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Komodo LiveAboard Cruises and Sea Safari Dives Adventure around the Komodo National Park. The Komodo Liveaboards program introduces the beauty of the under water world around Komodo Island and its surrounding. The cruise program usually starts from Bali or Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Island Marine National Park hosts a great diversity of marine life and underwater features to be enjoyed whilst diving or snorkeling. The waters are typically very clear withy visibility often exceeding 30 meters. By joining our Komodo LiveAboards, travelers are able to optimise on the time spent patrolling these waters in search of wierd and wonderful sights. Divers can explore many untouched and pristinely preserved world class dive sites, whilst there are also plenty of options for snorkelers.

Komodo LiveAboard Cruises can be arranged tailor made holidays. This can include factors such as the age of guests, your level of physical demand and fitness, diving ability, diving experience, and tour desires. There is a large number of vessels to chose from all ranging in price, luxury, comfort, size, and duration of charter. So guests are able to select the type of livaboard to suit their needs.

Komodo Cruises is aim to go on liveaboard trips in the Komodo Islands and also other islands around the Komodo National Park. Komodo LiveAboard is served by years of experience staff, multilingual staff, experienced Dive Masters, and is in contact with all the nearest facilities and infrastructure.

Komodo LiveAboards Cruises will take you into the amazing Komodo National Park - an area that only gets seen by the lucky few. Its location is between the islands of Flores to the East, and Sumbawa to the West, and is roughly 200 nautical miles East of Bali. It is very accessible and easily explored provided one has the right tools and know how, which is why year after year Komodo LiveAboard Cruises program has been growing in popularity.
We will confidently guide you to see unforgettable sights such as huge Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, fish shoals, thrilling drift dives, unspoilt coral reefs, and of course the endemic Komodo Dragons!

The itinerary for trips around Komodo Island Marine Park can vary with seasons and climatic conditions. This will all be pre-checked and pre-planned. Typically, during the dry season, when the southeast trade winds blow their strongest in the months of July and August, excursions will be on the leeward side of the islands.. Diving conditions are excellent, however due to fairly strong currents around the Islands of Rinca, Komodo, and Padar, divers who have evnough experience to embark on the thrilling drift dives will be most rewarded. Komodo National Park was registered as a world site for conservation by UNESCO in 1986 and today it is still in immaculate condition.