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Mount Rinjani

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3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is great intensive trek spanning from Sembalun to Senaru incorpor ...
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The 4 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an adventure mountain trekking to the highest mountai ...
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2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an excellent opportunity to experience one Mount Rinjani in Lo ...

Mount Rinjani is Lombok's highest volcano and is also actually the second highest peak in the entire Indonesian archipelago. It is one of the main volcanoes in the famous ring of fire that it a huge circle of large volcanoes that spans round a large portion of the globe. The volcano stands at over 3000 meters and is still active although there is not another eruption expected for some time. The first recorded eruption was in 1847 and since then there have been a further three eruptions when Mount Rinjani went through an unstable phase and erupted in 1994, 1995 and 1996. These last three eruptions have created a cone effect in the center of the grate lake that stands in the center of the Volcano, which is protected under the Indonesian National Trust. Not only is this lake home to some strange and struggling wildlife but it is also a scared peak that the locals believe to be very holy.

The high areas leading up to and around the peak are largely undeveloped and are covered with rainforest and tropical woodlands where as further down the mountainside there the lands are rich and cultivated where the locals grow such crops as rice, cotton, Soya beans, coffee, cinnamon and tobacco. These areas are beautiful tropical countryside areas that are also ideal for walking and traveling around. There area also hot springs that surround the top of the Mount Rinjani that are a wonderful experience and also a place of pilgrimage for both the Sasak Lombok people and the Balinese descendants that live on Lombok who bath in the springs in order to wash away illness and disease as well as place offerings in this spiritual and wondrous area. There are twenty villages located around the peak that are very traditional and remain much unchanged throughout the years. The national park that was established in 1997 and is one of the 20 large national parks in Indonesia is home to a rare and endemic duck as well as numerous fishes and other insects that are almost exclusive to this area.

The three to four day trek from Senaru to the peak is a challenging yet accomplishable feat, after making to the top of the ridge you then make you way down to the lake where you may cross the lake that is located so high in this area. The Rinjani trek is widely considered as one of the best and if not the best trek in the whole of Asia. In order to attempt this trek, hikers usually start from Sembalun Lawang and t is is very important to take a guide who knows and understands the area in order to not get lost, use the safest and most efficient route to the top and also to learn about the cultural significances of certain areas around the peak. The Rinjani peak makes a great adventure with a real sense of accomplishment and achievement through the diverse terrain and with great views and photo taking opportunities both off the mountainside and looking towards the lakes.