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Denpasar Tours

5 Hours
From USD 12
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The Denpasar City Tour starts from the hotel in Bali and is half day tour in Bali with cheap rates o ...
5 Hours
From USD 15
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Denpasar Tour is a Bali half day tour covers the most interesting part Denpasar and offers best disc ...
Agent: Bali Private Tours
Denpasar City Tour is a short four or five hour long tour of the hidden cultural gems that the ...

Despite its formal entitlement of a capital city, Denpasar rounds up a distinct hype rather than metropolitan busy fuss. Easy afternoons allow you to stroll by alongside Badung River, a famed stream where eclectic shops teemed with delicatessens glitter just across the water. A quest for souvenirs is much delighted due to Kumbasari’s presence. Its prevailing reputation as an absolute homey corner containing various curios and local endearing fabrics has spread most-likely subtle intrigue, gaining foreign travelers to drop by on every visit. Multifarious bags in particular materials and sizes, especially the straw-pattern ones, may come right in to complete your private fancy collection. Meanwhile, local loafer shoes, batik scarf, Bali sarongs, and barong loose T-shirt top in for must-buy items. Indulge your creative, artful mind otherwise with purchasing exotic carvings over masks, statuettes, or house decorations, including native paintings, unique lamp shades, and dining table knick-knacks.

Another haven to avid shoppers is Gajah Mada Street. You could easily scour good local products starting early morning to late night since these seller crowds fling their wide-open doors warmly almost all day long. Roaring to be the largest among all, Badung Shop, the previous river’s namesake, exhibits a very attractive array of fine handicrafts that simply appeal too alluring to be ignored. Colorful brush strokes on canvases may dominantly fascinate your visual pleasure along with other fine art masterpieces like overwrought iron figures, trinkets, and so on. There are also applied art crafts occupying on the other side, flaunting wonderful potteries, ornamented game pieces – such as chess and backgammon – and intricate vases. Only one trouble might arise at the end; picking only one object to bring home would sound inadequately covetous.

More of authentic taste but in a bigger proportion, there lays Bajra Sandhi Monument in the city center, at Renon. Preserving historical archives in a sublime architectural artwork redefines Bali past achievements as not only sentimental nostalgias but also an important heritage to convey for the proceeding generations. The three-storey luxurious confinement is equipped with enough tranquility, letting you take a better look on the thirty-three miniature sets recounting the initial years of Hindu teaching spread in the blessed island.

One floor up from the second-storey diorama is a sprawled space where you can savor the city’s meaningful facets. You can peek on the busy traditional markets and one immense shrine, Jagatnata Temple, jutting out amidst millions of houses. The towering temple retains a long-time tradition over mass praying when the full moon reappears. Its massive construction holds gods in golden chisels, sitting on seven-tiered throne of coralline limestone. Most impressively, a cosmic turtle and two giant serpents are lurking in petrifaction amid the lower layers. A picture of both Bajra Sandhi Monument and Jagatnata Temple, complemented perfectly with local souvenirs shall always retell how beautiful Denpasar is.