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Banjar Hot Spring Water

10 Hours
From USD 30
Agent: Krisna Bali Private Tour
Singaraja Bali Tour is a full day north Bali Tour visiting Sekumpul Waterfall and Banjar Hot Spring ...

The Banjar Hot Spring Water is actually split in to three pools that were made by the Japanese Colonies hundreds of years ago. The Japanese first built the baths with bathing in mind and also because the Brimstone that is inside the water was known to be beneficial for skin diseases. Well the Baths became taken over by the Balinese who had deemed the springs holy long before the Japanese built the baths that are still here today and no both tourists and locals use the baths to bath with the warm waterfalls and water features spread out between three different pools.

The Banjar Hot Spring Water are a very inexpensive and enjoyable trip from Lovina or any of the areas in the North. It is an interesting spectacle and experience to see this natural phenomenon which has been controlled for public utilization. There are no respectful measures to take for this area, it is expectable to wear swimwear in the area and enjoy the beauty of the area.