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Hotel Sriti Magelang is a budget modern hotel in Magelang City of Central Java and is near Borobudur Temple of Yogyakarta. The Magelang area is located in central Java and is very close to the Progo and the Elo rivers which stretch down from the mountains leading to the sea. This is beautiful area where you can enjoy the sights as well as bask in the largest city of the area. There area also the Kedu plains as well as the mountains of Merbabu and Mount Sumbing which are all not only Classically Indonesian in their incredible beauty but also inhabited by interesting locals who live in the traditional ways offering cultural beauty to match the physical beauty and therefore creating great scenes for the tourist observer.a With  rich agricultural areas as well as strongholds and other great buildings which also make great viewing, there is also a lot of diversity to the attractions. This is an incredible area with plenty to do and see and it also has the added benefit of not being over visited like some of the more popular areas of Indonesia. Magelang is also very close to Borobudur which is a 7th century Buddhist monument. All of this is possible when staying at Hotel Sriti Magelang as well as so much more with this fine accommodation supporting the traditional ideas in design as well as the modern ideas in tropical Hotel luxuries.The rooms at Hotel Sriti Magelang are only small number of rooms making a very small and intimate little retreat. The rooms are all quiet and well spread around the garden area with all of the modern facilities. All of the rooms have air conditioning as well as a television, an international phone line and great furnishing, on top of this you can make the most of the great traditional style interiors and architecture and rooms service which is provided at Hotel Sriti Magelang. The rooms offered are available as standard twin rooms or double rooms and all of the rooms are spacious and delicate.The facilities at Hotel Sriti Magelang are great especially when you consider the small size of the hotel in terms of capacity. There is a great restaurant which offers western and local dishes as well as food from all around Indonesia. This is all served to a very high standard and the view over the courtyard of Hotel Sriti Magelang is tranquil and serine as it is anywhere in the grounds. There is also a small and intimate little lounge bar which is great for winding down in or socializing with some of the other guests. As well as this there is a massage service as well as some other treatments. Facilities also include a conference room which can be used for business meeting in the area and many other types of events. With all of this in mind Hotel Sriti Magelang offers a great standard of accommodation for anyone who is passing through the area and if is not your original plan then why not consider this humble little abode in the middle of pure Indonesian classic beauty.
MesaStila Resort and Spa is located in the incredible Magelang area which is surrounding by some incredible areas of unreal beauty where you will find all of the classic Indonesian features such as mountains and volcanoes with rainforests and jungles lining their surfaces. There are also two large and important rivers that come throughout the area as well as plains and rice paddies in this agricultural area. With all of this beauty there are also incredible strongholds and temples including the 7th century Buddhist temple of Borobudur and there are also some really interesting colonial and trade related historical areas. With all of this in mind you can stay at the beautiful MesaStila Resort and Spa which is an old coffee plantation with some incredible buildings located around the area and the views looking out of any of the luxury rooms are incredible. The level of MesaStila Resort and Spa is great in a similar style to that of Ubud with a traditional focus but with some great and modern facilities.The rooms at MesaStila Resort and Spa Yogyakarta are of a traditional and grand style. The rooms are reminiscent of the colonial buildings and offer a traditional take on luxury using some of the traditional materials and techniques. There are also all of the facilities you would expect in any luxury resort including air conditioning, hot and cold water in the luxury bathrooms which are refreshing and luxurious and even incredible beds and furniture, safety boxes modern televisions with international channels as well as an International telephone. MesaStila Resort and Spa Yogyakarta offers 32 separate luxury villas which not only overlook the working plantation but also the 8 volcano peaks that surround the area. All of the villas are well spaced out around the resort area which is full of traditional gardens and traditional statues. All of the villas have their own private living areas and gardens as well as kitchen areas and all of the homely comforts you could imagine.The facilities include dinning, recreation and use of the club house. Dinning is fantastic at the two restaurants named Java green and Java red which are the two main exports of the plantations coffee. At both places you will find some incredible dinning of both western and Indonesian as well as food from all around Asia and the rest of the world. There is also the Plantation Bar which is a great lounge bar with awesome views over the breathtaking scenery. On top of this there are some great activities available such as cycling and trekking in the unreal locale. There is also the great swimming pool where you can relax or swim lengths and on the ground you can enjoy the yoga, billiards, tai chi, giant chess and croquet, boule and hill walking. All of these activities are great with instructors and facilities. With all of this and a great pool area MesaStila Resort and Spa Hotel in Yogyakarta offers grand accommodation located well away from the rest of the tourist hustle and bustle although it is no far to travel to the main city.'
Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta is a great little resort area located interestingly right next to the Prambanan Temple which is a great place to visit and offers some of traditional and cultural sounds and sights right on your doorstep. The Adisucipto International Airport is also only a 20 minute journey from the hotel. In this incredible area where there are so many historical areas and temples you will find yourself in some great luxury accommodation right in the middle of the most interesting area which also has plenty of facilities such as shopping areas, traditional markets and restaurants.Poeri Devata Resort Hotel Yogyakarta offers villa accommodation which is great if you are traveling as a family or a couple or even as a group of friends. There are some great facilities and with large gardens separating the separate villas giving each of them a pleasant secluded and tranquil feeling. The services and tour arrangements that Poeri Devata Resort Hotel offer also make this the perfect place for those who wish to look around the area and see some of the most incredible sights in the world.The separate villas at Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta are all of a great standard and offer a great combination of traditional design and styling coupled with modern luxury and facilities as well as offering a comfortable and clean atmosphere which comes with the understanding of modern villa living. All of the rooms have air conditioning as well as hot and cold water in the kitchens and the bathrooms meaning you can enjoy a bath or a shower as well as using the hot water in the kitchenette although this may be something that your cleaner will find more useful then you will. With a large television and satellite channels and a DVD player there is always a way to keep entertained. There are also many great furnishing and artistic works that really help to create a comfortable and cultural atmosphere which is unique to the area. The rooms are available as garden view or temple view and are reasonably priced depending on what your idea of reasonable is.Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta offers some great activities and facilities such as the swimming pool which has a close by bar serving imported and local beverages. There is also a jogging track and all sorts of vehicle hire from push bikes to cars as well as chartered drivers. Other facilities include the business meeting rooms and the business facilities and laundry as well as everything else you could require like currency exchange. You can also see all of the local sights and even sights further a field with the tour operations leading you to all of the temples and incredible natural sights of the area, as well as this there are plenty to see in the city as well as shopping and gift buying to be had.