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Bali Mountain Cycling

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Enthralling view over Batur Lake on a side and the volcanic smoke plumes on the other will surely ca ...

Bali Mountain Cycling Tours ares suitable for all ages. For small children and elders there are specifically adapted mountain bikes and the route chosen by the experienced staffs will be according to age and fitness. There are of course more demanding and exhilarating courses for those who are really keen to do some off-the-beaten-track stuff.

There are various adventure tour companies running Bali Mountain Cycling Tours, and the routes and prices may vary. One popular route is the Mount Batur volcano at Kintamani. This particular tour is breathtaking due to the amazing landscape and panoramic views on offer. From the tops of the calderas of Mount Batur, welcome guests will then wind downhill through around sixteen kilometers of lush valleys, whiz past old temples, and churn up dust through Balinese villages and finally come to rest amidst calming and serene paddy fields. The excellent guides will do their best to talk about the history and culture of Bali as you go along on your trip. At times welcome guests will take breaks as they sample local fruit markets, and some tours also stop by at the Elephant Safari Park.

Some of the better known adventure tour operators who claim to have excellent standards, multilingual staff, and good insurance policies include Sobek Adventure Cycling, Bali Adventures– Batu Trial Cycling, and also Ayung River Adventure Cycling. Whatever your choice for Bali Mountain Cycling, it is bound to be a memorable day out.
The Bali Cycling Adventure Tours itinerary for all Bali Mountain Cycling Tours and Bali Village Cycling Tours.

Bali is one of 20000 islands that make up the archipelago of Nusantara and is a perfect place to embark on Bali Mountain Cycling. During the day temperatures can soar to the tropical heart of over 30 degrees Celsius, however by embarking on your adventure cycling tour early in the morning the temperature will be a pleasant 23-24 degrees Celsius – ideal for outdoor sport activates. From the months of April to October the rainfall is virtually non-existent except for the occasional overnight shower, and therefore once again Bali qualifies for a lengthy outdoor activities season. Even during the wet season of November to March, there are still many days when the sun shines and the ground is suitable for mountain Viking.

Another great draw card is that most of the mountain biking takes place in the . mountains – or at least in the foothills of Bali’s steep and lush interior. This automatically calls for a much cooler climate. In fact the average temperature (even during the dry season) in Bedugul is only around 20 degrees Celsius during the day.