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Cheap Bali Diving Day Trip to the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Tulamben: Overview Bali Diversity has des ...

Agent: Bali Diversity
Cheap Bali Dive Tour to Discover Scuba Diving in the best place in Bali, Amed & Tulamben. Bali ...

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Cheap Bali Scuba Diving Nusa Penida: Overview Nusa Penida is one of the highlights of scuba di ...

Committed to spur in cool frothy bubbles to first time divers in Bali Scuba Diving experience, Gili Mimpang, an easy choice among abundant substantial diving sites, unleashes its underwater surprises quite discreetly, flaunting sublime midnight-blue triggerfish along with white-tipped reef sharks few feet away. While the wispy-fin triggerfish meander pointlessly in the deep blue sea, diving expertise on your side escorts you to scuttle further under, where multihued coral gardens teamed up with a school of jacks encapsulate Bali's unspoiled marine beauty that only a number of discerning divers are well aware of. 

Plenty names arise as you inquire for the best dive-site on Bali's oceanic rim. Tulamben and Amed spring up immediately for avid divers who love to witness shipwreck evolution as well as myriads of fancy faunas. A sunken cargo ship, the USAT Liberty, after torpedoed by Japan, sits alone on black-pebbled shores though enchantingly festooned with pretty corals and tube sponges. For delicate species, the introvert yet superbly endearing, you may seek their reclusive hideaways lurking in sea garbage in a relentless muck-diving experience at a secluded territory such Seraya. Macro photographers, especially, shall relish in capturing ostentatious pictures of rare harlequin shrimps, anglerfish, pygmy seahorse, and blue-ringed octopus. What follows next is Bunutan, a small island that exudes distinctive diving thrill due to a beached Japanese Shipwreck which is exclusively guarded by blue-spotted stingrays and large barrel sponges. Last to savor is yet the ultimate taste to discover; Nusa Penida, particularly Crystal Bay, sometimes unveils its well-kept secret along its fearful current. The unpredictable waves may scare off novice sea-lovers, but for those who are up for a challenge, mola mola most probably will expose themselves to share an unforgettable soaking moment in Bali Scuba Diving. Otherwise, you may encounter unique manta rays which are simply flying underwater in a very relaxing manner, like nothing can ever bother their comfort. No doubts, the quietness and the stillness maintained by Bali's unrivalled marine quality is absolutely splendid, as is available to enjoy only through Bali Scuba Diving privilege.