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Alas Kedaton

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One of the most popular and worthwhile points of interest in the Alas Kedaton area is the monkey forest which is a small forest that occupies a reasonably sized area and due to the Balinese Hindu respect and beliefs about monkeys, Alas Kedaton is also considered a holy area and also has some interesting temples and ancient stories and myths. The monkeys roam free in the yards and in the trees that have been preserved, some of which area extremely old and huge with thick trunks and covered with long vines. This is one of the few areas in Bali that is protected and where monkeys can breed and live in comfort and safety.

When entering the money forest you will find the monkeys have made it their own and inhabit the entire area including the temples and surrounding walls. The monkeys, thru to the fable have a habit of being cheeky and may snatch things that are hanging out of bags or pockets or even sometimes things that are being loosely gripped in you hands. This is usually down to the fact that many people bring food for the monkeys and you can buy bananas and other foods at the gates. The likelihood is that you will be robbed of these shortly upon entering the park and then probably not bothered again as you walk around. It is however worth keeping an eye on what they are doing although the experience of walking among these incredible primates is invigorating and highly memorable as well as being extremely cheap and located in the south west of Bali.

In the same area around Alas Kedaton there are also the bat caves and tree zones around the bats where the bats can be seen hanging out. These huge bats are quite a spectacle and the sight of these magnificent creatures in flight is incredible and very Indiana Jonesish. There are usually locals around that are used to handling the bats who will open out the bat’s wings so you can see their full size up close and their entire wingspans.