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Klungkung Regency Travel guides and destination information while holiday in Bali. The smallest regency in Bali is Klungkung Regency. It covers 315 square km of land with 170.612 people living in 4 subdistricts such as Banjarakan, Klungkung, Dawan and Nusa Penida. Even the area is not as wide as other regencies inBali, Klungkung covers small islands of Nusas such as Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. In 15th century Klungkung was the capital of Bali. After Patih Gusti Agung Maruti rebelled to Dalem Batur Enggong, the kind who governed moved the capital city from Gelgel to Klungkung. 

Klungkung Regency has very potential aspect to be developed as tourism area. Art, culture and crafting are well developed regarding to social cultural life and religion. The area produces traditional musical instrument, silver, clothes, and also well known with the classical wayang painting of Kamasan which has rich full meaning of religion art. 

Places of Interest in Klungkung Regency

  • Goa Lawah - This temple was built to worship King Klungkung around 17th Century. Located in Wates Village, approximately 50km of Denpasar.
  • Kertha Gosa - A perfect model of Klungkung architecture, which used to be part of Semarapura Palace.
  • Kusamba
  • Nusa Penida - A small island with spectacular view of nature. Best points for both surfing and diving.
  • Nusa Lembongan - Very famous place for sailing and cruising to explore more about Bali and sea life
  • Nusa Ceningan - Good place to dive or playing with water since no swell on this beach
  • Taman Gili (Bale Kambang) - Find the beautiful place adjoin of Kertagosa with lotus pound and ocean surrounding the place