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Cruise Transfer Indonesia - Bali - Denpasar

Denpasar as the Capital of Bali Province Features some seaports for daily cruises from Bali to other parts of the island and Lombok.

Denpasar is located on the southern part of Bali and is within a few minutes drive from major tourist places in Bali. Tour to Denpasar, Bali is easily arranged from most of the tourist destination in Bali. It has several places of interest around Denpasar. The brisk pace of life takes you to prance around Denpasar, hopping from one festive scene to another. As major tourism venues such as Kuta, Legian, and Nusa Dua ooze sybaritic indulgences and spectacular nightlife, this capital city of Bali flirts your heart for two different reasons. One is for the addictive pastime, that is shopping; and the other refers to divine commemoration of the olden days.