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Mount Rinjani Trekking

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3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is great intensive trek spanning from Sembalun to Senaru incorpor ...
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The 4 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an adventure mountain trekking to the highest mountai ...
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2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an excellent opportunity to experience one Mount Rinjani in Lo ...

Mount Rinjani is not only the second largest peak in Indonesia but is also home to some amazing wildlife, the fantastic views over untouched Lombok and inwards towards the incredible lakes as just a few of the reasons to go to theMount Rinjani let alone the aspects of the Rinjani National Park. There are more than twenty villages the encircle theMount Rinjani and if you fancy the adventurous challenge of climbing the volcano then the best track to use begins in a small village called Senaru just north east of Sembalun Lawang.Mount Rinjani Treking is 3 to four days that includes the journey up the peak and then time spent on the ridge of the volcano where the views of the Lombok are unreal and then you head down into the crater where there is a lake and a strange coned rock formation that has been formed by the lasted eruption in 1996. Mount Rinjani Trekking offers the adventure mountain trekking in Lombok. There are several options of Mount Rinjani Trekking to accommodate travelllers needs.

The park lies on the Wallace transition zone where the Asian and Australasian species meet due to the shifting of the land masses thin prehistoric times meaning there is a large variety of different life that inhabits this tropical woodland encrusted area. there are a variety of different monkeys that live in the wild in this area and in the morning there is a good chance of encountering the rare Black Ebony Leaf Monkey as well as long tailed Kera that are visible often on the craters rim. Employing the use of a guide is not only safer and more efficient but also enabled you to have a much better chance of coming into contact with these animals as well s being supplied with a little background on them as they come. There are Rusa Deer and in the forests that can be seen from the trek route on most trips and the smaller barking deer that if you do not see, you will probably hear its distinct dog like bark that is used as a call of alarm by the males as well as wild boars and porcupines that can be traced with the help of your guide.

The trees are also full of tropical birds that are protected within the Rinjani national park such as the most famous cockatoo that cannot be found at any point further in Lombok. There are also many different trees to be seen including some of the rarest in the world and extremely old trees. When you reach the half way base camp you can make the decision of whether to continue up the face towards the crest of maybe to head back if you have already had your fill. Here there is the Banyan tree with a large arch under at the base of the tree. This tree resembles a huge giant man standing with his legs apart as is said to be a spirit that guards the peak of the sacred mountain. From here the slopes begin to get steeper.