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Bali Mountain Trekking

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Bali sits on a line of plate tectonics where the seduction zone way below has, over the millennia, created a chain of volcanic islands both active and extinct. Bali's interior of extinct volcanoes has been gradually overgrowth by dense tropical rain forest, and the higher slopes remain just mossy and shrubby with beautiful landscapes to be enjoyed whilst Bali Mountain Trekking.

Mount Batur and Kintamani provide a cool and wet year round climate more reminiscent of a European autumn. It is a welcome break from the hot and thick air of Kuta and Nusa Dua that lie in the south of Bali. Up in the mountainous areas Westerns will feel more comfortable with the climate, and hence be able to enjoy Bali trekking without worrying about overheating. All of Bali's mountain ranges well up in the north and north east of the Island. There is a variety of slopes and facades and depending on age, fitness and ability, the right mountain range will be selected for you, our recommended Bali adventure tour operator before departure for this Bali trekking.

By far the most challenging Bali Mountain Trekking involves the climb to the peak of Mount Gunung Agung. This is Bali's highest mountain and sits at an impressive 3148 meters above sea level. The climb is popular amongst mountain climbers and welcome guests must be in good physical condition to make this ascent. The ascent will begin at two in the morning and visitors must use a listed guide and also register at the police office before hand. Gunung Agung is currently still active and last erupted on a big scale in 1963. Gunung Abang is the highest peak in the Batur region, and makes for easy climbing. The reason for this is that the steep peak of what used to be highest mountain in Bali erupted and got blown to pieces only to reveal a plateau of calderas and beautiful mountain lakes and gentle slopes.

There are also many other mountains to be enjoyed and all off stunning landscape photo opportunities and immense panoramic views over Bali's lowlands. During Bali trekking welcome guests also get many opportunities to see other cultural aspects of Bali. Many interesting mountain temples will be observed. The local guide will provide welcome guest with in depth information about Bali's ecology, geography, and history. Bali Mountain Trekking also provides opportunities to swim in the refreshing mountain lakes and includes pickups and drop-offs in your hotels in Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud and Seminyak.