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Diving in Bali

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Scuba diving in Bali is extremely popular and many of the world class sites are well documented. Scuba diving is probably as popular in Bali as surfing and there are like surfing a number of spots to enjoy tat will take you round Bali and to its neighboring islands. Bali's surfing is diverse and includes both beginners easy going dives and some more demanding dives that are best left for the more experienced but there are enough sites around Bali to have inspired many thick dive guides and get into the pages of dive magazines across the world. Indonesia is renowned for its biodiversity and under the water is where this is the most apparent.

Scuba diving in Bali can offer everything from shallow lagoons of colorful coral and other sea life to deep dives with large animals such as manta rays and the sun fish that is actually exclusive to Bali. Bali is one of the only places in the world where you have a good chance of seeing this amazing huge fish when it is the right season. The wreck of the Liberty, a ship that was sank by a Japanese boat and made for shore at the very north of Bali and where it successfully grounded at sat for years until the Volcanoes erupted in the 1950s and pushed the wreck into the sea. It is now positively reaming with life and is sat in the perfect location for a nice easy dive that even a total beginner can do and witness this magnificent collage of tropical color in corals and millions of small colorful fish. Simply swim in off the beach and wait for the wreck to emerge out of the water, swim all the way around it and then resurface.

There are dive specific resorts popping up all over the place in Bali. Most Bali diving spots are located on the east coast because where as the surfers tend to stick to the west coast, the divers stick to east. This is not down to some kind of rivalry but that the east is sheltered from the swell and the west takes the full power. These resorts offer luxury accommodation and all the usual perks and pampering but also have dive shops and offer rental of equipment and have instructors boats and all the gear required for a trip. This allows beginner or anyone doing a PADI course to use the hotels pool for training and practicing skills and ensures that you are using up to date and well maintained equipment as well as qualified and experienced instructors. These resorts again differ in quality offering budget mid range accommodation and top end luxury accommodation although the actual diving side of the operation for these establishments is always sound.

The Bali diving scene is well established and includes the sits around Bali as well as on Nusa Lembongan, around Lombok and of course the Gili Islands. Remember that as with all adventure pursuits in Bali, there are legitimate reputable Bali diving companies and cowboy companies so choose wisely.