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The views are sensational from Jatiluwih as you can look south over the rolling hills of Tabanan and the endless padi fields that chisel memorizing patterns into the landscape and look north or rather up at the impressive mountains that from here seem very close and as if this wasn’t enough looking east you can see further rice paddies as well as small groups of tropical trees leading right up to the coast and a sea view.

Places of interest include in the area include the monkey forest and bat cavers that are located within the woods and are a protected area with some ancient trees with huge thick trunks towering high into the canopy with vines draped over the entire area. There are also many large and interesting temples to visit and the agricultural complexes as well as the unique Balinese ceremonies of the area that relate to the harvests of this organic land that affects the people of the area so much.

There are some excellent places to stay in the Jatiluwih area, most of which are based on the traditional bungalow villa set up and the palace like grandeur of the brick villas that are also incredible. There are also some cheaper budget places but all tend to be cheaper than the south of Bali for the standard of service and accommodation received. Sometimes it can be difficult to find ATMs or banks when you are in the north of Jatiluwih so it is often a good idea to take out the money you require for the trip if you are visiting or if you plan to stay in one of the luxury villas it can be a good idea to either pay up front for the standard rate to avoid carrying large sums of money of have the cashier hold the money although most places have private security boxes. However crime is not a worry in this area where Karma is the only policing required.

Jatiluwih is an excellent place for couples or honeymooners to come and enjoy the area and stay in the fabulous accommodation however it is a perfect spot for anyone to visit who fancies a little culture and serenity to go with their Kuta holiday.