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Bali Eco Tours

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Bali Eco Tours is becoming more and more popular as people are gradually becoming not only more environmentally aware but also more active in there attempts to thing about the amounts of energy used and other human activities that are damaging to the world. In line with this there is a growing interest in cycling trips and tours in Bali and trekking as well as all sorts of other environmentally friendly activities. even more and more of the locals are becoming aware of the problems and since the global warming summit in 2007 of the united nations which was held in Bali and the advertising and public response of this there are more and more 'stop global warming’ tee-shirts visible on the streets of Bali every day.

There are many ways that travelers can keep environmentally aware and also focus the money they spend into making sure that it goes to the local people and not the pocket of the fat cats that are getting a monopoly on Bali and do not have the best interests of the local people at heart. Firstly simple things like avoiding the top end accommodation and only staying in places that are owned by the Balinese, using the transport offered by the local people and eating in the local warungs and smaller restaurants that are owned by the Balinese. This way you can ensure that you are helping the local people and not the western fat cats.

There are also more dedicated eco tourism resorts in Bali, a few of these high class places are located in the far west of the island in the conservational park. These places offer accommodation that is very conscious of its carbon footprint and uses solar panels and sorts of new technology in order to cut down on power used and damage to the natural landscape. There is also a lot of forestry projects that these places are involved in at it is possible to be a volunteer in some of the reconstructive practices that are going on right now such as the replanting of tree and the saving of animals.

With projects like Bali Eco Tours, this going on in the middle of the forest it is possible to be involved in this kind of Eco Tourism in Bali whilst staying in some high class accommodation. This is becoming an alternative holiday from mingling with the crowds in the south of the island. This has been spurred by the increasing education in the area of Bali towards the need for Bali Eco Tours as a way of using the foreign money from tourism which is the main income of the island and applying it to the upkeep and maintenance of the environment and education of the importance of this. Recycling is growing in Bali now with companies that collect bags in the same way as in most western countries. For being away from the crowds and enjoying the peace and serenity of the jungle and tropical woodland or a deserted beach and with the knowledge that you are helping this worthy cause, Eco Tourism in Bali is an excellent alternative for those who care.