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Goa Gajah Temple

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Other interesting historical sites around Goa Gajah Temple are Yeh Pulu, SamuanTiga, Gedong Arca, Arjuna Bertapa, Kebo Edan, Pusering Jagat, Penataran Sasih and etc. The name of Goa Gajah is combination of Pura Goa, Ergajah and Lwa Gajah found in epigraphy. The epigraphy was from tenth century until the end fourteenth century (Negarakertagama). This history of this temple as the ancient site was also supported by archaeological things. 

The old building (petitaan kuno) is found at the front of the temple and is around 12 x 23m2 divided into 3 rooms. Three 3-spout statues are on the south, on the north and in the central part is another statue, called lapik (lapik arca). The T shaped cave is located on the northern part and is measured about 2,75 m, high 2 m, and 15 form of asceticism.Trilingga is a asceticism found in eastern part and in the west has Ganesha statue. In yard of this Temple is a building fragment not reconstructed yet. A wall is built in the western part about 100m directly be embankment masonry wall. In front of rhe temple has asceticism and built a rest place and bathing pools with water fountains. This ancient temple is situated around a carved cave entrance and is a major tourist attraction, with busloads of tourists arriving in the parking lot all the time

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How to get there
Visitor may visit this historical place during the day from 07:00 to 18:00. You may ride your own motorbike, car or join the sightseeing tour. It takes around an hour drive from the southern part of Bali.