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Komodo Diving Sites

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Komodo National Park was established in 1986 by UNESCO for the reason being that there is a whole lot of fish and underwater life to stare at in the crystal clear waters surrounding not only Komodo Island, but also the rugged, prehistoric-looking sister islands of Padar, Rinca, Manta, and Flores. Starting on land there is of course the much famed giant monitor lizard, or Komodo Dragon, to be seen, however, the real sensations are mostly to be had drifted over huge underwater pinnacles, through massive caves, being surrounded by Manta Rays and sharks in deep blue open Ocean waters, and well lets not spoil the fun of you discovering for yourselves what beholds the mysterious seas in this ecological haven of over 251 species of coral and over 1000 species of fish!

There is Komodo diving site to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, starting with shallow protected bays, and moving on to steep walls, night dives, cave dives, deep water open Ocean dives, and some truly remarkable drift dives. The best season for diving is from mid April to the end of November when the weather is dominated by big high pressure systems, created settled sea surface conditions, stable and predictable weather and wind patterns, and the optimum underwater visibility.

To the North and North East of Komodo, there are Batu Bolong, Tetawa Kecil, and Tetawa Besar dive sites. Here in the Komodo Diving Sites welcome guests will discover vast drift dives and underwater sea mounts that only just break the surface perforated by a single large, passable hole. The reef tops are brightly decorated with abundant invertebrate life, clusters of small iridescent fish, and many healthy soft and hard corals. As you drop down the wall, more hard corals, gorgonians and a richness of sponges tend to prevail with larger fish patrolling the flanks. Around the rocky outcrop of Tetawa Kecil huge schools of batfish hang suspended in the water column, whilst impressive large vertebrates cruise the depths and occasionally swim up for a peek at the divers. If you look in the cracks and do not step on them, you’ll have a pleasurable experience at finding nurse sharks and bamboo sharks resting there, whilst there is also a good chance of spotting manta rays and dugongs to the island's south side, whilst Tetawa Besar is an excellent drift dive site at the approximate depth of 20 meters.

More incredible sea moons are to be explored at castle Rock and Crystal Rock, but the one that keeps divers coming back again and again is Cannibal Rock, especially good for its night dives. It has literally been described in the past as “a kaleidoscope of color” thanks to the sponges, corals and micro fauna that constitute its top reefs.

South Komodo Diving Site has some awesome spots too, such as the infamous Yellow Wall of Texas and Pillarsteen. You will just have to come and see for yourselves!