succulent hotdogs, beefiest burgers and greatest grills; not to mention the best barbeques and richest refreshments too.
Come and enjoy the wonder of the great Sobek Bali Utama Adventure Tours.

The tailor made tour package including fun program, team building and other special interest tours. When some adventure travelers are seeking for professional tour operator in Bali, then Sobek could be the first choice.