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Komodo Diving

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Komodo Dive Safari in Komodo National Park. Explore the amazing marine life within Komodo Island and its surrounding islands through Komodo Dive Safari.

Komodo has been famous for the Komodo dragons in its national park for many years as well as the incredible animals that can also be found above the water on the three islands of the Komodo National Park. The islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar all have incredible sights but under the water the area is perhaps even more amazing under the water where the biodiversity is incredible as well as utterly beautiful. All of the reefs surrounding these islands are protected as parts of the Komodo National Park which has expanded in order to encompass as much of these endangered reefs which have suffered badly in places from dynamite fishing. Having said this there are plenty of areas which have been untouched for thousands of years. Komodo Diving opens up the possibility of seeing over 100 species of fish living among 250 types of reef building coral which take all sorts of forms. Which so much to see there are a number of Diving outfits licensed to take you around the protected reefs of the Komodo National Park. Komodo Diving ranges from advanced diving with deeper reefs and large fish as well as dives suited to doing your first ever open water dives on a PADI course.

Komodo Diving is a beautiful experience and with water temperatures which are usually around the 27 degrees mark, the water is very warm and comfortable and with visibility which is usually between the 25m and 35m range meaning you can see everything around you. With consistent conditions and so much to see wearing only a 3mm wetsuit this is a diving hot spot. Komodo Diving offer the north area which is explained above and the southern area which is slightly cooler at around 24 degrees and with around 18 meters visibility but in this area you will find the incredible pink sand beach and waters which are rich with nutrients offering extremely live reefs with pygmy sea horses, frog fish, nudibranches, and holothurians as well as some larger marine life including such filter feeders as Manta rays dugongs and whales and even sharks to name just a few.

On of the easiest, cost effective and time efficient ways to enjoy Komodo Diving is to book onto a set tour from Bali or Jakarta. These packages include guided visits to all of the best dive sites, great accommodation, all of the required equipment and travel expenses and even dry activities and cultural trips on land. Many people also enjoy seeing the Komodo dragons as well as the other incredible animals around the Komodo National Park all included at a very good price with the efficiency of a long established company. Komodo diving is some of the best diving in the world and indeed the south east of Asia and with so much else to do and see you are sure to enjoy and return to the wonderful diving of the Komodo area.