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Badung Traditional Market

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Badung Traditional Market is located in the heart of Denpasar and one of the largest Markets of the market area in which all of the markets are located around Jalan Sulewesi. Badung market is used by many of the local people who live all around the island in the south west and east for buying all of the food types, ceremony goods, clothes and other items. Badung Traditional Market is open in the evening and the day and is positively seeming with life of Balinese market culture and the merriment of the social interactions of bartering and taking your time to make your purchases and have a chat at the same time. Markets are the very heart of Indonesian culture and are really incredible places that are largely unchanged through time and located in the centre of Denpasar which is ideal for anyone staying in any of the southern areas of Bali.

The general feel as you enter s unforgettable, like something out of a James Bond film with an Aladin style ethnic beauty, you can almost picture a big chase of people knocking over large woven bamboo baskets of vegetables, fruits and spices flying past you. The smells and sights change as you move through the large area which now has a modern three story complex as well that is only open in the daylight hours. There have been attempts and plans to close down the market or move it as its traditional location in the centre of Denpasar along with its size makes it difficult for the City to develop in the modern day. This has not been allowed to happen as the market is not just important to the locals as a place to buy goods required for daily life and business but is also a social arena that the entire population of the south of Bali enjoys to visit regularly. This is one of the main reasons why the one way system can be difficult to negotiate and around the markets which means it and be worth using transport of some kind to seek out the markets.

When reaching the markets there may but not always be a few hawkers around offering to be a guide and help you find what you are looking for and show you around. If you wish to employ one agree a price first to avoid any disagreement later although usually they

will except a small amount of money for this. However it is not necessary and there are many English speaking locals who will point you in the right direct for what you are looking for and usually a guide will be bias in which stall he takes you to. Some of the most popular purchases from a tourist point of view are the astonishingly cheap gold and silver jewelry that can be found in the day market. The other markets around are focused things such as unusual Balinese items and ceremonial items, food and other items.