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Lombok Water Sport Tours

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Water sports in Lombok are some of the main reasons for the increase in the tourism industry in Lombok, whether you prefer to be under the water or over the water, there is plenty to get involved in or if you want to try something new then Lombok is a cheap place to get lessons in a new sport.

Firstly Diving is probably the most popular water sport in Lombok and accounts for the most tourists visiting the area. Most people who visit Lombok with diving in mind stay on the Gili islands, typically the largest and most developed of the three, Gili Trawangan. Here there is an incredible range of Lombok diving with many turtles, sun fish and bumper nose fish as well as awesome coral and other fish and larger animal including rays and sharks at some times in the year. It is not unusual to have over 20 meters visibility in the Gili Islands and sometimes you can see so far and clearly fish swimming that seem to be half a mile away. There is also Lombok diving on the south and east side of the island although most of the diving is for experienced divers and there visibility is not quite as good but there are other animals and creatures such as hammerhead sharks that can be seen which is very rare for most places in the world.

Second to Lombok diving is surfing and many surfers make the trip from Bali to get a bit of variation, less crowds and experience the difference of Lombok to Bali which is almost worthy of begin a different country. Surfers tend to base themselves in Kuta where there are no waves immediately but it is only a small drive through the beautiful scenery of Lombok to find the waves such as Grupuk and ekas of the east and Mawi and Desert point of the west. Grupuk is suitable for beginners as long as the swell is not too big but Mawi and Desert point particularly is reserved for the experienced surfers. Both of these breaks are further away from Kuta and have poor roads, desert point is very difficult to reach and is extremely dangerous although it is said by many to be the best wave in the world.

If you do not fancy surfing and diving sounds a little expensive or full on for your tastes then why not simply rent a snorkel and dive mask so you can swim through the lagoons looking at the life that inhabits them. You can see all of the different coral types and many small fish and sometimes even turtles and dolphins. This is much cheaper and be a great way to spend your time in the water and witness its beauty. There are also opportunities around the Senggigi area for motorized water sports and sailing different kinds of crafts as well as a couple of surfing breaks in the area. Lombok has a lot to offer in the water as well as out of the water.