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Sangeh Monkey Forest

8 Hours
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The Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour is a combination of a tour Tanah Lot and Uluwatu providing cheap rates. ...

Sangeh Monkey Forest is a great little monkey forest located in the Sangeh area in the rolling countryside of Badung. This is an easy area to reach from all around the south of Bali and it offers great opportunities to enjoy the wonderful creatures that live around this small and fertile tropical forest dwelling. Sangeh Monkey Forest has a history dating back to the around the 17 century when the monarchic Golden Era was in full swing and the entire area was a nutmeg plantation as well as the temple which was built in the forest where the monkeys were dwelling naturally. In Bali any areas where monkeys naturally dwell is considered to be holy areas and are often graced with an important temple. With all of this in mind you can also a whole variety of trees and other animals which can be seen in the area. Due to the protected nature of the area all of these plants and trees are documented and include 28 birch trees, 22 clump bushes and over 500 monkeys living in the area and birds including the 5 different birds and a number different insects and lizards which can all be found and even snakes.

With all of these different things to see you can also enjoy great Indonesian and western dinning as well as a number of tourist facilities all located close to the area of outstanding natural beauty. There are a number of different companies that will bring tourists to the area as well as some excellent accommodation and other facilities which are all on a small and tranquil level. Protection of the area is provided by 21 separate companies including the duty forestry from the KSDA and a number of other organizations. There are a selection of tours available from all over the island including air conditioned transport and visits to some of the other areas of interest in the area. Food is also often included as well as informative guides and drop off to your hotel.

There are also guides who can be found around the Sangeh Monkey Forest who are usually local people and sometimes they will offer a different insight into the area. Having said this sometimes these hawkers can be irritating if they latch onto your group walk round with you and then ask for money as a guide. The best way to deal with this situation which does not always happen but if you are firm that you do not want a guide and tell the person a few more times as you go round this should not be a problem. If you do require a guide then it is good to agree a price before you begin walking around. All together the Sangeh Monkey Forest is a great place to visit as well as the surrounding area of Badung and it is not at all far from any of the main resort areas.