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Denpasar Special Town is the youngest regency in Bali, well known as the provincial capital of Bali replacing Singaraja around 1958. In early ages, Denpasar was the capital city of ancient kingdom and it was slowly changed to be a trading and modern city, but still keep their tradition continued. 

As the centre of economic industry, Denpasar has been attracted many visitors from another area in Bali as well as from other parts of  Indonesia. Facilities and economic structures have been well developed here. The population grow around 3,01% per year with total amount around 522.386 people, and average population is about 4.088 people per square km. Denpasar covers 127.8 square km of land and divided into 3 sub-district : West Denpasar, South Denpasar, and East Denpasar.

Although Denpasar is a economic-centre city, a tourism area still can be found there. Since many years ago, Sanur has become one of attractive tourism area and has been famous for all around the world, with beautiful golden beaches, suitable accommodations for all budget, shops and restaurants. 

Others places of interest in Denpasar

  • Bali Museum - The building becomes a research work and exhibitions, and also show many collections of  Balinese art works.
  • Pemecutan Palace - An ancient palace from 16th century, now become a hotel with original Balinese architecture.
  • Catur Muka Statue
  • Famous Temples - Petilan Pengrebongan Temple, Jagatnatha Temple, Maospahit Temple and Sakenan Temple
  • Prasasti Blanjong - It is a historical artifacts located at Blanjong Temple, Sanur.
  • Jaya Sabha Building - It is a resident of Bali Governor designed in Balinese Traditional Architecture
  • Puputan Square - It is an open large square, built to commemorate a war against Dutch troops. The war was named Puputan.
  • Jro Kuta Palace - A palace which has unique design building, is located at Kumbakarna Street
  • Kumbasari Market - a Traditional art market, sells wide range of handicrafts and Balinese arts.
  • Kesiman Palace
  • Sanur Beach - Beautiful golden sand beaches surrounding with wide range of hotels, shops and restaurants.
  • Kreneng Market - A night bazaar with various kind of foods and daily commodities are sold in inexpensive price.
  • Satria Market - A traditional market sells art craft on second level and daily commodities on first level.
  • Le Mayeur Museum - Used to be a home of Germany painter, now it is opened for public with many painting collections of the artist
  • Satria Palace - An unique design building which used to be a place for meeting of ancient kings.
  • Sidik Jari Museum (Finger prints Museum) - Painting here are painted using a tip of fingers to create the harmony of colors.
  • Werdhi Budaya Art Center - Usually used for art exhibition.