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Kintamani is one of the most beautiful areas of Bali and although this has in the past been highly frequented by tourists, it remains a less visited area and a forgotten beauty. With incredible views of the active volcanoes of Mount Batur and its beautiful Lake Batur there are also a number of enchanting little traditional Balinese villages all around the area. These six ancient villages are known as the Bail Age Villages and have unique cultures as well as differing houses and lifestyles. This large area is home to a population of around 15 thousand local people who all work these lands as farmers and traditional workers. Located in the center of the island Kintamani is easy to reach from any other area of Bali and there is great access from the south of the island. There are a number of tours available for those who wish to visit the area although the best way to enjoy the area is by staying in one of the boutique villas or hotels located around the villages.

As well as offering these fascinating cultural aspects of the island Kintamani also is famous for its unreal natural beauty which is dominated by the volcano and the Batur Lake which make up the centerpiece of the area. This area suffered greatly during the eruptions of the volcano which has erupted 24 times since 1800 and is still active. Some of the local temples and villages have been destroyed and rebuilt although there are still many ancient features which have survived. The spirit of the people is obvious and it is inspiring to see how they have adapted and rebuilt what little they have had and maintained life in the traditional way all around Kintamani.

The beauty that surrounds the area is unexplainable with all of the different classic types of Indonesian landscapes present from marsh and moorland to tropical forests and mangroves, plantations and rice paddies. This is all topped off with the mountain range in the background and the cultural beauty of the local people who live and create the Balinese magic that Kintamani is known for. To really appreciate the views of Kintamani you must wake up early n the morning as eventually in the afternoon and through most of the night mist and fog consumes the entire area as clouds form on the mountainside, this make late night driving hazardous although all of the roads around this area are in good condition. Kintamani is often enjoyed by those who seek a tropically beautiful holiday away from crowds and there are a number of accommodation options available in this area but for anyone else it is easiest and a more efficient method to embark on a professional tour of the area where you will picked up from your hotel and shown around the entire area by a knowledgeable local. If you are lucky you may also see some of the Kintamani dogs which are a separate breed to the street dogs which are becoming rarer due to the crossbreeding with the Bali street dogs.